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Howard John Rattray — Memories of WW 2

Howard John Rattray — Memories of WW 2
Picture of my mom and dad . My dad met my mom in England as she was serving in the woman’s Air Force . They married and my mom came to Canada after the war as a war bride Photo Roger Rattray

90 Day Fiance and Mail Order and War Brides

The centre item is a telegram to my Grandma letting her know he arrived in Europe OK and of course send some cigarettes :)- Roger Rattray

Hi Linda : I found this in the my dads old scrapbook and thought it was a good time to send it just prior to Remembrance Day . I found my dad in both articles as he served with the RCAF in England . Roger Rattray

Sandra Rattray My husband ‘s father, Howard Rattray, and his father, John Rattray and their predecessors, owned part of Indians’ Landing. The story that was passed down was that the Indians used to trade their furs in there (at the former Patterson’s Furniture Store and Funeral Home or embalming room) This was common knowledge to many of the older locals-The Little Door by the River

Other reading-A Beckwith Will and James and Eliza Rattray

A Beckwith Will and James and Eliza Rattray

A Beckwith Will and James and Eliza Rattray



It was said in the newspaper of the 29th of April 1899 in the Ottawa Journal that William Rattray left a will by which his son James, age 19, was to receive $1,000 provided he did not marry “Eliza” Rattray, his sister- in-law. At his mother’s demise the same son was also to have the 260 acre farm.

Four grandchildren were also to receive, until of age. the invested proceeds from another farm. This latter farm was subsequently sold and the price thereof placed in the bank. The will came before Chief Justice Armour for adjudication, and judgment was given to the effect that the son shall receive the full thousand dollars and the 260 acres free from all restraints to marriage. The clause, regarding the other farm for the benefit of the grandchildren was expunged and the proceeds in bank were ordered to be administered by the executors.

It looks like James wasted no time in getting married as he married the 1st of September 1899, and guess who he married.

Author’s Note: This happened almost 120 years ago and was NOT unusual in those days. When brothers died etc they married widowed sister in laws, etc so the children would have a father to raise them. It was just the way things were done. Maybe there had been an argument in the family and Elizabeth/Eliza was not liked. Of course a newspaper clipping will never tell you that.



James Rattray

mentioned in the record of James Rattray and Elizabeth Ann Rattray

Elizabeth Ann Rattray

Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927

Name: James Rattray
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 01 Sep 1899
Event Place: Franktown, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Birth Year (Estimated): 1848
Father’s Name: William Rattray
Mother’s Name: Ann Rattray
Spouse’s Name: Elizabeth Ann Rattray
Spouse’s Gender: Female
Spouse’s Age: 41
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated): 1858
Spouse’s Father’s Name: Joseph Hodgson
Spouse’s Mother’s Name: Elizabeth Hodgson


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