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Rah Rah Rah 1971– Renfrew-Lanark Elementary Cheerleading Contest PLUS

Rah Rah Rah 1971– Renfrew-Lanark Elementary Cheerleading Contest PLUS

If participation had been a factor, Almonte would certainly have been the winner at the Renfrew-Lanark Elementary Cheerleading Contest hosted by last year’s winner, St, Mary’s Separate School, in Carleton Place. The three elementary schools in Almonte, St. Mary’s, Naismith Memorial and G. L. Comba, were each represented by an enthusiastic group of girls. St. Joseph’s and Walter Zadow represented Arnprior and St Mary’s In Carleton Place rounded out the six entrants. The G. L. Comba cheerleaders were complimented on their outfits and the originality of their cheers. The best Impromptu cheer was also given by this same group of girls. However, despite those accolades, G. L. Comba was narrowly edged out of a first place finish and the trophy won by a well regimented group from St, Joseph’s in Arnprior, who were complimented on the sustained rhythm and length of their cheers Walter Zadow of Arnprior came third and their Miss Turner was given a bouquet of roses for her individual efforts. Over one hundred spectators were on hand to encourage the girls in their efforts. December 1971

Donna Vaughan-Telford sent this—Found this great picture of the ADHS Cheerleaders (not sure what year but probably sometime between 74-76? From left to right CarolAnn Minnelli Leishman
My sister Dianne (Vaughan) Hourigan , Beth Amory and Karen Maynard .. not sure who the girls with their back to the camera are but one might be Julie Paul Julien … thought you might want to share since school is getting started again …sadly with no Football

Rose Mary SarsfieldNora Hourigan, Fern Robertson, Kathy Sadler, June Brown, Janet Rodger (I think) Front: Judy Southwell. 1962 ADHS cheerleaders
Joanna Meehan-Harringtonback row – Donna Carroll (Honeybourne), Bev Kirkland (Fraser) front row – ? Guthrie, ? Fraser maybe, Dianne Laroque, ?

Sandy FranceFront Maggie Guthrie, Sandy Fraser, Diane Larocque, Ollie Elliot. Back Donna Honeyborne, Bev Fraser, Kay Snedden, Margie Blanchard

Rose Mary Sarsfield? Marilyn Robertson, Kay Downey, Iris Guthrie, Lynn ? about 1957 I think

Bev TaylorDonna Scott, Marilyn Robertson, Kay Downey, Iris Guthrie, Judy Bogarts (I think)

Bev FergussonMiss Irvine coach, Judy Reid front right and Nancy Brydges second from right?

Top right Andrea Gilmour, Mary Whitten , Miss Irivne , Beth Amoury, Diane Vaughn, Bottom right Cathy Reid , Julie Paul, not sure about the middle Karen Maynard, Carol Anne Minelli

Straight Outta Carleton Place High School–Cheerleaders and Things