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The Dolls of Queen Victoria 1899

The Dolls of Queen Victoria 1899


June 2, 1899

Queen Victoria was born May 24th, 1819, in Kensington Palace and lived there when the news was brought to her, in the night, that she was Queen of England. She was then eighteen years old. The week of her eightieth birthday she visited this palace and found that all the rooms had all been arranged just as they were when she was a little girl. Great care had been exercised to have her toys and playroom just as she remembered them.


Queen Victoria’s Doll House from 19th century.

Queen Victoria had, as a little-girl, a wonderful collection of dolls. These had been most carefully put in order and arranged in care. Her doll house had been put on a table in the centre of the room. This playroom and its contents will be exhibited for a short time.


No doubt many little girls will be greatly disappointed who visit this collection. They will expect that the dolls belonging to a great Queen will be magnificent. No doubt there are many little girls today who are not at all rich who have much more beautiful dolls than the Queen ever dreamed of when she’was a little girl.

She never owned, as a little girl, a walking or a talking doll. Her collection is valuable because the dolls are from every known country, and each is in national dress. No doubt, in her little girl heart, she had her pet dolls, the one she loved most of all and it is quite possible that, like many little girls of today the doll she loved best was the one that had met with some misfortune.



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 26 May 1934, Sat, Page 21


I read it in the Almonte Gazette June 2 1899

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My Journey to Become the Future Queen Mum of England


This is a repost from  April 25, 2011 in honour of Wednesday.

A long time ago when our beloved Princess Diana was going to get married she had to take etiquette lessons from the late Queen Mum. Now that “Mum” has passed who is going to steer young “Waity Katy” in the right royal direction?

I figure as a fellow commoner I might be the one to take over the job. Yesterday I immediately sent my resume to the Royal Palace asking them for the position.

Dear Elizabeth and Phillip,

I understand that your grandson William is about to be married and you might need a bit of help. I believe I am quite qualified to take over the job of the late Queen Mum. Below, are my qualifications which I hope you find satisfactory.


My son Schuyleur looks a little like your grandson so I can bring him along to act as a double for William. He is the same height and weight, and has the gift of gab like his mother. As you can see from the picture, he comes complete with Carleton Place’s finest in bodyguards. That is a 2 for 1 special in itself!


Elizabeth, of course you will remember this dress that was worn by the late Michelle Cadieux. She wore this 40 pound dress that I designed to meet you a few years ago. I understand Kate has her own personal couturier and royal dresser, but please keep in mind I used to design the best of “Queen of Brothel Bertie”  fashions.


I know that for you to even consider me for this job I must have some experience with the Royal Court.  I present to you the above photo for admission of proof. This figurine was given to me by my late grandmother Mary Louise Deller Knight. It was originally passed on by my great great grandmother Louisa Knight. She worked in your very same court as a lady in waiting for Queen Victoria. What a small world! This was given to her by Vicky herself.

Sad to say Louisa was banished from court because she had what they called “loose skirts”. I wish to tell you just in case you are concerned that she ended up marrying quite well. Louisa married the Duke of Essex and her descendants down the line owned the trucking company that hauled the milk for the Nestle Company. How wonderful that the whole family ended up in the pudding business.


I submit for your satisfaction a picture of me taken yesterday in royal clothing. Notice how well the crown is made from items from the dollar store. Bodyguards would not be necessary as I have been told I have quite the ‘gift of gab” that scares people off!

In closing I would like to thank you for your consideration of my offer and in signing off – I salute you with the royal wave.


Very truly yours,

Linda Seccaspina


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Taking Sexy Back with Brothel Bertie aka Edward the VII



On my way to the Mill of Kintail in Ontario last summer I knew I needed to take a picture of a sign that was erected in the middle of nowhere years ago. It has always fascinated me, and I often wonder who made the sign. Was it the neighbours, or might it have been the families of former British Loyalists that had hand crafted it? The sign says that in 1860, King Edward the VII knocked on the Metcalfe family’s door in Bennie’s Corners, Ontario. He was then was offered a cool drink from their spring “among the cedars”.  What do you do, or say, when the son of Queen Victoria knocks on your door?


Knowing me, I would have first asked the King about his mistress, Alice Keppel, great grandmother to Prince Charles wife Camilla Parker Bowles. Rumour has it Camilla’s grandmother, Sonia Keppel, was actually the illegitimate daughter of King Edward VII. The apple does not fall from the tree does it?  Should I have asked him about his documented love chair? I swear I would have given him all the water and smiles he wanted to know about little piece of history.

The Queen and her ladies however, used to do charity things during the day like sewing shirts for the poor or working on their beloved tapestries. Much time was spent in prayer reading the Bible in the garden, banquets, dancing or anything that would keep the King happy. Some of the Kings routines however were not to be divulged to his or adoring female followers.
As I researched more about Edward I had many questions about his secret sexual habits and the well known love chair.

Unknown to a lot of history books after that trip to Bennie’s Corners Edward was secretly called “The Prince of Pleasure”. His royal highness routinely gave his mother Queen Victoria, a royal headache with his frequent trips to the Parisian brothels. They say he literally killed his father when dear old Dad found out what a “luster buster” he was.

Because, Bertie, as he was called in private, was quite overweight, he needed a little help with his routine daily love making. The love chair was especially made for him so he could have multiple encounters at the same time.

Apparently the chair is still in use somewhere in France by the family of the creator, and a copy of it is at the Prague Sex Museum. Word on the internet highway is, that you can also purchase your very own copy if you would like. Somewhere in the corner of the darkened seedy part of the web lies someone that wants to offer you this chair for your routine sex habits.

I have seen a lot of erotic things in my life but this chair boggles my mind.
Who did what, where, and how? Ideas, anyone? Was it caused by the water at Bennie’s Corners?

Edward also had private bathtub in the brothel called Le Chabanais in France. It was a huge copper bath usually filled with champagne in the design of a half woman and half swan. King Edward bubble bathed his life away daily with his “lovelies” including Winston Churchill’s mother. Dirty Bertie’s tub was eventually purchased by Salvador Dali in 1951 for his daily wash ups from all that painting.

20121211-191236Seeing my great great grandmother Louise Knight was a lady in waiting for Queen Victoria, I shudder to think if she was involved in any of these routine court-side extravaganzas.

Louise was eventually kicked out for having “loose skirts” around the court. But, how “loose” were they? My grandparents had a good idea and never shared; but I am the first to admit that her skirts probably were routinely up around her neck. Or maybe she was just” let go” for bad technical support on certain furniture for her daily “mopping” and “royal welcomes”.

God save the King and someone needs to bottle that water at Bennie’s Corners!

From my friend John Morrow with great thanks

Meow! Check your facts on this. King Edward apparently didn’t meet Alice Keppel until almost 40 years after his trip to Canada according to Wikipedia. Another apocryphal story connected with this concerns the Metcalfe family’s son, Dr. Archibald Albert Metcalfe, later Mayor of Almonte and the man responsible for Almonte’s hydro-electric generating plant. Dr. Metcalfe was actually born 3 Nov 1869, but in his later years claimed he was born within a few days of the prince’s visit and was given the middle name Albert in honour of the occasion. Dr. Metcalfe died in 1962, claiming to be 101, but was actually 92 at the time.