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The Chamber of Commerce’s Amazing Race

The Chamber of Commerce’s Amazing Race

Each year on Victoria Weekend Carleton Place was the place to go as the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce sponsored a marathon race. It was a 7 mile race from Almonte to Carleton Place and they came for miles to run this race. They began their race just outside of Almonte and finished at the Carleton Place Town Hall. It took them just a little over half an hour to complete the race.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  22 May 1956, Tue,  Page 28


CA038554-W (1).jpgCarleton Place Marathon Race May 19 1956


Marilyn White– It used to end at the old grandstands behind The Catholic Church. A huge dance was held upstairs in the Townhall. My first time to go to dance I was 16. Great excitement for the town.



Gord Cross  I also noted the newspaper article on the 1954 Victoria Day run from Almonte to Carleton Place. I ran that race with George Pike and we came dead last after running for 63 minutes. We had agreed to stay together until the bridge then it was each man for himself – neither of us had anything left so we tied for last (12th) place. The next year I ran it is 40 minutes and placed way down the list because a platoon of soldiers from Petawawa finished at the head of the pack. Such memories. 


photo Gord Cross

Thanksgiving 2015–Nothing has Changed in a Year


This was written last year– nothing seems to change

Chicago Braces After Video of Police Shooting Is Released

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, generally a day of gratitude and reflecting with family. After this week we can no longer deny the world we live in, and the next step in healing the nation begins with us and our families.
How do we fix Ferguson?  How do we stop the killing?  Opinions are abound everywhere and most had the same visions until I watched a Youtube video by rapper Richard Williams/Prince EA from St. Louis. In only 4 minutes a young man’s out-of-the-box thoughts were to look deeper and think about who you are and your place in this life.  Love knows no colour, but ignoring race, privilege, supremacy, etc. is not going to make anything disappear.
As I said in a comment this week  I am a firm believer that dialogue is needed in order that conclusions are no longer being assumed but rather worked toward. Race doesn’t actually exist in terms of our DNA. That it is a cultural construct. First, we are human and second, we are a colour.
We need to take a good hard look at the systems, principles, institutions, and mind sets that have supported, and perpetrated racism and discrimination for so long.  Are we being pitted against the other so we don’t see what is really going on?  Do you think if we were ever unified we might choose a better way for ourselves?  If we are going to solve all this reoccurring tragedy we have to question everything that we’ve been programmed to believe.
As the 26-year-old-activist said, the black and white message is to think for yourself, not as you have been told to think. Stop and see the truth behind what many have told you. In reality we should not be each others enemies, as all we want is a better future for our children. If we as human beings could educate our way to a future that ever looks past skin colour, and accents, we would finally realize we are all alike.
None of us are alone in this, and it’s a simple reality nobody wants to hear or face.  Who you really are is who I really am, whatever you do to others, you do to yourself. Everyone talks about changing the world. Very few talk about changing themselves.