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Armchair Tourism in Carleton Place- What are Baseball Bats Used for in Movies?



Photo- the gals and a gent on the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce tour of Carleton Place– come along with us today to visit Sam Bat!!

So the BIG Question is….





If you didn’t know Carleton Place has a great baseball past and now a huge future we need to boast about.



First of all it was the McNeely’s baseball team made up of all the McNeely brothers. They were the winningest baseball team around, no team ever beat them. They were the team to beat but no one could. Krista Lee from Apple Cheeks in Carleton Place is holding the picture with her grandfather in it.  There were 12 boys and 1 girl so they had enough for a team and spares.”



Then there was  James “Lefty” Hill who was a portside hurler with a baffling assortment of slants, and a smoking fast ball on our Carleton Place baseball team in the early 30’s. On June 28, 1930, “Lefty” pitched a brilliant 2 to 1 victory over Perth before a large crowd of enthusiastic fans.



Now we have one of my faves, (I still love you Brian Wilson) former San Francisco Giant, great Barry Bonds sitting with Sam Bat’s very own Sam Holman —loving our Carleton Place bats. Have you told the world about this? They have batting cagesa gift shop –tours (call first and ask)

Other stars that have used or are using Sam Bats include Miguel Cabrera during his Triple Crown season in 2012 and Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista when he hit 54 home runs in 2010. Currently, more than 300 professional players worldwide use Sam Bats!


This is the badass of Sam Bat  as I like to call her–Arlene Anderson— I love this woman, and would like to be just like her when I grow up. When you see her say Hi and tell her you shared a story of Sam Bat as she and her company are putting Carleton Place on the map. Let’s help each other!





Now, here are some of those bats used in baseball games and maybe on movie sets in Action Jackson movies:)  They need quality for violent films too!


Our tour guide kept us hopping on the tour and you can ask him anything- trust me!



Batting Cages!! Call 613-257-3060 or email krathwell@sambat.com for available times and prices




Men at Work- Who can it be that will be using the bats they are making next?




Sam Bat Baseball bat in action! Watch out JACKIE KAVANAGH from the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce – he looks a tad shifty..



So what do you think? Should you use Sam Bat’s baseball bats for killing Zombies like in Zombieland?

movies zombieland jesse eisenberg woody harrelson baseball bats 1500x1071 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_27.jpg

Or better yet.. Wouldn’t Harlee Quinn from Suicide Squad looked better with a  Sam Bat bat? Well, it’s up to the individual I guess- but, let’s share this and support Carleton Place’s very own Sam Bat!!

Sam Bat has put the town of Carleton Place on the pro-sports map!!



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Should you Fear the Beard? The Sandlot is in Your Carleton Place Backyard!


World Series Parade and Sam Bat Photos by Linda Seccaspina

There is no secret after following baseball in the bay area for years I am a huge San Francisco Giants fan. My favourite player of all time is– wait– are you ready?  The now unemployed former Giants and LA Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson. I still follow his weekly antics because I relate to his craziness, and even have a framed World Series picture and a Brian Wilson bobblehead.




Photos Linda Seccaspina World Series Parade San Francisco 2010


It’s pitcher Brian Wilson.. I got his photo.. I love this guy


I have covered a World Series parade, and even as a Canadian gal, can say there is nothing like rabid baseball fans. Did you know During World War II, the U.S. military designed a grenade to be the size and weight of a baseball, since “any young American man should be able to properly throw it.” Or, did you know bank robber John Dillinger was once a professional second baseman, although he never made it to the major leagues?


Did you know every single MLB baseball is rubbed in Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud, a unique “very fine” mud only found in a secret location near Palmyra, New Jersey. Okay, the secret is out, the mud is taken from the Rancocas Creek  in Willingboro N.J. Many major league baseball players, including Moises Alou, Jorge Posada, and Kerry Wood, have admitted that they pee on their own hands during baseball season to “toughen” their grip. Pitcher Dock Ellis says he threw his June 12, 1970, no-hitter while under the influence of LSD.


In 1999, New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine was ejected from the game. In the clubhouse, he put on regular clothes and a fake mustache and returned to the dugout. The commissioner’s office fined him $5,000 for returning after an ejection.


So what does this have to do with Carleton Place? A lot! Tucked away on Industrial Avenue, in Carleton Place lies Sam Bat, The Original Maple Bat Corporation. Have you heard the crack from a baseball bat from your house?


Did you know the president is a woman? If you read my story The Symphony of the Louisville Slugger and Sam Bat you know most of this. A month ago I was lucky able to attend their open house–and I can tell you I enjoyed every single second of it.






Walking into Sam Bat made me miss the Bay area and the constant drone of the television during baseball season. It made me miss sitting in the stands at a Giants game, and trying to figure out baseball– although I was super impressed with the Pablo Sandoval Panda hats.

