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Who Caught the Big Shark in Carleton Place?


“It was the third week of June in 1898, and every single day for a week the townsfolk gathered on the Carleton Place bridge overlooking the Mississippi, to catch a glimpse of something big in the water. Some said a shark had migrated into the Mississippi, but no one could say how a shark could possibly do that. Each day the crowds assembled on the bridge to watch the movements of an extremely large fish that seemed to taunt all those that tried to capture it”.


In July I wrote a story about a mysterious fish that swam under the Central Bridge every day and yesterday I found the story of who caught it.

Joe Girouard trundled a twenty seven pike on a wheelbarrow down Bridge Street the day he caught the mysterious fish that had swam for weeks on a daily basis under the Central Bridge in Carleton Place. He had a picture taken holding the fish in the same pose as the picture on the bottles of Scott’s Emulsion. We believe that people were so in awe of his catch that Joe’s picture appeared on a Carleton Place Canoe Club regatta program on that of “Old Home Week”.


Historical Fact


Even the most steadfast proponents of cod-liver oil, such as de Jongh and Bennett, admitted that the highly disagreeable taste and smell presented a significant hurdle to its use. In 1873 Alfred B. Scott came to New York City and, along with partner Samuel W. Bowne, began experimenting to produce a less nauseating preparation of cod-liver oil. Three years later they established the firm of Scott and Bowne, and began marketing their product as Scott’s Emulsion. It is still sold today.