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The Mysterious Light in the Raine House

The Mysterious Light in the Raine House

It sometimes doesn’t take much to give an empty house the name of being haunted. Let a light be seen at night in an empty house, and instantly it has become “haunted.”

Somehow or other a vast amount of people have an innate aversion to an empty house. In their opinion there must be a sound. After the house had had the reputation of being haunted for several years, the ghost was one day discovered with suddenness. A young boy was with other boys playing around Raine’s house as the house was empty. About sixty years or more the child’s grandfather began to watch for the light in the Raine house. Suddenly the light appeared. Instantly the family gossip started the house was haunted.

One evening towards sunset someone who stood on the east side of the house looking west, saw a light in the bedroom window of the old Raine home. There was no apparent explanation for the light. This person told another about the mysterious light, and it was not long before the story went around Almonte that the Raine house was haunted. People just kept away from it at night.

One night for the first time, due to the angle at which a boy stood he noticed the window on the west side of the house.The setting sun was shining, and passing on the window on the east side. Because of the fact that the light had appeared on the east side of the house at night, nobody had thought about the sun being responsible for the light.

The boy was quite proud because he had figured out ‘the Raine Ghost’. He later spread the story everywhere, and the ” Raine Haunt” soon went out of business.

Thomas Raines Almonte — US Confederate Soldier Mayor and Dentist– Biological Mystery!!!