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Documenting 72 Prince Street Carleton Place

Documenting 72 Prince Street Carleton Place
Charming single family home built in the 1890’s welcomes you with its wrap around front porch. Inside you find many original features including pine floors, wood trim and high ceiling

Diane JohnsonOur family lived there from about 1966 to 1990. My sister may have some photos of the house. The Johnson family, Jack and Marge, and Lynne, Diane, and Ross.

Sue JohnstonDiane Johnson i remember this house..many fond memories ๐Ÿ‘

Stephen GilesMarcia McKay what years did your family live here?

Marcia McKayLet’s see….We lived on Mary Street and then would have moved to Prince Street in the late ’50s, and my brother was born in ’63, so it was the mid ’60s when we moved back to Ottawa. There are some large trees missing, and there was a storage/play area under the whole porch – a nail sticking out of the door nearly cost me an eye. McIsaacs lived across the street, and George McDonald and family were next door, so it was a safe neighbourhood!!

Diane JohnsonMarcia McKay We must have been right after you. The McIsaacs lived across the street and the Purdys lived next door.

Stephen GilesDiane Johnson you were.

Marcia McKayI used to love sitting on the vent in the livingroom and reading.

Marcia McKayMy brother was about 3 and stayed amused pounding nails into the veranda – my Dad would pull the nails out so he could do it all again. No, he’s a computer wizard, not a carpenter!!

Deanna FenwickWe bought the house in 1987 and sold it in 2020 – Graeme and Deanna Fenwick.

Prince Street Photos

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum
May 23, 2017  ยท 

Howard Morphy, his wife Kate and three children pose for us in this photo.They lived on Prince Street in Carleton Place.
Howard Morphy married Christena MacPherson in 1914, and had one daughter, Margaret Joan, b.1927. Christena died in 1929 and Howard later married Katie McPhail (1893-1981).
Howard died in 1956.

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