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Pictures of You– Community Story about the Photos of the Queen—- Wendy Ferris Groulx

Pictures of You– Community Story about the Photos of the Queen—- Wendy Ferris Groulx

Photos of pictures.. Wendy kept one… The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum were the recipients of three (possibly four) if I can get the Queen Victoria photo across the street in one piece LOLOL

The fourth one is also going somewhere special that I will keep a secret until the recipients get it and then will give a huge shout out.

Here is the story…..

Hi Linda, My name is Wendy and my husband is the one who donated my Queen pictures to you today. He said you were interested in hearing the story behind them and I would love to share that with you. The Queens belonged to my aunt Linda Forth. She was actually my uncle’s girlfriend but I always thought of her as my aunt. She passed away in November of 2019. I first met Linda when I was a child. I was crazy about her from the start and she had an amazing house that seemed to me to have its own personality. Her home was a centennial home that Linda had bought in her early twenties, yet she was only the second owner of this beautiful property. It seemed majestic to me, as a young child. There was black and white tiled flooring in the entranceway that would be home to a towering Christmas tree in Decembers long past. There was a collection of horse figurines and artwork in the front living room. There were plates and tea cups hung in the dining room. The money from her many adventures to countries around the world was under glass in the side tables in her sitting room. All of her furniture looked like it was from another time, another era. Beautiful heavy tapestries were strewn everywhere; on beds, used as curtains, on the towel racks. Ever since I can remember, the Queens lined the stairway watching over us as we climbed up to the second floor. They seemed perfectly at home in that stairwell, a symbol of Linda’s love for the monarchy and perfectly fitting into this ornate home. After she passed I was the fortunate recipient of many items that make me think of her on a daily basis: some beautiful jewelry, a globe that has nails in all of the places she has traveled to; and a whole bunch of Queen Elizabeths (and one Victoria for good measure)! One Queen hangs proudly in my office. One hangs in my parents’ house. And I am so excited to hear where the other Queens will hang. Linda would be so proud that they have found new homes. Thank you for taking them.

NO thank you Wendy…. Sending the biggest hugs I can find.

Wendy Ferris Groulx

My Personal Story About Royalty

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Taking Sexy Back with Brothel Bertie aka Edward the VII

Communicating About History with Humour? — Jim Sharp Comments

Tales of the Queen’s Underwear and all those “Accidents”

FACT – The Queen is Not Affiliated with Freddie Mercury
Taking Sexy Back with Brothel Bertie aka Edward the VII
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Communicating About History with Humour? — Jim Sharp Comments

Communicating About History with Humour? — Jim Sharp Comments

“I am not amused!”

Comments From Old Ottawa And Bytown Pics October 2021

Jim Sharp--While we’re talking about Carleton Place families, Bill Findlay and his wife were touring Scotland once and ran into the Queen of England who broke down in her Landrover and apparently was invited for tea afterwards.

David Jeanes-–Hey Jim Sharp I thought from the movie “The Queen” that Queen Elizabeth knew how to fix Landrovers from her work as an army driver during World War II.🙂

Jim Sharp–David Jeanes– Guess she didnt have the right wrench

I have been writing and documenting community history for a very long time with over 6,300 blogs about history. I believe humour is important telling history sometimes, as people seem to remember what is written longer. Everybody knows the tragedy of history, yet, there is no denying that the past is often very funny and yesterday Jim Sharp’s comments on Old Ottawa And Bytown Pics not only made me laugh, but I will never forget the story.

Do we think that serious textual stories are better, more “literary,” whereas maybe something in a lighter fare is for the under educated? If so, then we have a problem. Today’s generations are not interested in facts, and to get them, or a lot of other folks to read about history, it has to be interesting. I don’t know about you but reading traditional text really doesn’t inspire me to want to know more, so I decided to take the ‘vanilla’ out of some history. I mean what would you rather read–

“A faintness came over him, and together with the evacuations his bowels protruded, followed by a copious hemorrhage, and the descent of the smaller intestines: moreover portions of his spleen and liver were brought off in the effusion of blood, so that he almost immediately died.”

