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The Middleville Chair that Ended up Rocking John F. Kennedy President of the United States

The Middleville Chair that Ended up Rocking John F. Kennedy President of the United States

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  14 May 1963, Tue,  Page 2

The health benefits of rocking were introduced to the American public when President John F. Kennedy was prescribed time in a rocking chair by his physician in 1955 to help relieve his chronic back pain. The President found his rocker to be so beneficial that it accompanied him on Air Force One and around the world. Kennedy also bought rockers for Camp David and the family estate, and was even known to give the chairs as gifts to friends and heads of state.

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Stock photo– not the Middleville chair.

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  23 Jun 1979, Sat,  Page 23

The Kennedy Rocking Chair . . . you will recall, some weeks back, I recounted the tale about the famous rocking chair the late president used in the Oval Office in Washington actually originated from the Ottawa Valley. Well, here’s an update. It appears Blake McKend-ry, the well-known former dealer in Ottawa and later the Perth area, was commissioned by the Canadian government to find a suitable gift for the president. Of course, Kennedy’s back problems were well publicized, as was his love for rocking chairs, and it was decided such an example would be ideal. Clayton Hands, the auctioneer, tells me the chair was purchased 20 years ago, in Lanark, by Blake McKendry, at the Bill Langstaff estate auction for $65. The chair must have been a gem to bring a price that high that long ago.


The Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

20 Jun 1980, Fri  •  Page 15

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