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Larry Clark Photos Documented 1963 Parade

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Santa Claus Parade Almonte 1974 Business Names

Santa Claus Parade Almonte 1974 Business Names

The management and executive of the Revelliers Drum Corps would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartiest thanks to all the people who helped make our Santa Claus Parade a big success, We take our hats off to the following people who gave generously in the true Christmas Spirit to make this venture a reality:

Almonte Town Council, A lmonte and Ramsay Board of Trade, Almonte Civitan Club, Isabel Hogan, A & B Auto Parts, Lockhart Fuels, Green’s Upholstery, Little’s Barber Shop, Almonte IGA, Gerry’s Golden Eagle, Harry’s Motors, Lee Pro Hardware, Jack’s Shoe Store, Canadian Cafe, D. M, Campbell, Charles Baker, Queen’s Store, Levesque Meat Market, Timmins TV, Stedmans, James’ Smoke Shop, Needham Shoe, Duncan’s Barber Shop, Crest Studios, Johnson Clothing, O’Connell’s P la c e , Rivington’s Electric, McCormick’s Ladles’ Wear, The Village “ In” , P. J. Rooney & Sons, Morton’s Variety Store, United Cooperative, N, T. Sadler Construction, Albert Gale Agencies, Carleton Auto Parts, Burns Pontiac Buick Ltd., Almonte Dairy,, Zephyr Textiles, Almonte Leasing Co., Bowes & Lowry Farm Equipment, Moore’s Plumbing, George Gomme, Almonte Holel, Gorman’s Taxi, Almonte Pharmacy, R. A. Jamieson, Majaury Taxi, Cochran’s Shell, Betty Davis & Associates, THunro’* Esso, Dr. Hanna, J. L. Virgin Insurance, Danline Canada Ltd., Valley Carpet & Flooring, Irving Contracting Ltd., John Lyons Electric. Irene Goodfellow, Galligan & Sheffield, Comba Funeral Home, Pinecraft Ltd., King Koin Laundry, Ross Stanley, Smiths Falls Bottling Works, Wayne’s Barber Shop, P. Dodds, Mrs. Alice McGregor, Metcalfe’s Dairy, Almonte Gazette, Clark’s Dairy, Almonte Flour Mills, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Roy Brown Insurance.

We also extend a sincere Thank You to the following: The Almonte Fire Dept, for the use of their hall and facilities for serving lunch to the parade participants. The L.O.B.A. for assisting In the preparation and serving of lunch. The Ladies’ Auxiliaries of the Reformed Presbyterian. Baptist. Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and United Churches for providing sandwiches for the parade participants. St. Mary’s School for the use of their gymnasium for Santa to pass out treats to the children. R.A. Director Wayne Glardino for securing dressing rooms for the out-of-own corps.

The Almonte High School for the use of their gymnasium for change rooms. Mr. Carman Noble and the OPP for assisting, with traffic direction. The jolly man, Santa Claus, for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in our parade. Almonte Legion Colour Party, Vem McDougall, Town of Almonte, Ramsay Fire Dept., Almonte Snowmobile Club, Almonte Girl Guides, Almonte Lions Club, Hedley Stewart, Keith Drynan, Cyril Greene, Almonte Power Boat Club, Mississippi Hotel and Valley Air Conditioning, 1,000 Island Queen— sternwheeler riverboat, Almonte and District High School, Ye Olde School Sports Centre, McCormick’s Ladies’ Wear and the Almonte Hotel for their active participation In the parade. A group that deserves special mention is the Almonte Civitan Club. This community-minded service club provided the manpower for the menial tasks that were necessary. They helped Santa pass out treats, helped serve the parade participants and most important did a superb job of cleaning up the various facilities. Keep up the good work — you are an A-l group of fellows. Last but by no means least we wish to extend special thanks to Mr. Art Smith for acting as parade chairman.

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