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Scum on the Water —- Carleton Place 1958

Scum on the Water —- Carleton Place 1958

Sept 1958

With the intense heat and the dirty hot water in the river it is probably a good thing that supervision at the bathing beach ceased some time ago, and that attendance at school will discourage children from swimming in that part of the river. An item in last week’s Carleton Place Canadian stated that there was a scum on the water there which made parents forbid their children to bathe in it. If the water is that way there it will be the same here. While the cause of polio is obscure there is a general belief “which may or may not have any foundation that it dan be induced by dirty water.

There may be nothing in this but certainly it is not healthy to swim in water that is lukewarm and smells of weeds and other vegetable matter. When the river level is high the fact that it is not too deep, at the bathing beach is an advantage but when it drops and there is a heat wave it makes swimming there less desirable. The river above the main bridge looks very dirty at presentwith weeds showing up and little “islands “which are submerged at high water level to be seen.

Most people would not care to eat fish out of the river now that the heat wave has lasted so long. It would be strange if they did not have worms and any who do go for them should skin them and cook them well. Even water in the lakes has become warm and the weeds are showing up everywhere. One thing this has done is make it less difficult for people who like summer resorts to break away from them and return to their homes.

Dan Williams

Seems to me that closing beaches on the Mississippi at times has been a thing as long as I can remember. Especially after a heavy rain. I’m 73 now and I spent every sunny summer day at the beach in CP when I was a kid. Still go for a dip now and again.

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Do You Care About Our Local Water? Very Important… Please Share

Do You Care About Our Local Water? Very Important… Please Share



This is an email I got from a concerned citizen and please take the time to read Jim McCready’s letter he wrote the council about this issue below. 100 year floods are no longer 100 year floods.

Please share this.


Dear Linda,

As you are aware final approval for the Bodner subdivision is on this week’s agenda.  In a last ditch effort I am in hopes that our Carleton Place residents will contact our  members of council in an attempt they reconsider their vote.

As a concerned citizen of Carleton Place please read below to ensure you understand the impact of what will happen if the Bodnar subdivision / Roy Brown Park reaches final approval at the council meeting this Tuesday February 13th.

If you have concerns as to why council has approved the storm water pond to be located in Roy Brown Park please make your thoughts/views and queries known to your elected representatives via personal email, as well please share this post. There is still time for this to  be reversed. It is very easy to see the direct benefits to the developer but not to our community.

Why is  the  developer’s storm water pond if approved to reside on our public property (Roy Brown Park)? Why are we willing to give away our parkland? Allowing the storm water pond to be housed on town owned property combined with the no green space / park land  agreement between the town and developer allows the developer to maintain an additional 6 acres of property to use to his advantage/benefit. The most important issue is who and how will the health and safety of our drinking water be protected ? Who and how will guarantee the preservation of this town’s most valuable asset our riverfront?

Let’s not just do what we can here, let’s do what we must to maintain a safe, healthy and happy community.

Thank you.



Again, If you have concerns as to why council has approved the storm water pond to be located in Roy Brown Park please make your thoughts/views and queries known to your elected representatives via personal email, as well please share this post. There is still time for this to  be reversed. It is very easy to see the direct benefits to the developer but not to our community.


Mayor: Louis Antonakos

Deputy Mayor: Jerry Flynn

Councillor: Doug Black

Councillor: Brian Doucett

Councillor: Theresa Fritz

Councillor: Sean Redmond

Councillor: Ross Trimble


Jim McCready R.P.F. June 20, 2016


To: Town Council


Subject: Development Permit Application Sub4-01-2016 (Bodnar Lands)


The Carleton Place Urban Forest /River Corridor Advisory Committee has reviewed the above Application and as a Committee of Council have the following comments.


It has always been understood that enhanced storm water management ponds must be installed when development of the Bodnar properties was undertaken to protect the town’s water supply and the intake down stream from these sites. It is imperative to protect the town’s water supply now and for generations to come.


The current Conceptual Proposal to Council has the Storm Water Management Pond (SWMP) extremely close to the river, which the committee is recommending rejecting for the following reasons:


1.    The original Conceptual Plan for Roy Brown Park put forth by MVCA and the Town had the storm water management pond well back from the river and on the developer’s property, which the committee supported at that time in 2014 and still does today.  Map 1 with the addition of the proposed SWMP in red


2.    As it stands now the SWMP would be in or very close to IPZ9 and would be governed by the prescribed instrument as follows.” Storm Water Management Planning and Design Manual MOE 2003. In IPZ 9 to8, the risks posed by storm water management facilities are to be managed through the Environmental Compliance Approval process under the Ontario Water Resources Act.” Municipal public works staff consulted as part of the policy development favoured including the recommendation that future storm water management facilities be built to Enhance Level Protection Standards. As stated by the committee Enhanced Standards would include well back from the river.


3.    The present location on the conceptual plan leaves very little room to adjust to a catastrophic failure affecting the Town’s drinking water. As part of an enhanced SWMP a location further back in the park laid out in the original plan for Roy Brown Park with an outlet through the wetland, as a buffer, would give greater protection to the town’s water supply. Map 1


4.    The flood plan line is extremely close to where the proposed SWMP is to go. This is extremely close if a catastrophe were to happen or if guidelines were to change in the future due to climate change or other factors such as extreme storms such as we have been experiencing in the last number of years. Map 1 & Map2





5.    The committee is of the opinion that it is premature to propose one large SWMP for all possible development in and/ or adjacent to Roy Brown Park when no such plans have been prepared and storm water needs have not been determined. The committee suggests pursuing the idea of two separate SWMP options: One for the residential developer on their land as previously laid out; one for the commercial property yet to be decided; and possibly  one on public lands depending on how the property is developed. This will give you options if one SWMP should fail.


6.    We have not had good experiences with SWMP close to the River. The Mississippi Quays SWMP is a case in point. We should not be putting the town’s drinking water in jeopardy in such situations.



We are prepared to discuss this with you at your convenience.


 Jim McCready R.P.F.



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