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Things You Might Not Know About Wally Burns

Things You Might Not Know About Wally Burns

October 20, 1984

The two people were badly burned but survived. We received outstanding service award from the Lieutenant Governor of B.C. and then the Star of Courage from the Governor General The fire incident happened October 20, 1984

A man and woman who were rescued from a burning home early Saturday by five Burna-by RCMP officers were listed in poor condition today at Vancouver General Hospital. Joyce Elizabeth Cochran, 24, and Terrence Kenny, 32, were unconscious when the officers sicked in the door at 4175 Smith and dragged them outside. The policemen Constables Gerry Otter-man, Wally Burns, Chris Kennedy, Andy Lamb and John McDougall all required treatment at hospital for smoke inhalation.–The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
22 Oct 1984, Mon  •  Page 9

45 years ago this date, this farm boy from Carleton Place , Ont graduated from RCMP academy in Regina. I don’t know where the time goes 1974-2000

Wally Burns —September 4, 2011 ·  Just thought I would throw this photo out there since reunion thoughts are in the air. I saw the grad photo of Maureen, Bill and Chris on Maureen’s page. I have a year book with that photo in it–Here are the names: front row….Jennifer Black, Kathy Giles, Wilda Porter, Carol Mason, Gwen McNeil, Nancy Ryan, Ruth Taylor…back row:…Wally Burns, Mark Baker, Roger Tuttle, Barrie Sweenie, Gerald Kennedy, Brian Dowdall, Scott Ferguson and John Edwards–October 1973

February 10, 2018

I forgot to send you this one. Just FYI. I also received a RCMP Commissioners Commendation for the fire rescue

People of Carleton Place– John Porter Prospect Carleton Place

We Are Everyday People in Carleton Place

Weldon Armour- One of Carleton Place’s Cool Kids

Weldon Armour-  One of Carleton Place’s Cool Kids


This cool group took over the steps of the Bank of Nova Scotia in 1959!
Pictured are Blaine Cornell, Gary McLellan, Weldon Armour seated, Dave Gordon, Dale Costello, Bob Bigras, Gerald Griffith, Ray Paquette and Gordon Bassett.- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Today in my story about the John Street home in Carleton Place two of these young lads in the photo above helped me out with the story. Each time I look at this photo I truly believe that this has to be the ultimate photo of Carleton Place. I wonder what happened to Weldon Armour and why he was in a wheel chair. Today I found two stories in the newspaper archives and going to document them here for safe keeping.

You are part of  history now Weldon.




Clipped from The Ottawa Journal31 Aug 1963, SatPage 34




Clipped from The Ottawa Journal01 Mar 1979, ThuREVISIONPage 2



“John Armour also mentioned that his uncle Weldon Armour had two of them” in a story I wrote.  Wow–  John Armour? Related to Weldon? Everyone is really related to everyone in Lanark County:)

What did Weldon have two off? Click here–Do You Remember? Memories of the Pengor Penguin



Dale Costello– It was a privilege and honour to have counted Weldon “Woggi” Armour as one of my CP buds. We often joined in in keeping the parking meters intact and upright.  Spent many a day with Weldon, one of my valued CP buds. Always one for a laugh, his spirit was never broken and still lives within me. We ran the social activities from the steps of the Bank of Nova Scotia every week and many a young lady received close scrutiny from the boys. Weldon had a car with hand controls, and we would cruise all over town on $1 worth of gas those days.

Marilyn White– How true. They used to stand him at the meters and remove his wheelchair. He would often ask us as we walked by to give him his chair. He was so much a part of our town.


Linda SeccaspinaGroup Admin– Where was the location of the office?


Dale Costello– Off of the side street, not facing Emily Street.

Ray Paquette– Actually, it was a brick extension to the Armour home on the east side. Weldon’s desk was in front of a large picture window facing Emily Street so that he could watch the passing traffic during slow periods in the office. The entrance to the office was off Charles Street…
Ray Paquette– I stand corrected! I just checked Google Street View and the Armour home at 98 Emily shows the office extension with a ramp leading to an entrance. If memory serves me, when Weldon was first the MTO agent for license renewal, he worked out of a makeshift office in the kitchen (where I bought my Ontario plate in 1971 on return from NS on posting to Ottawa). When the word got out among the RCMP community in Ottawa that Weldon was operating the license bureau, they would form groups with one member designated to drive to CP to get the license renewal for everyone. The exponential increase in business lead to the need for the extension and a dedicated office

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)


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Forget about Sharktober – When Moose Attack!




This has been a heck of a month for shark attacks all up and down the west coast. Just this week Scott Stevens a 25-year-old surfer was believed to have been bitten by a great white shark near Eureka, Calif., and is expected to live after undergoing surgery at a local hospital.


Two weeks ago; workers at the San Juan Hills golf course in San Juan Capistrano were baffled when they came across a live shark flipping around the 12th hole tee. They immediately ruled out that it was not golf pro Greg Norman and it was most likely a leopard shark that had been dropped from the air by a large bird looking for a good meal by the looks of the puncture wounds. Leopard sharks are commonly found in shallow California waters traveling up from the “Golf“streams from southern waters.


“Sunk by a birdie”, the shark looked par for the course until the golf course crew brought the saltwater fish back to Dana Point and dropped it back in the ocean.

“It was still alive,” McCormack told the media and we just didn’t have a bigger cart.







The number of moose attacks spikes in September and October during mating season and the early spring when mothers are protecting their young calves. However, moose often do not confront people unless they are provoked. For that reason, it’s important not to throw anything at moose and keep any dogs away from them as their barks annoy them. The Vancouver Sun reports that moose also do not like the Canadian Mounties. A Mountie in northern British Columbia got the fright of his life when a large moose climbed on top of his cruiser, smashed his driver’s side window and hit him on the shoulder last Thursday.

The officer saw two moose crossing the road in Prince George, B.C., just before 1 a.m. and tried to alert another vehicle traveling toward the large animals. As the officer got closer to the creatures, the bull moose decided he was having none of that and attacked.








“The moose first broke the front grill and bumper, and then stepped on to the vehicle causing dents to the hood, roof and breaking the windshield,”  said one of Canada’s finest in a press release to the Toronto Star.

The animal continued to stomp and kick, with one of the animal’s hoofs breaking the car window and hitting the officer with one of his feet. Aside from a bruise or two, the Mountie was not seriously injured and the moose finally slid like Jagger off the trunk.


“Both the culprit and accomplice departed the area on hoof,” the Sun reported.



I wish I could tell you both these news flashes are“Fractured Fairy Tales” but sadly they aren’t!


 “And now, here’s something we hope you’ll really like!” – Rocket J Squirrel