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1963 Riverside Park — Stills from a 8 MM Movie Camera — Larry Clark

1963 Riverside Park — Stills from a 8 MM Movie Camera — Larry Clark

Linda–This was captured from an 8 mm movie film that iIshot in the summer of 1963 at Riverside Park. There seems to be another swimming area on the other side of the river? Perhaps some landscaping? There is more footage and perhaps a view of the old boathouses that existed between the park and the canoe club. The clarity is not nearly as good as with 35mm. Have a great weekend!Larry

These photos are easy to date as the 2 ladies in the first photo are pregnant and my nephew was born in Oct. and my son in November, so this is likely a very hot day in Aug. Unfortunately, my method of capturing these stills (from 8mm) does not provide the clarity that I would like.In all I captured approx. 50 photos but due to the fact that they are 8 mm many are similar-a few frames apart. I chose the ones I am including by the backgrounds they provide-boathouses, Hawthorne and I believe Findlays in the distance. The last photo(smaller file) shows a girl that could possibly be identified?

Gloria HamiltonLarry Clark I use to swim from what we called the New Park over to the Old Park this picture brings back memories.

Kelly Millar NeronThe town gave swimming lessons every summer for children

Paul HodginsI still haven’t learned to dive Jill Seymour🥰🥰

Ted HurdisAlmost every day was spent right there

Sue JohnstonLoved when my mom or dad took us swimming.. time always went way to fast😄

Julia Waugh GuthrieI remember early and I do mean early swimming lessons in cold water. Best of times….

Heather LalondeJulia Waugh Guthrie me toooo!!!!

Holley GardinerLike Julia said, best of times and cold standing on the raft some mornings. Rodger Gardiner

Janet KerryThat was alway’s where most people went swimming. When the camping was there you always met a lot of people.

Lorelei BruntonHad swimming lessons there as a child and then worked for five summers as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Lots of memories!

Kelly Millar NeronMy husbands family ran “the booth” for a few seasons when it was over near the campground area

Tom MontreuilLoved that booth

Larry ClarkThis is Riverside Park in 1963. Much different than when i learned to swim there- about 1942. There were log booms delineating the swimming area (s). I think they separated a shallow and deeper area?. If my memory is correct there was a drop off where the middle boom was situated. I learned to swim one day when a wave from a passing boat lifted my foot from the bottom (I was keeping one foot on bottom as I attempted to swim). Of course, my initial swim took place under water and from then on spent most of my time there. Bought my first scuba gear in 1960 and haven’t kept my head much above water since then

Before Riverside park, there was Caldwell’s Saw Mill. Located approximately where the beach is now, this saw mill operated from 1869 to 1891. It was later run as the Cavers Sash and Door Mill. The town purchased the property in 1904 for use as a public park. This photo was taken that same year, perhaps shortly before the building was demolished. Look across the river… nothing or barely nothing.– Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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Gillies Mill Sand Point Braeside…. Fires etc.

Gillies Mill Sand Point Braeside…. Fires etc.
Gillies Mill no date
the day after the fire 1949-The Gillies Fire Braeside July 4th 1949

John built his first sawmill on the Clyde River, 3 miles north of the village of Lanark, Ontario. In the early 1870’s, John sold the Gillies Mills at Carleton Place to John Herron and bought the sawmill at Braeside from the Hon. Asa Foster (who had previously purchased it from Rev. Henry Usborne).

In 1867, James came to Carleton Place as manager for John Gillies (his father) and Peter McLaren (later Senator McLaren) where he oversaw the operations of the sawmill. James also maintained his partnership with his brothers (William, David, and John Jr.) who had moved to Braeside.

John Gillies (1811-1888) came to Canada in 1821. In the 1840’s, he built a water-driven sawmill five miles north of the village of Lanark, at a place then called Gillies Mills (now known as Herron’s Mills). In 1862, he purchased the Gilmour limits on the Mississippi River and a sawmill at Carleton Place for his sons; he enlarged this sawmill to a capacity of 20 million feet. (This sawmill was later purchased by the McLaren and Edward’s interests and operated under the name of the Canada Lumber Co.). In 1872 or 1873, Gillies bought the Braeside sawmill (which came to be known as the Gillies Bros., Ltd.) from the Reverend Henry Usborne (an absentee English proprietor who built the mill in 1869 on the completion of the Canada Central Railway to Sand Point, 2 miles west of Braeside) and also purchased 200 square miles of timber limits on the Coulonge River in Quebec.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Aug 1910, Thu  •  Page 6

On July 4, 1910, a fire destroyed the west lumber yard containing 29 million board feet of lumber at Braeside; the sawmill was not damaged. But, in 1919, there was another fire and the sawmill was destroyed. However, by 1920-1921, a new electrically driven brick and concrete mill was erected. At that time, it was the firstfireproof mill of its kind in Canada.

There was also a fire in 1949- see The Gillies Fire Braeside July 4th 1949

Braeside Archives

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
31 May 1915, Mon  •  Page 9

Arnprior The Saw Mill Town 1900

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The Day Carleton Place was Nearly Wiped Out!

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Photos: Sand Point flood

Channeling John Gillies

Arnprior The Saw Mill Town 1900

Arnprior The Saw Mill Town 1900


elgin-st-arnprior-1900 (1).jpg


Elgin St., Arnprior 1900.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  17 Nov 1900, Sat,  Page 14



Mrs. Robert McGregor (nee Janet Gilmour Stewart) feeds the chickens at Glen Roy Farm circa 1900

2017-0365 McGregor Family fonds


Arnprior Marble Company, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, in 1861

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.


The House at Sand Point

Photos: Sand Point flood

The Jinxed House of Crown Pointunnamed (1)