Well, maybe that is a terrible example–but today, one of the younger generation would ‘text’ that sentence something like this:

“Hey! That man just %^&* out his internal organs and I will never eat Pigs In A Blanket again”.

What about a local lad who was so popular that the crowd at one of our local Ottawa Valley threw so many various items at him out of adoration that he died of asphyxiation? What will you remember? Pie Winners? I don’t think so. But, interesting tidbits sometimes helps you remember the rest of the story.

Mill of Kintail Road off Highway 28

Of course we all remember Brothel Bertie  (King Edward the VII) who probably exercised his prowess around the local Lanark area, including Ottawa. When he visited in 1860 he might have ended dying from bow chicka wow wow when he had a drink at Bennie’s Corners. Apparently, a certain lady from a local Ramsay farm had caught his eye. I don’t know about you, but reading about those “old community spirits” keeps my interests up and makes me want to know more. Read more here-Taking Sexy Back with Brothel Bertie aka Edward the VII

Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby
All right stop, Collaborate and listen

On the 18th of 1897 Carleton Place was advertising for someone to introduce military drills and exercise in the public schools. For $600 a year the individual they hired was to instill serious discipline into the local school child. It was mentioned that 15 minutes a day plus the occasional ‘polite and necessary’ beating would increase the brain function from all that sitting sideways and slouching forward that a normal child does during the day.

Really? Really?

As Maestro Fresh Wes once said: “Let your backbone slide!”

McKay Street Bakery to the left of me– Peden’s to the right–Here I am stuck in the middle of Bell Street with you. Read-Snippets of Bell Street we Should Not Forget ( photo from Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum)

The Central Canadian newspaper wanted the school system to hire Joseph McKay, son of James McKay, Carleton Place Bell Street baker for the position. He rose in his long militia service here from lieutenant of No. 5 Company in the late 1870’s  to lieutenant colonel of his regiment at the turn of the century. The Rifle Ranges at Carleton Place were constructed during Lieut. Colonel McKay’s command and the newspaper said it would be hard to find a more efficient man for the position. A no nonsense man I believe was quoted in the newspaper.

Black Jack Jonathan Randall- Outlander with a little photoshop

So what else did I remember when I read the newspaper article?

I somehow saw Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Mackay who had risen to Major by that point in time looking something like Black Jack Jonathan Randall from the hit TV show Outlander instructing those Carleton Place children with a snap of his crop.

I don’t think there is a “chance in Inverness” that I will ever forget this story now–nor will you.

Tales of the Queen’s Underwear and all those “Accidents”

Why Am I SOOOOOOO Obsessed with History?

Taking Sexy Back with Brothel Bertie aka Edward the VII

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The Royal Mike Drop…… The Oprah Interview

The Royal Mike Drop…… The Oprah Interview

The Royal Mike Drop…… Linda Knight Seccaspina

Prince Phillip was once quoted “that when a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife”. My very proper British grandmother Mary Louise Deller Knight was never a fan of his, but one thing she definitely was– was a top fan of the British family. So was my Grandfather who listened religiously at noon each day to the BBC News. If anything came on about the Royal family Mary was quickly summoned from her lunch preparations to sit with him listening to details. After that great discussion was had over lunch about what was going on with the Royal family. 

For years I wondered why we had such close knit conversations about the Royal Family and one day, when she felt I was old enough my Grandmother told me. The story stemmed back to my Grandfather’s side living back in London, England. His father was a music publisher and ran British music halls and his Grandfather Henry was a barrister. Henry had a sister that was what Grampy called “worse than Princess Margaret”. 

Louisa was actually a lady in waiting for Queen Victoria and it seemed she was doing more than waiting on hand and foot. In my Grandmother’s terse diction she was said to have “loose skirts”. For years I imagined her wearing baggy skirts until one day while drinking a cuppa tea I figured it all out, and then proceeded to choke with laughter.

Sad to say Louisa was banished from court, but I wish to tell you just in case you are concerned at all that she ended up marrying quite well. Louisa married a Duke of Essex and her descendants down the line owned the trucking company that hauled the milk for the Nestle Pudding Company. It goes to show you that the proof is always in the pudding as there definitely is no instant pudding stories in my ancestry.

