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More Home Adventures from Amy Thom

More Home Adventures from Amy Thom

Me again, haven’t been getting much time to do any can/jar removal from our basement these days with snow removal time fast approaching and trying to get all our costumers set up!! But I did hop down the other day because the kids wanted to make ‘night lights’ out of glass jars with twinkle lights added. And this little cutie was sitting right on top!

These tablets must of been so tiny compared to what we take these days for ‘weak and impaired digestive powers’ ! I love the wording– Amy

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Riddell— H B Montgomery House History For Sale

Riddell— H B Montgomery House History For Sale




The house was originally built by Carleton Place retailer Norman Riddell who lived there with his family until his death. The grand house with the once beautiful gardens was then sold at auction and then flipped to Mr. Collie who in turn sold it to H B Montgomery. After the auction was over it still contained some of the Riddell family’s furniture like the Victorian settee in blue brocade which continued to sit in its original place in the living room.

Iconic Carleton Place citizen H B Montgomery moved into the house and lived there for most of his life.  H B told stories about Mr. Pattie who used to own a dry goods store in town. Pattie told him about his father who worked for a solid year carving the arches and moldings by hand. The bookshelves in the house were also created by his father.

Well, now things are changing and Joyce Murray called me to say she had the doors from the Montgomery house and they are changing everything in the home.

Joyce has two group of doors. One with glass and the other original wooden doors.. Check listing below. Some of my house comes from other homes in Carleton Place so I feel that I need to share this so we can keep it close. Just the way I think:) (see Reusing the Past of Carleton Place — The Morphy’s and the McCann’s)

So give Joyce a call or hop on down to Murray’s Furniture & Flea Market– infor when they are open is below.


9129239106_nold doors.jpg



Two original front doors from the Riddell– Montgomery home along with the transit (that goes above the doors) are being sold for $300. With the original glass that is a steal as far as I am concerned for history etc.






Joyce also has 3 various wooden doors and one is a outside side door and two are inside doors for $75.00– Just give her a call and she will give you all the details and show them to you.




Image may contain: car and outdoorMurray’s Furniture & Flea Market

Last updated: October 6th, 2017!

They accept Cash, Debit, Visa & Mastercard

Open 3 Days A Week! Friday 10-6 ~ Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

525 High Street
Carleton Place, Ontario
Call (613) 253-1804
and just in case you don’t know who Joyce Murray is you can read about here: The Emporium of Life — Joyce Murray

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.


The Mysterious Riddell— H B Montgomery House

In Memory of H B Montgomery

H B Montgomery Auctioneer

Buttons and Quilts by Sherri Iona (Lashley)

Update on Miss Powell from CPHS- John Edwards

Glory Days in Carleton Place-Sherri Iona (Lashley)




Here we go Carleton Place– Mark Your Calendars–



Join us and learn about the history under your feet! This year’s St. James Cemetery Walk will take place Thursday October 19th and october 21– Museum Curator Jennfer Irwin will lead you through the gravestones and introduce you to some of our most memorable lost souls!
Be ready for a few surprises along the way….
This walk takes place in the dark on uneven ground. Please wear proper footwear and bring a small flashlight if you like.
Tickets available at the Museum, 267 Edmund Street. Two dates!!!

OCT 28th
Downtown Carleton Place Halloween Trick or Treat Day–https://www.facebook.com/events/489742168060479/

Here we go Carleton Place– Mark Your Calendars–


October 28th The Occomores Valley Grante and Tile Event–730pm-1am Carleton Place arena-Stop by and pick up your tickets for our fundraiser dance for LAWS. They also have tickets for Hometown Hearts event at the Grand Hotel fundraiser

unnamed (1)

Romancing the Carleton Place Stone – Out of Business




Word on the street is that the present renovations to the old mill are now under water.

This is not a unique story–My home was built in three parts beginning in 1867. One of the owners that owned the home for many many years before me had the same dilemma. It has been told to me many times that they burnt furniture in the fireplace to keep the house warm in the dead of winter.

When we bought Springside Hall we could see the sky inside the house, and all the poor old gal had left to offer was one hanging light bulb. Every time I take a deep breath I swear something falls apart. Preserving the architectural integrity of an older home or building is a challenge to anyone these days. This particular job that they undertook was momentousness in financial costs, and my heart breaks for the old mill and the people that took up the challenge IF THIS RUMOUR IS TRUE.

Monday Feb, 2016 our clever man about town David Robertson added this info:

“From this link attached it looks like it going to marketed back as commercial /industrial use and not being converted to residential apartments – see property info in listing”

150 Rosamond St, Carleton Place, ON
$1,500.00 /month

150 Rosamond St, Carleton Place, Ontario, K7C 1V2

Can We Please Stand Up and Cheer Valley Granite & Tile?


