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More Documentation on Annie Sophia Shields

More Documentation on Annie Sophia Shields

I found this book. It’s related to the Annie Sophia Shields story and books I’ve sent you information on. Ron Boss

It’s dedicated to Robert Cairnduff in 1869. Robert and his wife are buried in Hillcrest cemetery Smiths Falls. Ron Bos

Found in a Garage– Ron Bos — Annie Sophia Shields McLaughlin

Marvin Arnold Walker — Another Ron Bos Genealogy Mystery

Marvin Arnold Walker — Another Ron Bos Genealogy Mystery


Screenshot 2018-03-20 at 12.jpg



Marvin is the older boy in the photo Photo- Courtesy Ron Bos

From Ron Bos—Here is a bit of a mystery:
In 2002 I bought a property at Kilmarnock. While doing renovations, I discovered a grave marker type of stone buried under rubble under the porch with “Martin A. Walker 1908-1930″ engraved in the marble. It’s about 2’ x 1’ x 4” thick. For 16 years I couldn’t figure out who Martin (Marvin) Walker was.



That is the stone I found under the porch at Kilmarnock. I’m curious to know what stone is on his grave at Hillcrest ?The year of death is wrong on both the stone and the grave information at Hillcrest. He died January 7th 1931. On his death certificate they corrected 1930 to 1931 in 3 different places.

Through research by my good friends Holly and Garth Dixon this past week, we have determined that the stone belongs to Marvin Arnold Walker 1908-1930. Marvin was born in Temiskaming Ontario in 1908 to Anson S. Walker and Ethel Elbott Walker. He had two sisters and three brothers, Hazel, Julie, John, Howard and Cecil. The family settled on Con 9 in Balderson where Anson Walker was listed as a cheese maker in the 1921 census. They were Methodist.
On January 7th 1931 Marvin Walker died in a mining accident in Kirkland Lake. He was originally buried in Lombardy, but is now buried at Hillcrest cemetery in Smiths Falls.
The mystery is, what is the connection to Kilmarnock? In the time frame Marvin lived, my property was owned by Albert Newsome and Margaret Muir Newsome. They had a daughter named Elizabeth Newsome who married Robert Shields, and a ward named Flora Sweetin who never married. Both girls were 20+ years Marvin’s senior in the year of his death. The house was left to Elizabeth & Flora on Albert Newsome’s death in 1930.
I’m hoping there are surviving family members that may shed light on the mystery.






The Sons of Anson & Ethel Walker

1921–Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada–Left to right: Howard, Cecil, Marvin, John




                             Other Rob Bos Mystery

Screenshot 2018-03-20 at 13.jpg

Can anyone tell me what this is ?
It appears to be a dairy product stamp. It’s 7” wide, 1/4” thick and feels like it is made of lead.

Answer- We found these were cheese stampers that they used to stamp the cheese rounds with. Keep them coming Ron!!


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