After Harry and Meghan’s vs The Royal Family presentation this week I have been wondering to myself what my grandparents would have thought about it. I know that my Grandmother would not have put up with it as— if you were raised in a British family: it’s a stiff upper lip even if they chop your head off. My Grandfather would have taken a quick trip to the basement, and had a drop of sherry totally mortified. He would have looked at my grandmother and said, “Well, they mucked that one up Mary.”

I honestly don’t think they would have understood today’s modern royalty. They also would not have been amused to see their own granddaughter frequently wearing tiaras to the grocery store or for council meetings. A phone call would have been immediate to their granddaughter also writing about the history of  ‘taking sexy back’ with Brothel Bertie. My grandparents had a hard enough time with me liking the Beatles let alone write about King Edward the VII who was secretly called “The Prince of Pleasure”. His royal highness routinely gave his mother Queen Victoria, a royal headache with his frequent trips to the Parisian brothels. They say he literally killed his father when dear old Dad found out what a “luster buster” he was. On May 22, 2012  the Queen’s used underwear sold for over $18,000 on EBay with a shipping price of $59.95. I couldn’t take that story to my grave either could I?

Honestly, there’s nothing to really say except WHEW that my Grandparents were not alive to see this. They would not have looked at it the way I did. I understand it’s tough being a royal, but I could also vision Netflix taking notes for season 10 of The Crown. 

Did someone have to explain to the Queen who Tyler Perry was?

Is the Queen going to be on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk by next Wednesday?

For some out there the tea has most definitely been spilled now and honestly, I hope Meghan plays herself in the final series of The Crown. For all those expecting babies out there a new gender theme that Harry and Meghan unlocked: Oprah Interview!!! Oprah Interview!!! 

God Save the Queen!

Author’s Note: I love to write funny articles but there is a serious side to me too. If you like Meghan, and a lot of others need help- this is no joking matter especially to me. Please call Lanark County Mental Health

Tales of the Queen’s Underwear and all those “Accidents”




The Queen’s drawers were for sale on Ebay and they could be yours for an opening bid of $3,000. The famous late Miami playboy “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, now known for possession of the royal panties, was once famous for allowing scenes from the 1972 Deep Throat to be shot in his Miami mansion.

Sepy, as he was known to his close pals died last June and his estate is now auctioning off the drawers after they were left on a private plane when the Queen dropped in on Chile in 1968. On May 22,2012 they sold for US $18,101.00 with a shipping price of $59.95.

When I was folding my laundry today, I thought about my grandmother, and her complete insanity on the subject of clean underwear. Mary had a daily ritual of asking me about the condition of my underwear in the same breath as the daily weather report.

I would look at her calmly, and just roll my eyes.

“What if you get into an accident?” she would always ask, like world peace depended upon it.

Now, let’s discuss this logically.

Let’s say you do get into an accident, God forbid. Does Nurse Jackie refuse you at Emergency for having skid marks ? Do the gynecologists have a long coffee break to discuss the variety of underpants they have seen all day long?  Do they prefer granny panties or thongs?

Who invented those embroidered Monday to Sunday panties? Did you actually wear the one marked Monday on a Monday? Or did you wear the Monday on a Wednesday and did it really have some deep meaning that we did not know about?  If you did get into that accident and were lying on a hospital table, would someone tell you quietly that you were wearing the wrong day of the week?


At age 6 I got hit by a car while waving to my mother crossing the street, and I can still see the fins on the back of the car today. I woke up on the living room couch with Grampy Crit handing me a Illustrated Classics comic book called  ‘The Story of Jesus.’  My grandfather asked my mother if I was okay.

My mother said,

“I think so, but I am so worried she didn’t have clean underwear on. We don’t want the town to talk you know.”

A Photo Birthday Message for the Queen-April 21 2016


Please play while viewing Photos


A few pictures from last year’s “royal” events in Carleton Place and Almonte.



Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015


Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015– Jennifer Fenwick Irwin



Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015- Display from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


Photo-Carleton Place Town Hall-2015



 Almonte Lions Club June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor


 Almonte Lions Club  June 13, 2015-Fairview Manor



Photo-Linda at the Blossom Shop with her hat creation-2015




Have Hat Will Travel — Carleton Place Royal Tea — September 9th

Searching for the Queen in Carleton Place and San Diego — A Photo Album

Electrical Plugs — Hats– and Impressive Men – Putting on the Ritz in Almonte



Searching for the Queen in Carleton Place and San Diego — A Photo Album


Please play while viewing.