As a writer I try very hard to share my heart in words.  There are so many small businesses in our fair town of Carleton Place that deserve credit for what they do. Just the fact they manage to stay in business in a rural town during a difficult economy is merit itself.

During the past 11 months I have written about many of them, and now I would like to give another great local business a shout out. I had the honour of meeting the Occomore’s from Valley Granite & Tile when I participated in the Jeffrey’s Journey Home project and found a kindred soul in Lisa. Like myself, Lisa keeps it pretty real with people– so you know if you are doing business with her– you will get frank words and her heart.  Oops, better not forget her husband Brad– he is pretty awesome too:)

Congratulations guys in your new digs, and thank you for caring about Taylor’s Custom Flooring and assuming responsibility for its continued history in our area.





Behind the success of every small business there is family. With over 30 years combined experience in the industry, Valley Granite & Tile have been associated with granite counter tops and excellent service. Carleton Place has given Lisa and Brad Occomore the opportunity to provide their customers with a finished product of the highest quality, and a service that is second to none, regardless of the size of the project.

It’s the nature of granite, to be hard and resistant, and Valley Granite & Tile are capable of completing your project and exceeding your expectations with the use of modern technology, high quality materials, and skilled craftsmen. They have built a solid reputation in Carleton Place and outlying areas as the place to go and have worked on some of the most difficult and prestigious projects across Canada.

The Occomore’s have covered the whole spectrum of positions —from labourers and office workers on the front line to foremen, managers, directors and consultants. Some of their most recent projects before the opening of Valley Granite & Tile included consulting for growing companies as well as consulting for start-up companies.

Before the opening of their business, they worked on projects for CSIS headquarters, RCMP headquarters, the Prime Minister’s Office, East Block of parliament, Centre Block of Parliament, Scotiabank Place, Saddledome (Calgary), metropole (Ottawa’s tallest condo high rise at the time) and numerous other condo projects and many Embassies around Ottawa.


If Mary Cook says it’s great– well it is!


As well, their services have been used for KPMG (Brett Wilson from Dragons’ Den TV show), Arlene Dickinson (Dragons’ Den TV show), Daryl Sutter, Todd White and many other current and former NHL players and coaches.

Brad and Lisa know that money is limited these days, so the prices at Valley Granite & Tile are very reasonable. They have many products that are more cost efficient than the “big box” stores. Because of the myth that cheaper is the best way to go, some people don’t even think of using their services assuming they are too expensive.

Unlike their larger competition, Valley Granite & Tile think nothing of spending time with their customers, walking them through their showroom, and discussing options. You won’t find any pressure whatsoever, and you will know immediately when you talk to them you have chosen the right company to do your work.


When they opened their business they wanted be able to solve some of the problems that other companies experienced and promise a better customer experience. Quality is everything to them– reinspecting the quality of edges, cuts placement and leveling, only to confirm time and again that everything fits like a glove.

The Occomore family have lived Carleton Place for 6 years– but it’s always been home to Lisa’s Mother and Grandparents. Other than going to Calgary for 3 years on contract, the family have pretty much always been “valley people”. We all know family is like branches on a tree–they grow in different directions yet the roots remain the same. So when John from Taylor’s Custom Flooring decided to retire, Lisa and Brad understanding family based business didn’t want to see a 20 year valued Carleton Place based business close.

Instead they not only took over operations as Taylor’s in January, but they are moving Valley Granite & Tile to their new building at 140 Industrial Ave. (currently Taylor’s) by the end of March. Valley Granite & Tile will now offer an even larger one-stop shopping experience, increasing their product lines, and adding new items to give their customers the ability to get the most out of their renovation. They will also be stocking more Granite slabs to save customers the trip to the city to pick out their slabs.


The reason their family business has become so successful is easy: quality product and fantastic service! Their head office is in the community where they live and raise their family. In fact, their 11 year-old already shows a strong interest in their business and has acquired his first set of polishing tools. They are also proud they now have the ability to support the community, people, and local charities. Remember the Occomore’s care about your family’s environment—that’s their specialty. To them it’s just like their family– it’s not only important– it’s everything.



The beauty of Facebook is the world is your oyster when it comes to photos, and I love this photograph. Says it all to me.

Valley Granite & Tile

127 Bridge st in Carleton Place
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 492-2522

When “Building Assetics” Go Wrong!


Today I was looking for some information about the Hugh McMillan home on Bridge Street and came across this 1980’s news article about “the little yellow house”  and its continuing struggles. Just more information on the fight over a renovation—one that was assured to all that “it would compliment the area”.


