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The Home Permit– School Records

The Home Permit– School Records



Years ago some children had to work on the farm or look after family and could not attend school so they needed a Home Permit.. Wanda Lee Morrison gave me this Carleton Place Home Permit and it is cherished.

Ellen Glinka

In time gone by children sometimes left home as early as 7-years-old to pursue another field of education or apprenticeship ( instances of cheap child labour in factories and shops) They were exempted only by attaining home permits that indicated their guardian needed them to be either home for sickness or farm work or apprenticeship.

Ray Paquette– That picture of the permit above and the reason for it’s issue brought some less than pleasant memories back to me. The McNeely family, and in particular Grant and Robert were childhood friends and I remember the night when Mrs. McNeely succumbed to her illness. I was attending an evening movie at the old Roxy of the Disney production of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” when the film was interrupted by a typewritten note asking Grant to come to the box office. When I returned home, following the movie, Grant was there to spend the night as neighbours stepped in to relieve Mr. McNeely of the responsibilities for the younger children. Joan and Glen were old enough to understand what was going on but I’m sure Grant, Bobbie and Wanda were having trouble taking this in the loss of their mother, who I still remember.

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Ellen Glinka asked

Is there any site where one could look at the records? What years were involved? Would love to learn more about them.

Unfortunately there is not a set place you can find them– and this is a start. But I do believe it is because it is a privacy issue.. CLICK here.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  21 Apr 1942, Tue,  Page 4



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