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“Manolo-in” and “Jimmy Choo-in” about Uncomfortable Shoes


Emily Bracken from Bon Vivant magazine once wrote a tasty piece called,“10 Signs She Will Be a High Maintenance Woman”. Proudly I do not fit into any category of hers any longer.  There are no decorated fingernails, fur lined jackets, or a pink rhinestone cell phone in my pocket. Hair extensions are not disguised upon my head, nor am I an European Femme Nikita.

Bracken also mentions that any woman that wears over three inch heels is definitely going to be a problem. I can totally understand as that particular woman will probably be in agony from wearing her Jimmy Choo’s or whatever she has on her feet. NO matter how hard you try she is never going to engage in any delightful conversation.


I wore trendy heels every day of my life until I birthed son number one. Two hours after the birth; the days of wearing anything with a heel were all over. I was left with a permanent slight swelling of my left foot, probably from grappling the stirrups of the delivery table like a monkey swinging from tree to tree for 28 hours.

Last year I walked into Walmart on a quest for comfy shoes. Instead I walked out with two pairs of high heel shoes that cost only $5.00 each. I was thrilled when I tried them on and vowed to wear them everyday for one hour until I got used to them.The next day I donned those leopard 4 inch heels trimmed in red and walked from the car to the row of grocery carts. By aisle two I was hung over the cart to support myself and my feet were in excruciating pain.

A farmer in overalls was also checking out my shoes and followed me to aisle four pretending to buy peaches. He returned a few times still eyeing the shoes and I don’t think I ever realized the power of heels in a rural area. I paid for the groceries and literally crawled back to the car in pain. I immediately ripped them off and the feeling of relief was much like being constipated and then having it all disappear. I swear that nothing comes closer to that feeling than after you remove painful fashionista shoes.

I gave away my last pair of leopard stilettos to a friend of mine after keeping them in my closet for five years. They had thin gold heels and the suede was soft as silk but had only been worn once for about 8 minutes. Placing them on my feet as I sat on the couch at a monthly church lady meeting; I gingerly walked over for tea with a performance worthy of an Academy Award. The ladies marveled at how I had walked in them all day and I never acknowledged anything different. ( I know what you are thinking. I am going to shoe hell in a hand basket.

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Now I only wear your basic flat black Mary Jane shoes made by Crocs or Champion. I bow to every Fashionista girl that wears anything over a three inch heel and does not show one ounce of pain while she walks with a quick step down the street. I actually approached someone on a random Subway platform once her how she did it. In reality she was actually a he and then it all made sense. When they made the mold for males and females they somehow put the better calf muscles into the males as most gay males can rock heels like no woman I have ever seen.


I think we should all revolt and demand our rightful calves back, but then again I will never ever be a ‘Sex and the City’ girl anymore. I love being able to walk without being in pain and holding the title of a low maintenance girl. After all– these flats or skimmers as they call them are absolutely made for walking. And now that’s just what I do – in absolute comfort. But, I still watch repeats of Sex and the City every night to see those ladies rock their shoes. Sigh….

You jut can’t win can you?

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How Long Should Sex Last?



A question about sexual longevity in the bedroom was one of the 60 second polls on a Dr. Oz rerun last week. Like Family Feud; a survey was conducted among consenting adults about how much time they spend on optimal “dirty dancing”.

The choices were:

10 minutes
30-60 minutes
1-3 hours

I sat there laughing and was sure 30-60 minutes was the choice “du jour” but I was dead wrong. Apparently 10 minutes of coitus is the popular answer. Their research also seems to insinuate anything past 10 minutes is in the workout range.

According to the media story: “A survey of sex therapists concluded the optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse was 3 to 13 minutes.” I wish someone had told this to the couple that used to live next door to me at one point in my life. Not content with that answer, I continued my research and according to a study called “Canadian and American Sex Therapists’, adequate sex should take anywhere from three to seven minutes–not including the National Anthem, Oh Canada.

Come on, 7 minutes?

That does not even rate a “quickie” status in my personal endeavors. Has anyone hit first gear in that time frame, and does that give new meaning to what is fondly called ‘minute men’? What happened to the Cosmopolitan articles of those that spend at least 107 minutes? So, after 13 minutes of the anticipated 107, is everyone thinking about what to wear tomorrow, who was cut from The Voice, and, where they can get something to soothe the chafing?

I asked my neighbour how long she thought sex should last and she replied, “three years–five with no kids”. This Dr. Oz poll was surely answered by baby boomers, as who else was brought up on TV with instant highlights, and no ability to focus for over 3 minutes. I guess we now have to find a TV program with lots of 60 second spots and look at our partner and say,

“Heh Baby, let’s get it on!”
My final summation is:

“Sex is like a gas station, sometimes you get full service, sometimes you gotta ask for service, and sometimes you have to be happy with self service!”

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