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Slinky Pyjamas 1936 Lovebird Colours

Slinky Pyjamas 1936 Lovebird Colours
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
12 Aug 1936, Wed  •  Page 19
Daily News from New York, New York on May 14, 1936 · 199
Daily News from New York, New York on May 20, 1936 · 137
1936 Illustration of ladies’ nightwear from page 52 of J E York autumn/winter catalogue of 1935 – 1936, featuring beautiful and elegant nightgowns in paste…

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Pyjamas in Public- Should We Put Sweatpants on and Meet Society Halfway?

Pyjamas in Public- Should We Put Sweatpants on and Meet Society Halfway?

It was your second day of working from home at the beginning of the COVID 19 quarantine and things began to deteriorate quickly.  Instead of the prepared mental schedule, you spent many hours snacking and watching Netflix. Pyjama bottoms became your best friend as they go with everything. All that time you saved not having to change between sleeping and work was amazing.

COVID change came to the workforce and your home looked like a call centre when you had Zoom meetings. The dress code quickly turned into comfort first, pants optional. Did you ever think you could get away with wearing PJs on Zoom, having a dog on your lap, or maybe a glass of wine at 2:30 p.m.? 

So then we pushed the dress code a little farther. We began to wear PJs at Walmart before the 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. decency cutoff and drive-thrus became a good idea. No longer did you have to have a small child with you to have a green light to wear lounge pants. 

Some folks got miffed and began commenting that wearing PJS in public meant you were too lazy to get dressed,  or just not a classy thing to do. We begin to wonder why we had to look good for the neighbours. Can’t we just wear what is comfortable without comments from the peanut gallery?

The answer is: do not go there. There is no question in a lot of folks’ minds that it is not an okay look, even if everyone else is doing it. Really in the discussion of public loungewear there are only two teams: those who do not have to be told twice to wear PJs outside, and those horrified by people even considering it. I say to the last group: we see you hesitating, but fear you might be missing out. Trust me it’s been wonderful!

Actually during this COVID 19 shutdown it’s been way too easy to overeat and wear comfy clothing. Stress snacking, lack of a gym, and being cooped up at home is making everyone pile on some weight. Gaining the COVID ’19’ is real– and resisting the urge to eat every 15 minutes is hard under quarantine. The problem is the overeating  has kept us wearing stretchy knit clothes. You’ve gained the weight and keep wearing the big comfy pants with an adjustable elastic or drawstring waist. A lot of us got caught in this spiral, and it’s an upward one.

Still, the whole dressing up thing should not be taken to extremes, where people are judged only by what they wear. I really don’t think that the majority of people shopping in pyjamas are sufferers from extreme tactile over sensitivity linked to sensory integration disorder. It’s just being comfortable in a challenging time. I know this is crazy but—we could just mind our own business and let the style pass. Like socks and sandals or the mullet. Now those are dangerous words to utter twice and we won’t even go there.