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The Canada Character Civilization Award — Doris Quinn

The Canada Character Civilization Award — Doris Quinn

Photo- Doris Quinn

Doris Quinn wrote:

Linda, my Great Aunt Rose Quinn is in this picture , I think 5th from rt. In back row. Not sure what occasion this was. I know she was a teacher and taught locally and further away. She later went into Convent. Her name is on back of this old group photo. I googled Canada Character Civilization for late 1800’s to early 1900’s and lots of old historic group photos came up. Still no idea what it stands for unless it’s a group of graduating teachers. Do you have any idea? Picture was taken at “McIntyres Can.”

Doris, I had a question like this a few years ago. It was similar to a good citizen award that was presented to good community citizens.

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Looking for History on- 154 Lake Ave East –Quinn

Looking for History on- 154 Lake Ave East –Quinn


I am researching 154 Lake Ave. East, Carleton Place, where my husband Bill Quinn was raised. The home was sold about 1986. The Quinns (William Edward and Dorothy) purchased the home in 1957 from the widow Mary “Ethel” Dowsett Hill (wife of Fred). The Hill’s had purchased from the widow of Starr Easton Stewart (Elizabeth Jane Warren) in 1905.

Starr Stewart appears to be the first who lived in the home as of 1896 but I’m trying to determine who actually built the home. The land registry gets a bit tricky as there is another Elizabeth J Stewart (nee Corley? wife of Duncan) listed. There is however, James Watt (selling land? to Starr) also listed in 1896 and as he built the home across the street (155 Lake Ave), I’m wondering if he also built 154. There are quite a few similar bits of architecture in the gingerbread and scalloped siding.

James Watt

James and Margaret Watt- Carleton Place

Mr. James Watt, of the firm of T. Watt & Son, struck a 2:40 gait for the scene with his fire extinguisher. He got there The David of London was the last ship to sail, and it was the smallest. She carried 364 passengers, and among them was 22 year-old James Watt and his 18 year old wife Margaret soon to be residents of Carleton Place. There was also their  6 month old son John, and James’s father and his wife Marion, both in their 50s. Read more here: Riders on the Storm– Journey to Lanark County — Part 3

Of interest, William Quinn Sr. built a massive replica doll house of 154 Lake Ave East for our daughter in 1985 with the help of his neighbour Mr. Fred McTavish. Of course the McTavish family is featured prominently in the area also.
Any help appreciated as we live in B.C. so difficult to access info.
Thanks, Dianne Quinn

Does anyone have any history they could provide for 154 Lake Ave East?

Thank you.


Starr Stewart

When Eva May Stewart was born on 4 June 1891, in Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario, Canada, her father, Starr Easton Stewart, was 27 and her mother, Elizabeth Jane Warren, was 19. She married Frank Kubat on 4 June 1917, in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States. She lived in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States for about 5 years and Coral Gables, Dade, Florida Territory, United States in 1940. She died in 1943, in Dade, Florida, United States, at the age of 52.

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and built a mill equipped to run by steam, and oatmeal mill…

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