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Becoming a Nurse — Rosamond Memorial Hospital

Becoming a Nurse — Rosamond Memorial Hospital

The Rosamond Memorial Training School- one photo if you click here Photo above thanks to Sandra Houston 1911

Hi Linda, I noticed you had old cookbooks on Tales of Almonte today. I found one the other day dated 1911 and it was for the Rosamond Memorial hospital. This is one of the ads. Sandra Houston

Photo- Sandra Houston 1911

Letter from D.G.Kells to the Canadian Nurses Association–From CLICK
Additional Information…The school of nursing was opened on April 1st 1922 and closed on June 14, 1928 with the following nurses graduating at that time./Sodie Stanley/ Marjorie Ennes/ Rose McDonald/ Laura E. Hawkins/ In 1924 the school became affiliated with the Montreal General Hospitals and the students, as you know where sent to Montreal for instruction in matters that were not available locally. – 1 year at Montreal General Hospital./ The first graduating class received their pins on October 7th, 1925 and they were as follows:/ Lillian J. Conroy/ E. Shiels/ G. McDougall… All students passed the Reg.N. examinations/ The pin below presented to Edith Young by the graduating class of 1925/ [Kells, D.G. Letter to the Canadian Nurses Association, 15 September 1978. © Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian Nursing History Collection, 2006.H0020.71]

In 1900, Almonte Nursing Service was organized under a branch of the Victorian Order of Nurses. Their
work was expanded in 1904 to a dwelling on Ottawa Street, which became the first hospital in Almonte.
Known as the Victorian Hospital, it had two private rooms and a public ward with two beds. The hospital
operated with a staff of one nurse and one maid.

In 1906, the Victorian hospital was found to be inadequate and the building of a new hospital was
undertaken. A year later, the late Bennett Rosamond erected at his own expense a fine stone building at
the corner of Clinton and Spring Streets which served Almonte and the surrounding communities for
upwards of fifty-two years. The Rosamond Memorial Hospital had four private rooms and two wards
with four beds in each. It was officially opened in May 1909, by Their Excellencies Lord and Lady Grey,
then the occupants of Rideau Hall.

In 1919, the Victorian Order of Nurses withdrew their support and the management of the hospital was
transferred to a Board of Managers. In 1920, an extension was added making room for a total of eighteen
adults and ten infants.

For some thirty-eight years, the Rosamond Memorial Hospital was the only hospital within the area from
Ottawa to Smiths Falls, to Renfrew and back again to Ottawa, until 1946 when Arnprior Hospital opened.
During the 1950’s, it became apparent that the facilities of the Rosamond Memorial Hospital were
becoming insufficient to meet the needs of the community. It had grown from a cottage-type hospital of
some twelve beds, plus nursery, to a general hospital of twenty-two or more beds.

Construction of the new Almonte General Hospital began in 1959. On May 4th, 1961 Dr. M. B. Dymond,
Ontario Health Minister, opened Almonte’s new forty-one bed General Hospital.

In 1982, a new twenty-six bed, Chronic Care Wing was constructed to provide long-term care services to
area residents. Expanded facilities were included for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and a Day
Hospital. The new facility, named the Rosamond Wing to recognize the early, health-care contributions
of the Rosamond family, was officially opened on July 6, 1982, by His Excellency Governor General
Edward Schreyer. From Click

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
26 Aug 1898, Fri  •  Page 8
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The Ottawa Citizen
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almonte.com–This postcard photo, taken in 1910, shows nurses on the steps of Rosamond Memorial Hospital. The current hospital was built in May 4, 1961, and the old hospital is now apartments. The first baby born in Rosamond Memorial was Victor Horton, first cousin of local store owners Stan Morton. Photo courtesy of Ruth More.The property known as the “Rosamond Memorial Hospital” was to be completed 1 November 1907—It was used as a Hospital from January 10, 1908 – May 31, 1961

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The Almonte Hospital Hoopla

Susie’s Kitchen Band– Names Names Names

The Rosamond Memorial Training School-

Colleen MontgomeryMy Mom and Dad both in this picture. They really enjoyed working there with the wonderful staff at that time. My Dad bottom right and my Mom top 6th from the right.

The Almonte Hospital Hoopla

The Almonte Hospital Hoopla


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The Almonte Hospital Hoopla was held on Friday and Saturday with perfect weather but the attendance was not as large as last year. At this time the amount of the net proceeds is not available but will be published next week. Some 650 dinners were served on Saturday evening and very fine dinners they were. The results of the draw were: Electric dryer, Mrs. £. W. Smith, Ottawa; –-bicycle, Albert Gale, Almonte; steam iron, Mrs. Patrick Reilly, Ottawa; electric shaver Mrs. Toop, Almonte; Quilt, John Willard, Almonte; Rag Doll, Allan Cochrane, Almonte. A bride doll, donated by Joyce Olmsted was won by Mr Davidson of Ottawa. The rag doll was donated by Mrs. Hornsey and the quilt was also donated. June 2, 1960 Almonte Gazette


The Hoopla Committee of the Almonte Hospital Women’s Auxiliary has completed an estimate of the net proceeds of the event for this year. It is expected that the Hoopla Committee will be able to turn over to the Hospital Building Committee, $1300.00. Since all of the bills are not yet in, some expenses have been calculated as accurately as possible. However, the final figure will be very close to this amount. The Hoopla Committee general convenor was Mrs. C. Olmsted; Mrs. J. Coupland in charge of publicity; Mrs. G. Dunfield, treasurer; Mrs. J. Cameron assisted by Mrs. D. Faimey, smorgasbord; Mrs. G. Shaver, Hoopla draw tickets  June 9 1960- Almonte Gazette


