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Looking for Information of the Bear Shot at Jay Playfairs

Looking for Information of the Bear Shot at Jay Playfairs
14 inch bear skull

In a recent issue there was a reference to the bear which Dan Buck, a local hotel-keeper used to have on his premises. Here is an addition to the story of the Buck bear as told by Mr. Thos. Blyth. At night Mr. Buck used to keep the bear in his cellar, over the window of which there was an iron grating.

One night a certain individual was standing outside Buck’s street frontage and on the iron grating. The bear thrust one paw through the grating, and either playfully or otherwise ripped the pants of the man on the grating and scratched the man’s leg.

Not knowing (or not remembering) about the bear, the man got red -eyed and vowed vengeance on what he thought was a man in the cellar. He ran inside the hotel and started for the cellar, taking a lantern along. Some people In the hotel who saw the man go down, called Mr, Buck, but before Mr. Buck could get down, the bear had met the man at the foot of the stairs and a battle royal was in progress. The man was large and strong; ditto the bear. When Mr. Buck got down and drove the bear off the man was a good deal the worse for wear.

Looking for information– Mark Rinertt shot a bear at Jay Playfairs in Lanark County– no year– Skull appreantly measured 14 inches and was in the Ontario Record Book.. Any stories?

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
23 Oct 1937, Sat  •  Page 30

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