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The Royal Mike Drop…… The Oprah Interview

The Royal Mike Drop…… The Oprah Interview

The Royal Mike Drop…… Linda Knight Seccaspina

Prince Phillip was once quoted “that when a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife”. My very proper British grandmother Mary Louise Deller Knight was never a fan of his, but one thing she definitely was– was a top fan of the British family. So was my Grandfather who listened religiously at noon each day to the BBC News. If anything came on about the Royal family Mary was quickly summoned from her lunch preparations to sit with him listening to details. After that great discussion was had over lunch about what was going on with the Royal family. 

For years I wondered why we had such close knit conversations about the Royal Family and one day, when she felt I was old enough my Grandmother told me. The story stemmed back to my Grandfather’s side living back in London, England. His father was a music publisher and ran British music halls and his Grandfather Henry was a barrister. Henry had a sister that was what Grampy called “worse than Princess Margaret”. 

Louisa was actually a lady in waiting for Queen Victoria and it seemed she was doing more than waiting on hand and foot. In my Grandmother’s terse diction she was said to have “loose skirts”. For years I imagined her wearing baggy skirts until one day while drinking a cuppa tea I figured it all out, and then proceeded to choke with laughter.

Sad to say Louisa was banished from court, but I wish to tell you just in case you are concerned at all that she ended up marrying quite well. Louisa married a Duke of Essex and her descendants down the line owned the trucking company that hauled the milk for the Nestle Pudding Company. It goes to show you that the proof is always in the pudding as there definitely is no instant pudding stories in my ancestry.

After Harry and Meghan’s vs The Royal Family presentation this week I have been wondering to myself what my grandparents would have thought about it. I know that my Grandmother would not have put up with it as— if you were raised in a British family: it’s a stiff upper lip even if they chop your head off. My Grandfather would have taken a quick trip to the basement, and had a drop of sherry totally mortified. He would have looked at my grandmother and said, “Well, they mucked that one up Mary.”

I honestly don’t think they would have understood today’s modern royalty. They also would not have been amused to see their own granddaughter frequently wearing tiaras to the grocery store or for council meetings. A phone call would have been immediate to their granddaughter also writing about the history of  ‘taking sexy back’ with Brothel Bertie. My grandparents had a hard enough time with me liking the Beatles let alone write about King Edward the VII who was secretly called “The Prince of Pleasure”. His royal highness routinely gave his mother Queen Victoria, a royal headache with his frequent trips to the Parisian brothels. They say he literally killed his father when dear old Dad found out what a “luster buster” he was. On May 22, 2012  the Queen’s used underwear sold for over $18,000 on EBay with a shipping price of $59.95. I couldn’t take that story to my grave either could I?

Honestly, there’s nothing to really say except WHEW that my Grandparents were not alive to see this. They would not have looked at it the way I did. I understand it’s tough being a royal, but I could also vision Netflix taking notes for season 10 of The Crown. 

Did someone have to explain to the Queen who Tyler Perry was?

Is the Queen going to be on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk by next Wednesday?

For some out there the tea has most definitely been spilled now and honestly, I hope Meghan plays herself in the final series of The Crown. For all those expecting babies out there a new gender theme that Harry and Meghan unlocked: Oprah Interview!!! Oprah Interview!!! 

God Save the Queen!

Author’s Note: I love to write funny articles but there is a serious side to me too. If you like Meghan, and a lot of others need help- this is no joking matter especially to me. Please call Lanark County Mental Health