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Will This Carleton Place Delivery Make it through US Customs?



Who are these people and what are they doing?

It is called “the gathering” and “paying homage” to our selected pumpkin, sponsored by the Sister City Committee. That pumpkin is off to Franklin, Tenn. for their Pumpkin Festival on Saturday.

Jamie Law, the guy on the pumpkin, from Law & Orders restaurant in Innisville, is driving it down to the “Sounds Good to Me” state which takes approximately 20 hours.

Jeff Maguire is the Chair of the Sister City Committee, and Ralph Shaw is in charge of processing the gourde and organizing the project.

Ralph “looks after” the gourde? That is a heck of a responsibility! What if that gourd had gotten out of control and looked something like this? That pumpkin face is nothing we could be proud of to take to Franklin.


What about US Customs and the fruits and vegetables rule? You don’t full around with those lads. Will it make it through?

Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants

Depending on the country of origin, some fruits, vegetables, and plants may be brought into the United States without advance permission, provided they are declared, inspected, and found free of pests.

Could Jamie look something like this attempting to hide it across the border?


I think we don’t have to worry about, and the powers to be smoothed it all over before hand. Charlie Brown and his pumpkin have nothing on Carleton Place! 

Congratulations everyone!

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