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The Hottest Real Estate Corner in Carleton Place




Was it this corner or the opposite one that sold for  $4000 in March of 1905?

March 23, 1905

Angus McFarlane has purchased the valuable lot on the corner of Bell and Bridge Street for some years  owned by Mr. Wiliam Goth. At one time the plot passed for $4000 and the last exchange went for the sensational price of $1000.


A large livery barn is at the back of the property that is 106 feet on Bell Street and 64 on Bridge Street. It is an historic spot, at one time been the spot of the Post Office, the theatre and a throb of commercial life in our ancient village.

The new owner has had some of the ancient and still honourable timbers removed and has a strong inclination to go on with the erection of the handsome corner. So is it left or right?  I am thinking it was the garage.



Photo- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

In other 1905 real estate notes Mr. James Dulmage has sold his farm near Appleton to Mr. William Struthers for $7000 and will come to town to live with his sister.



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 03 Jun 1905, Sat, Page 5-