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Rocking the Casbah –When “Breaking News” Doesn’t Listen



Image created by Sarah Cavanagh from Discover Carleton Place


There is no doubt that things are not like it used to be–there are lots of things that keep us all apart now. Personal lives, our home and hobbies, and hooked up to mass media. Now we seem to have precious little time or inclination to reach out or to engage with the place where we live. Of course this is not healthy for communities, and humanity.

But, through Facebook we can find out a lot more about who we are, as a community, and weave ourselves together into one strong unit. This is why I created The Tales of Carleton Place. It is a place we can come together, reminisce, and become hyped up for our community.

The Carleton Place Social Scene, Discover Carleton Place, Carleton Place Restaurant and Retail Review, Carleton Place–Celebrating Our Town etc. are many places we can go to on Facebook and get involved in our community.

One things all these groups have in common is that they work together to create a bond for Carleton Place. None of these people that spend a great deal of time and effort running these groups are paid, nor do they have advertisers or sponsors. These groups share everything that is needed to be shared, no questions asked. We network to help each other in Carleton Place and never worry that one group might be better than the other. The reason we do this is so people can reach out to each other rapidly and systematically to deal with a crisis or sudden opportunity, quicker than official media. I have huge issues with local media etc. that does not follow this rule. Egos need to be left at the door these days- there is no more room for it for our community to prosper.

We have a lot of smart and wise individuals in this community, there is no doubt about it. A good tool for community self-organization is to become a strong force and do all the things that are needed to be done. But it can only be done by sharing.

The more a community’s wealth stays in the community, the healthier it will be. The foundation of a strong, wise, resilient community is people knowing and actively engaging with each other —simply because it feels good or meaningful to them. Sharing only succeeds in beginning a circle that brings back multifold benefits especially for local communities– and if you didn’t realize it–sharing is the one big reason for the magnificent success of social media

What good are thoughts unless used to benefit others? What good is happiness or success for our rural towns unless shared by all? So if it’s success you want for Carleton Place start spreading the warmth and goodness to others around you. What has anyone got to lose?

Thank you to everyone that shared Jamie Law’s terrible ordeal yesterday. It is only though you and your sharing we can turn this around for him. Let’s Rock the Casbah for our communities!



Sharing Fudge With the Town of Carleton Place


I had a list of things to do for Ladies Who Lunch today, and one of them was to bring miniature hat boxes to Judy Langdon from The Cheddar Stop on Highway 7. I can’t walk in that store without almost fainting from the Ottawa Valley Fudge I swear. Judy is graciously providing fudge table samplers for the ladies on June 6th. I was going to meet Judy Pallister and Brenda Mattey for lunch and decided it might make a nice treat.


It was hot outside, and even though I was sweating in my hoodie, the fudge was still calling my name. Judy carefully placed a few slices in the box so everyone could share. As I got in my car I noticed my deodorant wasn’t working, (darn natural stuff) so I decided to make a pit stop at home. When I looked in the mirror my hair kind of sat there so I got the crimping iron out, plugged it in, and tried to look alive. When I went to grab it, the darn thing fell in the sink. I stood there for 5 minutes debating if I would get electrocuted if I touched it. Oh what the hell, I picked it and nothing happened. I was good to go!


Clutching the bag of fudge I ran into The Moose and had a great lunch with Judy and Brenda. I found out what a Miche bag is, (Hand and shoulder bags based on a system of magnetic interchangeable bag covers and accompanying accessories) and that The Moose has awesome Bruchetta. Two important things in life I tell you- LOL. Brenda treated, so I made sure the waitress at The Moose got a piece of fudge. I didn’t take a picture as I respect ‘the bubba” and one of the waitresses scares the heck out of me.:)



Next was on to Wisteria and signed a few of my books and introduced Judy to our gals at Wisteria. Gail Sheen MacDonald was there and she also enjoyed a piece of chocolate fudge. God, she looks almost orgasmic!


I thought of Krista Lee next at Applecheeks but instead headed to see Amanda from Simple Pleasures Adult Boutique. Yes, fudge and naughty things go together. Wasn’t there fudge in 91/2 weeks? Wrong movie?

Would there be a piece left over for Krista?


On to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum to get some information on A.W. Bell for a story I am doing. I bartered for information with Jennifer Fenwick Irwin for a piece of fudge. How cool was that?  Being who she is, she shared it with the Museum summer employee Jane.


One piece left- miles away from Krista. What to do? What to do?  Only one way to go! Open Sesame! Goodbye fudge!

Sorry Krista-next time.:)


P.S- I was told to edit this picture by someone close to me as it might not be work friendly LOL

So why would I write this silly blog? Because if every single person shared one thing with JUST ONE other person in Carleton Place today, then this town would get one step closer to becoming the town that everyone else would envy. Food for thought boys and girls!


Thanks for the duck Judy! Huggggg