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Is it Hamburgers or Health Care Carleton Place?



Photo from the Carleton Place Canadian from the files of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


I have posted many times about our Carleton Place Hospital & District Memorial Hospital because I care. But, in reality those blogs sometimes barely get a nod, because everyone seems to assume the hospital is going to be around forever. Unless someone has a crystal ball, none of us should assume anything.

Last night while I was browsing through Facebook I came upon a lengthy and a somewhat passionate discussion about why we don’t have a full service McDonald’s here in Carleton Place. I am the first one to admit I respect each and every opinion. But, why not the same furor about what is going on at our local hospital? Did you know there will be no local representation on our hospital board soon? Does that not mean more to you than hamburger touch screens, or whether we can set up feed troughs in the parking lot of the Thruway?

Healthcare in Ontario is a province wide system where anyone can use their health card wherever the care they need is provided. I am thankful we have a health care system so we do not have to pay extra and go to the back of the line to receive care. I am also extremely grateful to the local donors and taxpayers that help provide health care in our very own Carleton Place backyard. Aren’t you happy they don’t check your address at the door to decide whether to make you wait longer, or have to go somewhere else similar to the United States?

So why aren’t more people talking about this?

Why aren’t more Facebook group boards getting angry about this situation we have in Carleton Place?

It should be no secret that rural hospitals today are in critical condition and the stand-alone, community hospital is going the way of the dinosaur. The Ontario government and the community first established our local hospital in the 1950s to ensure that no one would be without health care in Carleton Place. Now our hospital faces growing expenses for staff and equipment that needs upgrading. Suddenly, there’s kind of a tipping point when the hospital can’t afford the repairs and honestly, needs a new building. I am not going to mince words and hope to heck I am wrong. But, what will the fate of our local hospital be? Will it suddenly become an extension of Almonte?

Why does it now seem that all fingers are pointed to be setting up our local system for failure?

Why was funding withheld from this community?

If the BOD and CEO had the answer half the puzzle might be solved. Why was Almonte chosen to be redeveloped, and not Carleton Place? Was it bad management or provincial planning? These questions need to be answered.

You know, it’s not okay for our population to get lower quality medical care or have to travel for miles for help. Honestly Carleton Place–we’re a big enough town to figure this out– and it should not be in the hands of the province with a wait and see attitude. The Carleton Place Hospital & District Memorial Hospital has saved lives- they have saved a lot of lives. Maybe even your own.

So, to end on the same note as the Facebook McDonald’s discussion I will quote McDonald’s most popular slogans. “We need a break today”  because the Carleton Place Hospital & District Memorial Hospital “does it all for you”.

PLEASE BE THERE—IMPORTANT EVENTS – March 30th, Board Meeting, 6:30 in the basement

April 27th, 2016, Board Meeting, May 25th, 2016, Board Meeting. The Annual General Meeting date has not been posted on the hospital website

Facebook group-Carleton Place Hospital – Keeping It Local


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Save Our Carleton Place Hospital — Norma Ford


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Written by Norma Ford

Facebook site.. Carleton Place Hospital- Keeping it Local

Why do I have an interest in the Carleton Place Hospital? My first experience with the Carleton Place Hospital was in 1963 after giving birth to my 1st child. The nurse during the 4 to 12 shift stayed with me well past her shift ended because of the devotion she had to her patients. I later learned she did not receive overtime for her efforts, and that nurse was Mrs. Fleming, which should be no surprise to anyone in our area.

When I delivered my 2nd child at the , the nurse almost delivered the baby, just as the doctor came in. Mrs Fran Rintoul, was another caring nurse that everyone knew and loved and exceeded in what was expected of her.

Over the years, a few operations later, one of which I thought I was dying and was sent to the 2nd floor (the dying floor as I saw it), the nurses on duty upstairs, calmed my fears and convinced me I wasn’t dying–again fantastic care. I must mention my doctor through all these events, was an extremely good doctor who made his visits daily and left his orders for the nurses to follow. But, as we all know it is the nurses who the work falls too – to look after all the patients.

A few years ago, I had occasion to go to the Smiths Falls emergency 3 times, sent home each time even though I was in extreme pain. I immediately went to the CP Hospital, and within an hour, was fixed and out the door because of a caring nurse who knew what she was doing. Don’t get me wrong, during all my visits there were a few unpleasant nurses, but they were few and far between.

I have followed the newspapers here and there on what was happening at the CP Hospital but never got involved. I was busy living my life, like most of us. You all know these excuses: working, raising a family, paying all our bills on time, and putting a roof over our heads. But, when I read that the Hospital BOD decided to exclude input from our local community, I figured something wasn’t right in Denmark and couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

I read everything I can about the subject on the internet, but I saw that word on all these developments was not getting out to the public. Hence I began a Facebook Group Site called Carleton Place Hospital – Keeping It Local and it seems to be working. This is why I feel an obligation to the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital.

Please join Norma and others and support this Facebook site before the writing on the wall becomes a reality.