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A Trip Along the Ramsay Sixth Line –W.J. Burns

A Trip Along the Ramsay Sixth Line –W.J. Burns

photo Sarah More

Hi, Linda ~Don’t know if you might be interested in my Grandfather’s poem about the Sixth Line of Ramsay (now called Quarry Road)? In the 1950s, he had a farm there. Other farms on the Sixth Line belonged to McNeely, Rintoul, Thom, Sadler, Burns, Henry, Hilliards, and a new German Family ( see note from Eleanor Rintoul at the bottom) whose name escapes my Mother.  

He went by W.J. Burns. He was a 5th generation resident of Ramsay Township. Am attaching a picture of him. In 1990, my Uncle compiled a small booklet of poems written by W.J. & my Aunt.

Sarah More

Photo- Jayne Henry
Photo Jayne Henry

*Eleanor Rintoul sent this to me.:

Hello Linda,

I’m married to a Rintoul from the 6th line and I have seen that poem before but it was good to be reminded of it.

I knew the German family as I had the two oldest children in school and I know when the Galbraith (S.S.# 5) closed so I thought I would fill in the blanks.

The school closed in 1968 the year Naismith School opened. (I might be off by a year.)

The German family were Matthias and Erma (or Irma) Hauch. I taught the two oldest children Achmed and Rosemarie.

The family moved to a farm near Chesterville and had three more children Harold, Susan and Sandy. I don’t know where they were living when these children were born — whether on the 6th line or after they moved to Chesterville.

Rosemarie was very involved in track and field at North ( or South) Dundas High school and went on to win many awards and trophies.

Check her out on Google.

Eleanor Rintoul

I was Eleanor Clapp when I taught at Galbraith and married Frank Paul (son of Norman Paul, whom I think you knew)

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Marjorie and Charlie Rintoul–The Rest of the Story– Thanks to Norma Ford

Marjorie and Charlie Rintoul–The Rest of the Story– Thanks to Norma Ford



Photo- Charlie and Marjory from Norma Ford


Yesterday I wrote about Mrs. Charlie Rintoul. People of Lanark County — Mrs. Charlie Rintoul. Norma Ford was able to help me out and now we know the rest of the story thanks to Norma.

I think I can help. Not sure about your story, before my time but mine picks up after 1948. Mrs. Charlie Rintoul maiden name was Marjory Douglas and they lived beside us on Sarah Street in Carleton Place. Her parents were Howard Douglas and Marietta nee Price. Charlie Rintoul delivered ice to people around the Sarah Street area from a horse and wagon and I got to “drive” the horse on a Saturday morning around the years 1950 – 52.

They had a store that jutted into the Mississippi River on the North shore before the bridge on Hwy 7. (I believe one of the Rintoul’s still own property and live there). Marjorie made jewellery and other crafts and sold them at this store in the summer time to the boaters, etc. (I donated a brooch that Marjory had made to the Carleton Place & Beckwith Heritage Museum a couple of years ago).



Howard and Marietta Douglas – Photo Norma Ford

Charlie had his ice house storage barn behind the store. In the summer they stayed in the back of the store, winter months living with Marjory’s parents on Sarah Street. Marjory was born in 1904 and died in 1961 (I was told from a ruptured gall bladder, she waited too long to go to a doctor). I am not sure of the date of Charlie’s death. I am sending a picture of Charlie and Marjory, a picture of Marjory’s headstone and a picture of her parents Howard and Marietta Douglas (terrible picture but the only one I have of them sitting in their back yard). Howard Douglas had a forge in a barn on his property on Sarah Street and he made well casings and pumps for a living.

Marjory and Charlie had no children, I was the closest to a daughter they had and both of them as well as Marjory’s parents were my surrogate parents. Bill Rintoul, not sure what relationship to Charlie but I think a nephew gave some of Charlie’s ice tools to the Middleville Museum and I sent the picture of Charlie up to them as well. The Douglas’s and the Rintoul’s were fantastic neighbours and substitute parents to me.

Norma Ford



St. James Cemetery


Thursday, March 9th, 1961  —We are very sorry to learn of the passing of Mrs. Charles Rintoul, Carleton Place and extend our sincerest sympathy to her husband and parents.


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