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Prince Dead at 57 –Game of Thrones Year for the Arts


Sometime it snows in April, and today in Minneapolis it is actually raining with just cause. Today, iconic music legend Prince died at the age of 57. The award-winning artist died on Thursday morning at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota. Earlier this week, the performer was treated for the flu after his plane made an emergency landing. Media speculation is the singer might have had HIV, but I am not even going to go there.

This has been a hard year. It’s one thing when those dying are older than me, but now it seems like the soundtrack of my life is fading out. In 1985, 8 months pregnant with my oldest son Schuyleur, I was in a Toronto mosh pit dancing to a terrific, fearless performer, called Prince unafraid to go over the top.

One of the most prolific and creative artists and musician of our time has died today. A innovator who only comes rarely and sparingly. May he rest in peace, and the music never die. Another legendary rocker is on his way to heaven– and its occupants better watch out, cause this one will keep on playing and partying like its 1999.

Doves all over the world are in mourning, and the world cries along with them.


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Prince’s prodigy Vanity also died this year in February of 2016 at the age of 57