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Know Your ADHS Principals –Benjamin A. Upshall -1926– Human Smuggler

Know Your ADHS Principals –Benjamin A. Upshall -1926– Human Smuggler

Benjamin A. Upshall, Canadian aviator during the Great War, former principal of Almonte High School and at present assistant principal of Trenton High School, was held at Niagara Falls, N.Y. on Wednesday by immigration officials for arraignment on a charge of smuggling aliens from Canada into the United States.

Upshall is alleged to have been operating since early in 1925. He was arrested at the lower bridge when he is said to have tried to enter Andrew Mccay and John Carney, both natives of Ireland. Upshall is reported to have received from $25 to $150 a head from the aliens.

Immigration officials are tracing eight men he is said to have taken into the United States illegally. Upshall is alleged to have driven the men from Trenton in his automobile and to have represented them as natives of Canada or friends of his on pleasure trips when he took them through Niagara Falls. Upshall was principal of Almonte High School about six years ago. He was not re-engaged at the end of his first year which was 1919.

Almonte Gazette- 1926, July 1

August 1919 Almonte Gazette
October 1919 Almonte Gazette

Name:Benjiman Wpshall
[Benjamin Upshall
[Benjiman Upshall
Marital status:Married
Race or Tribe:English
Birth Date:Sep 1884
Birth Place:Ontario
Census Year:1911
Relation to Head of House:Head
Dwelling No.:82
District:Middlesex West
District Number:97
Sub-District:34 – Ward 3
Sub-District Number:34
Place of Habitation:Colborne St
Occupation:Odd Teacher
Works at:Coll Instituteur
Weeks Employed:48
Life Insurance:1000
Insurance Cost:10.00
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:Yes
Family Number:83
Neighbors:View others on page

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Memories of Marian McVeigh Lanark

Memories of Marian McVeigh Lanark
Lorna Deachman said: That lady is Marion Mcveigh, she taught in Lanark for many a years also was the principal out there.Passed away a few years ago.

Kathy DevlinMarion was sister-in-law to Bob Menzies, who passed away this week. Lovely lady

Janice TaylorMrs. McVeigh was my Grade 7 teacher at school in Lanark. She was the best, she ran a strict classroombut also ensured every student felt valued. She could motivate students to want to learn. Loved her!

Keitha PriceMarion taught my Mom and then taught me in grade 8! She was a wonderful teacher!!!!

Donna WhyteShe taught me also I just loved her

James PaulMarion was the best!

Anne MacWhirterMrs. Mcveigh taught a combined grade 7/8 in lanark. She was very strict, but in a kind way. Every class following lunch, she’d read aloud from some of the best authors. Dickens, for instance.She taught positive, comparative and superlative using : ILL, SICK AND DEAD. I’ll never forget that. I can see it written on the blackboard. I believe she lived to be 100 or almost.

John PresleyI had her for teacher

Lynda StinsonMarion (Mrs McVeigh) was my teacher in grade 7&8.

Dwayne DobbieGreat teacher

Maxine Topping James Paul agreed.

Norma SweeneyShe taught me in grade 8 and was an incredible teacher 😊

Sandi SchonauerWonderful teacher

Anne LabelleLoved her she was my teacher and my dad’s wonderful lady

Diana RichardsonShe taught me also and I’m 63 today

Cathy Barr BrunetteShe was my favorite !

Karen HicksShe was a wonderful teacher, glad I was in her class!!

Karen LeachYes, Marion was a great teacher. She was also very kind.

Debbie NorthYes l remember Marion

Dianne WhiteCathy Steele Les said she retired when he went into grade 8. Did she come back and teach again at Maple Grove? His dad and Gord both had her.

Dianne WhiteKaren Hicks Les says that she must have came back because she was not their while he went to Maple Grove. He was not at Maple Grove long because he went into high school in the fall of 1970.

Cathy SteeleYes , she was principal at Maple Grove , I am wrong , she taught Dad but not me , principal, memory not like it use to be , I remember she was a wonderful person

Karen HicksCheryl Mcgonegal She was principal when we moved to Maple Grove in January of 1970. I believe Mr. McNaughton became principal in September of 1970 and Marion taught Math to the 7 & 8’s. I left for grade 9 in September of 1972 I don’t know if she continued teaching can’t remember.

after the fire-The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
16 Jun 1959, Tue  •  Page 7
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
18 Feb 1957, Mon  •  Page 9
Name:Mrs Marion McVeigh
Residence Date:1963
Residence Place:Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Street Address:Wilson W
Electoral District:Lanark
Reference Number:M-5094
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
21 Sep 2013, Sat  •  Page 53
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
21 Sep 2013, Sat  •  Page 53
Wanda LabelleLanark Village Community Group
March 21, 2020  · 
Eric is wondering how many people can you name from this 1959 Lanark Public school picture
Lanark Village, Ontario :
Public School, Grade One, 1946.

Teacher was Miss Shillington (not shown).
Back Row, L to R: Mary Graham, Margie Somerville, Patsy Campbell, Ruth Somerville, Ruthie Drysdale, Evie Gibson, Margaret Matthie, Sandra Bouchette.
Middle Row, L to R: Donna Christie, Victor Greer, Bev Liddle, John Storie, Lewis Blackburn, Marie Brady.
Front Row, L to R: Billy Ballentyne, Ron Jones, Bill Darou, Harold Reid.

Photo from Ruth Duncan