On Wednesday, Sept 9th all around the world her Majesty’s loyal subjects were celebrating her longevity.


Some princesses stayed home, rode their Frozen car (princesses after all) and made pancakes.


Some counted their toys to share with the Queen if she passed by.


From the east coast to the west coast tea was being served. At Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe & Afternoon Tea in San Diego, Ca. Barb and Susan enjoyed the day.



The Queen never stopped by to greet them but the ladies did bring home souvenirs to remember their day.


Meanwhile in Canada eh?

After some of us had perfected the royal wave we sat in The Blossom Shop window in Carleton Place waiting for the possibility of her majesty dropping in. Well, that didn’t happen so we sniffed the roses Yvonne had put out for the day to celebrate.





After a no show from her majesty we were off to our Carleton Place town hall to celebrate.



The stage was set…


Everything was ready… The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum had set up a lovely display.


Laurie approved.


Dignitaries had arrived..


Where there’s tea there’s hope…. and hats!



They took pictures…


They had outfits fit for the Queen..



A cup of tea makes everything better…


A cup of tea solves everything– so does that sparkling silver set.


You want how many lumps in your tea?


Cupcakes by Shanon Michie McDonald– was there any doubt?



But had the Queen been afoot they pondered?


Ralph Langtry had not seen her..


Neither had Jennie Juniper and escort…


So they discussed…


And discussed if she had dropped in. NO one had seen her- but there was some sort of clue she might have.


You see- it appeared some of the crown jewels had been left behind. Okay maybe not– but each and every one of you ladies everywhere that day were a Queen. After all, if we can’t  be the real Queen, we can always be dancing queens.

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, digging the Dancing Queen

For Erin

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My Journey to Become the Future Queen Mum of England


This is a repost from  April 25, 2011 in honour of Wednesday.

A long time ago when our beloved Princess Diana was going to get married she had to take etiquette lessons from the late Queen Mum. Now that “Mum” has passed who is going to steer young “Waity Katy” in the right royal direction?

I figure as a fellow commoner I might be the one to take over the job. Yesterday I immediately sent my resume to the Royal Palace asking them for the position.

Dear Elizabeth and Phillip,

I understand that your grandson William is about to be married and you might need a bit of help. I believe I am quite qualified to take over the job of the late Queen Mum. Below, are my qualifications which I hope you find satisfactory.


My son Schuyleur looks a little like your grandson so I can bring him along to act as a double for William. He is the same height and weight, and has the gift of gab like his mother. As you can see from the picture, he comes complete with Carleton Place’s finest in bodyguards. That is a 2 for 1 special in itself!


Elizabeth, of course you will remember this dress that was worn by the late Michelle Cadieux. She wore this 40 pound dress that I designed to meet you a few years ago. I understand Kate has her own personal couturier and royal dresser, but please keep in mind I used to design the best of “Queen of Brothel Bertie”  fashions.


I know that for you to even consider me for this job I must have some experience with the Royal Court.  I present to you the above photo for admission of proof. This figurine was given to me by my late grandmother Mary Louise Deller Knight. It was originally passed on by my great great grandmother Louisa Knight. She worked in your very same court as a lady in waiting for Queen Victoria. What a small world! This was given to her by Vicky herself.

Sad to say Louisa was banished from court because she had what they called “loose skirts”. I wish to tell you just in case you are concerned that she ended up marrying quite well. Louisa married the Duke of Essex and her descendants down the line owned the trucking company that hauled the milk for the Nestle Company. How wonderful that the whole family ended up in the pudding business.


I submit for your satisfaction a picture of me taken yesterday in royal clothing. Notice how well the crown is made from items from the dollar store. Bodyguards would not be necessary as I have been told I have quite the ‘gift of gab” that scares people off!

In closing I would like to thank you for your consideration of my offer and in signing off – I salute you with the royal wave.