It began in November of 1986 when Judith Hughes, then owner of “the little yellow house,” began her battle against the proposed renovations to the former John Deere building 4.5 feet away. The one storey cinder block, owned by self-employed contractor Al Roberts, sat snugly in between the Abner Nichols and one of the Miller’s homes. Hughes said if  Roberts proceeded with his plans she would sue him for of the loss of enjoyment of her property.


She also argued that the projected ‘ghastly’ renovations would destroy the quaint streetscape of Bridge Street, which she had personally worked hard to preserve. Roberts assured her that the heritage type renovations he planned would compliment her home. He also cited himself a heritage restoration expert to the Ottawa Citizen. The contractor said he had carried out more than 50 such jobs in Lanark county in the past five years.

Well, we all know the outcome of this story. The little house sits unoccupied, dwarfed by the “complimenting” building next door. This week I have noticed “a ‘we’re going to dig’ construction sign” on the front porch of “the little yellow house”. Who knows whats next?



Photo- Linda Seccaspina.. newspaper photo- Ottawa Citizen 1986

Buy Linda Secaspina’s Books— Flashbacks of Little Miss Flash Cadilac– Tilting the Kilt-Vintage Whispers of Carleton Place and 4 others on Amazon or Amazon Canada or Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street in Carleton Place

Unwrapping 164 Bridge Street in Carleton Place




What’s going on at 164 Bridge Street? It looks like the current owner is stripping away the siding and exposing the brick. The brick is being painted in the same hues as the original “paint job” that was done after it was originally built. In the middle to late 19th century 164 Bridge Street belonged to Grieg Block. John Graham also operated a wagon shop there.

No photo description available.

Carleton Place Underground

The house known to some as the McPherson’s House was rebuilt in 1965. It was once the residence of Mrs. McPherson and her daughter Bess who was a local telephone operator. Jack McPherson owned an insurance business and ran it from the house. Mary Cook said in January of 2007 that McPherson’s wife worked for Oscar Okilman for 25 cents an hour.


The Hanneman Family then occupied it for a period of time. Oscar Okilman owned the house when the Hanneman’s were there in the 1940’s and owned the store to the north. During the 1960’s there was an extensive fire and it has been said that it was the Okilman’s residence.



Lot 25 is rather large and it is difficult to figure out where some of the businesses and residences were actually located as there is a large parking lot between 164  and 176 Bridge Street.


Cathie Hawkins McOrmond said that the owner has built a history capsule into the walls and was excited to hear they put in the approved BIA Facade Improvement package and the BIA Downtowner in the capsule. Some day someone will find the time capsule and use it as reference. History matters, it really does! 



Information from Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Photos- Linda Seccaspina

Related Reading- Carleton Place Main Street Fire — Okilman’s

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Why I Will Never Be Miss Home Depot


My dream job for the last few months was to work in the flower department of Home Depot. This week they called me to apply, but I turned it down. Seems writing for Carleton Place has taken over my life and I had to decline. But would I have been a perfect fit for Home Depot?

Summer 2014

I was born with veins flowing with what is called– “non fixit” blood. If there was a race to fix something with a huge prize I would fail miserably. Bob Vila from This Old House would have fired my butt in less than a nano minute. No matter what information I study on the web: starting a lawn mower, how to hook up your basic garden hose, there is no hope for me. After a week of many attempts to fix a leaky garden hose I had given up. Today son number 2 marched in the yard and within 5 minutes it was fixed. Now what is up with that?

Next on my list was a lock for the front gate. This should be easy right? First of all I could not even find locks after gazing up every aisle at the Carleton Place Home Depot. Finally a friend who works there found what I needed- but after I got out of there I felt like I should have had him open up the package. Who designed these new packages? I realized the lock was industry strength but so was the package. I managed to cut around the lock with big scissors but no amount of strength could get that lock off the special plastic middle. I used lock cutters, garden shears and nothing. The only thing that was budging was my mental state. In anger I threw it on the ground and then a light bulb went off in my head. All I had to do was take one of the keys, open the lock, and slip it through. Duh!

So why couldn’t they put that information on the package? Because they expect us to know that –just like I am expected to know how to fix a garden hose and turn on a lawn mower. Maybe this is the real reason I just got a cell phone.

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” 
― Albert Einstein

Son number 2 also put the pump in the pond and began to fill it up. He didn’t get these smarts from his mother!

Carleton Place- The Happiest Damn Town in Lanark County

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Tilting the Kilt, Vintage Whispers from Carleton Place by Linda Seccaspina is available at Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street, the Carleton Place Beckwith Museum in Carleton Place, Ontario and The Mississippi Valley Textile Mill in Almonte.  available on all Amazon sites (Canada, US, Europe) and Barnes and Noble

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