This postcard photo, taken in 1910, shows nurses on the steps of Rosamond Memorial Hospital. The current hospital was built in May 4, 1961, and the old hospital is now apartments. The first baby born in Rosamond Memorial was Victor Horton, first cousin of local store owners Stan Morton. Photo courtesy of Ruth More.The property known as the “Rosamond Memorial Hospital” was to be completed 1 November 1907—It was used as a Hospital from January 10, 1908 – May 31, 1961

The new Rosamond firm of 1866 began operations by buying the Island property of some sixteen acres and building its No. 1 Mill, then one of the finest in Canada.  Bennett Rosamond (1833-1910) was elected president of the Canadian Manufacturers  Association in 1890 and was Conservative Member of Parliament for North Lanark from 1892-1904.  He was president of the Almonte Knitting Company and in 1909 donated the Rosamond Memorial Hospital to the town.  He continued as head of the Rosamond Woollen Company until his death, when he was succeeded by Lieutenant Alex Rosamond (1873-1916).

Above is a picture of the new Almonte General Hospital which began serving the public on Thursday, May 4th. It is a very fine building with modern equipment and has a capacity of 42 beds. Built of red brick, the new hospital is only about half-a-block from the old one, a picture of which appears below


Above is a picture of the Rosamond Memorial Hospital which served Almonte for a great many years. As will be seen from the photograph it is a handsome building but, it only had a capacity of 15 beds although it often accommodated twice as many patients. But it had narrow corridors and had outlived its usefulness, according to modern hospital standards. It would make an excellent nursing home.

The Doctors of Almonte … In the First Half of the Century – John ...almonte.com photo



Susie’s Kitchen Band– Names Names Names

Susie’s Kitchen Band– Names Names Names

download (11).png

Not the Almonte Band–Horizontal, sepia photograph showing a small group of women wearing white aprons and party hats seated in chairs with musical “instruments” made out of household items. On the back is a hand-written note: ” Given by G.F.D – February 12, 1925. It was a ‘hit.’ “Sister Susie’s Kitchen Band.” Photograph by unknown, ca. 1925. St. Stephen’s Mission Collection P0574-00001

Author’s Note- Sister Susie’s Kitchen Sewing Shirts for Soldiers was a popular WW1 song and the name caught on everywhere..

“Susie’s Kitchen Band” Concert a Success-Almonte Gazette– December 1918

The entertainment given by “Susie’s Kitchen Band” on Friday evening was a splendid success. Days before almost every seat in the hall had been taken, and “standing room ” was the condition that faced the late seekers after seats.

The stage was brightened by decorations of sunflowers, hollyhocks, and other similar and appropriate embellishments. The “company” of which wore disguises were about thirty, all of whom were occupied seats on the stage. They were furnished with “instruments” of kitchenware ranging from pepper shakers and egg-beaters to corn -popper violins and dinner horn trombones. The possibility of extracting ‘music” from such an outfit seemed almost as futile a proposition as an endeavour to extract “sunbeams from cucumbers”, but the result from the many selections given were of real merit. The majority of the numbers were of the ‘minstrel variety’ and these appealed to and greatly pleased the large audience.

Mr. J. H. Martin was director, and filled the role to perfection. There was a lot of guessing as to who the different members were and many were way off. Here they are:

Mrs. Conn, Mrs. P. Jamieson, Mrs. W. E.. Scott, W . G. Kelly, Mrs. Bothwell, Mrs. Illingworth, Mrs. C. James,  Misses E. Davis, Ruby Williams, H. Miller, E. Roberts, B. Saddington, L. Hanly, L. Lyons, F. Abbott, E . Boyes, L. McNeil, E. Lyons, B. Plunkett, M.  Darling, E. Coulter, R. Dunlop, L. Turner, E. Rowland, E. Paul, D. Oliver, L. Kellough, F. Anderson, Messrs. J. Jack, G. Hudson, H. Wylie and V. Young.

Miss McCloy, of Ottawa, gave several recitations which called forth hearty encores; Miss Viola Barker sang a solo and she too was recalled, and the dancing by little Misses Audrey Beth and Margaret Williams were also popular.

With Mrs. Maxwell as accompanist, drew forth the evidence of genuine enjoyment her performances always give. Messrs. A. J. McLean and W. Morton were the drummers for the evening, and Mr. Geo. Clement had the management of the stage, and always fills it with care. The “Band” have been requested to do the entertainment for the benefit of the Rosamond Memorial Hospital, and have consented to do so Thursday evening of next week.

Sister Susie’s Sewing Shirts For Soldiers
Sister Susie’s sewing in the kitchen on a “Singer”,
There’s miles and miles of flannel on the floor
And up the stairs,
And father says it’s rotten getting mixed up with the cotton,
And sitting on the needles that she leaves upon the chairs.


November 29 1918–Almonte Gazette

For the Hospital-– “Susie’s Kitchen Band” concert will be repeated on Thursday, Dec. 5 for the benefit of the Rosamond Hospital. Admission, 25 cents, seats reserved.


December 19-1918–Susie’s Kitchen Band has been asked to put on their entertainment at Pakenham on Friday evening of this week and they have accepted the invitation.