We have something very important in Carleton Place. Even if you never watched a baseball game you have to be proud of Sam Bat, Arlene Anderson, and the people that work there. They have given Carleton Place an International presence!


I guess I will never understand the slow pace of the game, but today, as I write this tears are rolling down my face. Is there ever really crying in baseball? Maybe Tom Hanks was wrong when he uttered the famous movie line. But, It does exist–we’re all human. When you’ve got feelings, you cry.

There’s clearly emotion in baseball and I have seen it first hand. Behind every nameplate, behind every uniform, there’s a person, a life, and likely a family. The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three run homers–
and the people that produce the bats at Sam Bat in Carleton Place.

big bat

SHOP LOCAL FOR The Holidays- You can visit their gift store or shop online

The Sandlot is 20 years old, and here’s what the cast looks like today:


The Symphony of the Louisville Slugger and Sam Bat

The Symphony of the Louisville Slugger and Sam Bat

Tucked away on Industrial Avenue, in Carleton Place lies Sam Bat, The Original Maple Bat Corporation. Did you know about it? Did you know the president is a woman?

The Original Maple Bat Corporation was founded by Sam Holman, inventor of the patented Sam Bat, who introduced the first approved maple wood bat to the Major Leagues. The company is privately owned by Holman and 3 other individuals, including Arlene Anderson who is President of the company. It is located in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, just outside of Ottawa, Canada’s Capital City.

Are you kidding me? This is happening in Carleton Place?

Their mission is to craft the highest quality wood baseball bats available anywhere. They use only one quality of wood for game bats, and that is pro, making SAM BAT the standard by which all other maple bats are measured. I have used the odd baseball bat, but not for the game of baseball.

Read on….

The Louisville Slugger shown in the photograph below is the 180 Paul O’Neill model. It is one hundred percent American made, and yes, that is the same Yankees player that Seinfeld’s Kramer had to get to hit two home runs so he could get the Steinbrenner birthday card back for George.

This baseball bat has been used in a few sporting events, but mostly it has been used for self protection. It is always handy to have a bat in hand living in the hood. The bat has been dormant for a few years and sits quietly in the corner beside the computer.

Last week it was taken out for noise control down the hall and was quite effective. Tonight I brought it out because I had hit my limit. I am one of the easiest going people you will ever meet. I can take a lot until you push my buttons one too many times. When that happens you had better move because I can create a path of destruction so wide your head will hit a homerun. I bet you Arlene Anderson, the president of Sam Bat in Carleton Place, Ontario can do it.

Our TV suddenly started issuing out the “searching for satellite” from time to time. I could deal with that until it started going off around 9 am every morning. Then it got to the point that I could no longer watch The Young and the Restless at 11am. That concerned me as they have now cancelled All My Children and One life to Live. If I cannot support my soap it is going to be next on the chopping block.

I was able to watch the Hallmark movie Sunday night without a hitch. If they had messed with that this little woman would have really given them a Hallmark moment. Today it went off and basically never came back on. When Dancing with the Stars came on I saw blips of a rumba here and a pase doble there. Criminal Minds was non existent.

Armed with my baseball bat, I went outside and immediately realized that I was not going to reach that man’s dish. I was far too short, and the dish was too high. I tried to climb on top of the dumpster, but that did not work either. Setting the tip of the bat on fire and project it  was an option, but then I noticed it was flame tempered.

What to do? Where was Arlene Anderson, president of Sam Bat when I needed her?

Of course! I hit the Louisville Slugger site for some tips.

“You want to be comfortable and confident with your bat before you swing it in a win-or-lose situation, so take it to the practice field or batting cage and get in a few hits. Confidence can only come from one thing: batting practice. Whatever bat you choose, put in plenty of practice time, so you’ll be ready when the pressure’s on at the plate.”

I felt comfortable and damn confident as I swung at some tin cans and plastic bottles while standing on some broken ceramic plates.  I started to hit the objects towards my goal and I kept missing.

My red button had been pushed but there was nothing I could do. I have to tell you I really liked the feel of that Louisville Slugger. I brought it up beside my bed and it makes a wonderful companion. It does not argue with me, or tell me that I am wrong. Linda is going to have the following words printed on it:

“Never doubt the words of a woman or she is going to go batty on you!”

I  guess I should have subbed the Louisville Slugger with a Sam Bat! I hear it’s a real “little devil”. And I bet Arlene Anderson, president of Sam Bat is too.:)

Sam Bat, The Original Maple Bat Corporation
110 Industrial Avenue, Carleton Place, K7C 3T2

Products and ServicesManufactures Original Maple Baseball Bats used by 90 Major League Players