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There’s Something About Mary RBC

There’s Something About Mary RBC


Photo- Tom Edwards- given to his Mother

Thanks to Tom Edwards once again

Onto the Global Stage: The 1960s and the End of Parochialism



Photo- Tom Edwards

Royal Bank staff outside the RBC building.. His mother is second to left




If Mary uses Chargex, it must be fine…


Royal Bank used their ‘girl-next-door’ advertising persona “Mary” to promote Chargex, a subtle reassurance to consumers wondering whether this new way of managing money was for them. “Mary” of the Royal Bank was a successful advertising strategy that linked bank services to a personality. She was featured in print, radio and television advertisements from 1968 to 1976.




Bill and Robert Brown in the RBC parking lot that used to be the address of 94 Beckwith st– Photo Bill Brown


Norma Ford Back L-R – Marina Napier Quinn, Rena Hastie, Laurie Kirkpatrick McCabe, Audrey Marshall, June Hall McEwen, Ellen Neron, Norma Ford, Janet McLaughlin, Judy Fisher. Front L-R – Phyllis Donnelly and Ilene Edwards. Photo- Tom Edwards


Photos from the Canadian and Gazette files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum-Recognize anyone?

Norma Ford- Yes, St. Andrews Church basement. The CP Hospital ladies put on a luncheon every year, always well attended and fantastic food. There were usually two seatings, (12 and 1 pm) all the staff at RBC attended every year. Miss those great meals. Usually roast beef and that gravy – wow.


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)




Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series– Volume 7 –Scotia Bank to the New York Cafe

Bob Mossing in middle, Manager of Royal Bank in the 70’s probably at St Andrew’s Church basement for the CP Hospital luncheon.

Can Anyone in Carleton Place Hear Me?


NOTE: The opinions expressed below are solely of the author. No entity, including the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum or its staff, knew I was going to write this post today.



This morning I think I almost threw in the damn towel. Yes, it has come to swearing now as I am up to here with frustration.  I am going to repeat what I have been saying for months: ALL groups promoting Carleton Place should be on the same page. I am not going to mention names– I don’t like doing that. I just want this town to progress and work together, and there just seems to be too many chiefs, and not enough pot washers these days.

I have put on local events throughout the years and got very little help from anyone that promotes the town. In most cases I have done it myself. In fact, last year I went through hell trying to put on a successful event that brought a lot of people to Carleton Place. Would I ever put on another event? Not in my lifetime! It almost seems that people here don’t want anything to succeed.

This weekend we have a large event at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. For you fashionistas it’s the second annual Vintage Clothing Sale. I have tried hard to help promote the event and have gotten more promotional help from Ottawa and other parts of Lanark County than I have from the town of Carleton Place. Now that is a damn (there is that word again) shame!

Just to state the facts: there were as of this morning: over 3o5 people that have RSVP’d to attend and over 1,000 people interested. I don’t care if it is not a ‘downtown event’ and maybe it falls into another category or group to be publicized. People, it is barely three blocks away from Bridge Street.  Do I care, if you as other groups don’t feel you should bother? I sure do!

The issue is: you have to drive down Bridge Street to get to “said event”, thus passing by local downtown businesses. You have to drive over the Mississippi River so you can “meet whomever you want on the Mississippi” as they say here. What is it that people do not understand here? Seems logical to me, that one hand should hold the other to make this town great!

Should we have a common resource manual? Am I missing something? Am I wrong?

Do I sometimes get to the point of frustration that I suddenly become silent?

Unfortunately, for the population of Carleton Place the answer is “no”. Not until my ashes finally hit the Alan Barker Funeral Home will you have any rest.



Invest in Wearable Art at the Carleton Place Museum Vintage Clothing Sale-Photos!!

and while I am at it Please go see the Mudds new event

It’s Tough To Be A Pirate–by Mark Piper