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Jennifer E. Ferris Photos of SS#10 — the Remains of Galbraith Public School



I’ve got some pics for you, SS#5 Galbraith still stands, but can’t be entered. I was out there Sunday walking the 100 acres across the road, so took advantage of being right there to walk around it.  Apparently it closed in 1963-64 — Jennifer
All Photos Jennifer E. Ferris
This view is from the road, looking directly at the school, facing south.
The wood shed is the front building on the left. The school is deeper in the trees


Farthest from road, eastern side of building. Back porch space only has entrance from inside the school.

From farther away from road. This would be looking north, from southern side.
Up to the door.

Door is screwed shut, to keep out trespassers



You can see a bit of blackboard wall to left.


Old window frames, and shutters too I think? Looking at entrance side


Still standing just fine.  Woodshed


Thru a window on the front porch, thru the doorway to inside.


This just struck me as one of those interesting perspective photos.

Seems like it’s screaming for attention? Or yawning til it finally crumbles?
Note the square nails up the left side, maybe held the shutters?

The Mystery Ruins of Carleton Place- Photos by Adam Dowdall


426927_10151197974260068_459480916_n (1).jpg

For those of us who have grown up on William Street, we all know of the ‘Old Stone House’ at the very end of the road. Here is what it once was, as my Grandmother Margaret & her friends “raided” the house. Even then, this house was empty. And for my Grandmother & her friends, this was a wonderful playhouse. Early-Mid 1940’s–Photo from Amanda Armstrong-From the photo collection of Margaret Martin”

Years ago Art’s Fruit and Variety was a popular go to place on Townline. in Carleton Place. Before there was no McNeely Bridge I used to wander down behind their property like others, and always marvelled at the ruins of an old stone building. My mind is old now, but I do believe it is located on the other side of the bridge behind 53 Colours, but it is recorded as being on the extreme end of William Street. For years I have wondered what it was, and this week the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum shared an old newspaper clipping with me they had just received this week.

For anyone that wonders like I did: the old stone ruins used to be an old Methodist parsonage. There was once a floating sidewalk across the *swale to get to the parsonage. It was described as being built along the river bank to the old felt mill which would be Bates and Innes, and along a strip of land that belonged to Robert Bell. North of Town Line  (notice how Townline is spelled) was something called The Kings Bush owned by James Morphy. This week Adam Dowdall was there metal detecting and took these great photos.










*A swale is a low tract of land, especially one that is moist or marshy. The term can refer to a natural landscape feature or a human-created one.

Duncan Rogers Linda
Years ago my next door neighbour who lived in the old Box house on James Street (Mr. Doug Allan) told me as a young boy he used to play at this house with the children of the “Lake family”. I believe that would of been about 1905 or in that time period. There was an article in the Carleton Place Canadian about this house. I am familiar with this property as on behalf of the Town of Carleton Place I purchased this property from the Dr. Redfern in about 1983 for about $5,000.00 to be used as recreational land. The Redferns had moved to the United States and did not need the property any longer. The property was then dedicated as parkland by Council and named after Mr George Findlay who I had the honour of working with on one of the Committees at the time. Mr. Findlay was quite interested in the environment. I hope that this is helpful to you.


Duncan Rogers

With files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Todd Greer Photo

Located at the end of the McNeely Bridge to the bush on the right hand side in the George Findlay Conservation area in Carleton Place- Very swampy.


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