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Looking for Shirley Hill

Looking for Shirley Hill



Hello Linda, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nancy Leeder and I am doing family history. My Father was adopted in 1929, and his paternal mother was a woman by the name of Goldie Hill, she was from Smiths Falls, but lived in Ottawa. Her long term boyfriend (12years) was a married man from Perth, and together they had 6 children, who were separated during their early life. There was 3 girls and three boys.

As I stated earlier my Dad was adopted by Goldie’s sister, one of the boys died, two of the girls went to live with their father in Perth, and 2 remained with Goldie for a time. Perhaps your asking why I am writing you, well, one of the children lived at R.R. 2 Carleton Place on a farm.




Her name was Shirley Anne Hill, and she showed up in a couple of pictures you had posted. One was the senior girls choir and the grade 12 graduating class from 1951. I also know she was an active member of the 4H club and owned her own horse. Shirley‘s, two sisters are alive and well even though one is in her late 80’s and the other sister just turned 90. I know that Shirley went on and became a nurse. However, I have no idea what happened to her after that, there was talked she joined the army and moved to New Mexico.

I have no idea if she came back to the community.  Of course it is my hope that Shirley is alive and would want to meet the two sisters she never knew. My Dad passed away in 2007, so finding his siblings were somewhat bittersweet. I have remained and visited my dad’s two sisters, such lovely women, I would love to reunite them. Anyways, sorry to ramble on, really just wondering if you knew where I could see other photos, it would be much appreciated.

Shirley, may not know anything about her sisters and one of her brothers. I can tell you she lived on a farm at R.R. #2, which I believe might be the Franktown Road, and I believed she owned a horse. Any information about Shirley, would more than welcome, so please share this with anyone that may have a story or information regarding her or her whereabouts.

Linda, I want to thank you so much for reaching out to me I appreciate more than you know. Sincerely, Nancy