Very truly yours,

Linda Seccaspina


Sister blog–

FACT – The Queen is Not Affiliated with Freddie Mercury

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FACT – The Queen is Not Affiliated with Freddie Mercury



When I was a child we had to sing God Save the Queen each and every day at school. When we sang the words: “Long live our Noble Queen”, I always thought it meant she would live a long long time–and she did.

Between Queens Elizabeth and Victoria, one looms larger than the rest — longevity. On Sept. 9, the current Queen will succeed Victoria as the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch after 63 years and 218 days on the throne. The years 1837-1901 brought epic changes to the world, possibly more than any other era in history–so will Elizabeth’s name come to define her era?  I honestly thought she would have retired years ago. Was she worried her son, Prince Charles, would inherit it? Did this thought alone keep her awake at night? Chuck will do just fine, and she knows it. But if you have zero understanding of her and her background, retiring or abdicating is something she would ever do.

Some protest that royalty is irrelevant in today’s world, outdated, and anti-democratic. Celebrating the Queen’s reign might mean nothing unless Donald Trump was involved with it in the United States. In all honesty, I admire this woman for her character and resilience. During WW2 she and her mother stayed with their people. Through all the turbulent years she has remained steadfast in her duty.

No matter how you look at it, Queen Elizabeth is the last of true quality in probably the entire world. She has maintained a dignity and class that has fallen by the wayside among royalty around the world. This has taken great strength of character that few are capable of. For that alone, she deserves to be recognized, respected and admired. After this event will she step down like her parents did and turn over the keys to someone else? I’m sure it will be a heck of a fight, BUT she will retire when she and only she decides.

unnamed (3)

On Wednesday I will be at the town hall of Carleton Place at 12pm celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s endurance. Long may she reign. If anything, this is a woman who has never missed a day of work. Hopefully this Wednesday she’ll do some ornate touchdown dance and as today’s youth say: “let her backbone slide” .

God save the Queen!



My Journey to Become the Future Queen Mum of England

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Have Hat Will Travel — Carleton Place Royal Tea — September 9th



On September 9th, there is a tea in our local Town Hall put on by the town of Carleton Place. It is to celebrate the day her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, becomes the longest reigning Sovereign of Canada.  Seeing I don’t receive mail from Buckingham Palace I was naturally intrigued when I saw the event posted.  Getting an invite to Buckingham Palace isn’t easy, so the Carleton Place town hall it is!

There was no information on dress code, suits, day dresses and hats, uniforms, and I took this to NOT to dig up my old Girl Guide uniform. Not that my left foot could get into it! Dressed in our finest clothes and looking our best, should we travel by foot, or those horse drawn carriages they rent out in Almonte? Like most guests I’ve never had tea with the Queen, but I did catch a fleeting glimpse once of Prince Andrew, or was it Edward, at an RCMP event many moons ago.

download (46)

I am curious as to whether the guests are all vetted before the event because the town of Carleton Place doesn’t want any undesirables, or out-spoken anti-anything, wandering around spreading sedition. That might put a cog in my wheel! For a lady guest, I would suggest wearing a nice dress, but make sure this covers up any unsightly tattoos, I don’t think that the towns officials would care for snarling skull body art.  A hat is a good idea, maybe a fascinator, or something that won’t fall off. Losing a hat, as I have done on several  occasions, might be undignified to some. Speaking of undignified I have constructed my own hat in homage to milliner Philip Treacy, and oh yes, to that Princess Beatrice– one of those crazy royal hat wearers.


Well her hat did get its own Facebook page.:) But it was fun having a reason to make yet another hat.




I thought the paper towel holder made a good hat rest while working on it. It was better than the can opener!


The finished product, give or take a few rhinestones falling off here and there. Yes, those would be Christmas decorations I used. I bought them from the nice ladies at the Calvary Church when they had their garage sale last week. You can do all sorts of things with Martha Stewart products.


See you September 9th at the Carleton Place town hall! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
unnamed (3)

Just heard from Diane and the dress is casual

Hi Linda,

Thank you for posting the invitation to the Tea. Regarding the dress code, it is definitely casual.
Hope to see you at the event.
Dianne Saunders
President IODE Captain Hooper Chapter
Carleton Place

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