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Jail Break 1929 Lanark County

Jail Break 1929 Lanark County
ail break in Perth,Ont.. In the Manitoba Free Press – June.24th.1929 …I wonder if they were ever found. I’m guessing not. thanks Tammy Marion

Well Tammy, yes they were caught a month later in July, same year 1929.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
08 Jul 1929, Mon  •  Page 4

Men Who Broke Jail At Perth Sentenced for an Indefinite Term in a Ontario Reformatory. –The sentence imposed by Magistrate McNeely on Frank O’Donnell and John Kennedy, two of the prisoners who escaped from Perth Jail on Saturday June 24, 1929. The two men were apprehended at Halifax and were brought back to Perth by Chief of Police Gilhuly. Fred Mitchell and James Smith received the same sentence for escaping at the same time. All four men were taken to Guelph today.

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