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Sending You Love Light and Laughter for the Season

Sending You Love Light and Laughter for the Season

Memories of 2013 Lake Ave East– “music was added this year and there are 10 songs and about 10,000 flashing lights and over 60 extension cords. Thanks Perry– you did a great job!”


I have always thought to myself that if your home has the most Christmas decorations, you better be giving out full-size chocolate bars on Halloween. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas lights, but I can’t seem to find any reference in any holy books about a house covered with millions of lights like Christmas Vacation. But, maybe there is just something that I am missing.




Years ago when my late husband Angelo decorated our home on Lake Ave East for Christmas I learned to live with it. Why does one have to learn to live with it? Well in the Seccaspina household we take Christmas lighting seriously, and when you put up  Christmas decorations in our family it came in stages. Each stage was as important as the next.



Perry 2016– and so it began and like his Father things seemed to multiply.


There was the stage where I sat in the car with the motor running in October while we loaded up the trunk like there was a heck of a sale at IKEA.  Then there was the Pre Christmas Light sales and After Christmas Light sales, and believe you me, our family never missed a one.

They say that the prettier the Christmas lights on the outside, the more dysfunctional the family on the inside. I hereby apologize to anyone that was looking for an extension chord in our area weeks before Christmas. I apologize again that you had to buy the love of your children with one inflatable Christmas lawn decoration at a time because of the lack of extension chords.



Christmas Light season 2013 at the Seccaspina house on Lake Ave


When it was about midway November I began to think that the neighbours who left their Christmas lights up all year were geniuses. The Christmas lights had begun the tradition of being strung out in the foyer like snakes. All these light strings in Rubbermaid containers were detangled with love and then detangled again and then finally plugged in.

I would just shake my head as I watched Angelo get upset when a strand of Christmas lights didn’t work. Sometimes I’d see him accidentally ball a string back up and toss it in the same container so it could get him mad again the next year. I never questioned him during Christmas light season, and I always thought a box of Christmas lights should come complete with coupons for couple counselling.

It was amazing to me that a computer the size of a city block could fit in your pocket yet a whole strand of Christmas lights still goes dark when one lonely bulb burns out. What’s up with that?



15 Dec 2012 Seccaspina House on Lake Ave

I am also here to dispel the myth that Christmas lights use up a lot of power. I was told by Ange years ago that your toaster used more power in a single use than Christmas lights would running all night long. This is the beautiful thing about modern LED technology, or so they say.

The main difference between men and women is that women can remember the backstory for every Christmas decoration, and I will remember Christmas Light decorating season on Lake Ave for the rest of my life.  Maybe one year it might happen again.




Which brings us to 2019.

Since Angelo passed away in February of 2014 youngest son Perry has taken over the challenge. Actually he did the last year 2013 that we had lights on our Lake Ave home as Angelo was very sick. I am proud to say that Perry carries on his Dad’s love for Christmas–just not in this yard anymore, but at his own home. This year his Christmas Legacy of Lights has almost 40,000 LED lights and his creativity on this Christmas light masterpiece will boggle your mind. I marvel as a mother would how he has not fallen off the roof, but he has told me he has that mastered. I still worry.

So please come see Sophia’s Light Show once again this year because every moment is brought to you by love. Love for a father that is greatly missed but the tradition is carried on. Thank you Perry!

Thanks go to Brian Turner from Hometown News for writing about Perry in this latest issue.



The tradition begins once again this year- Sophia’s Animated Christmas Light Show Sunday December 16th at 6. The light show of over 33,000 lights will be on EVERY night from 6-9. Don’t forget to tune into 88.3 Griswold FM.

Please feel free to share and spread the word!!

267 Stonewood drive, just off 9th line in Carleton Place.


Merry Christmas ❤️




Perrys 2015


Perrys 2016

The Story Behind the Christmas Lights on Stonewood Drive

In Memory of The Man Who Loved Christmas

The Story Behind the Christmas Lights on Stonewood Drive

The Story Behind the Christmas Lights on Stonewood Drive


Please note that my sons light show runs every year.https://lindaseccaspina.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/remembering-the-christmas-star/. check out this link

Many years ago our home on Lake Ave. East in Carleton Place was abuzz with Christmas lights. My late husband Angelo spared no expense to ‘entertain the neighbours’ during the festive season. Every year was a new plan, new lights, and my youngest son Perry was always by his side through snow, sleet, and bitter cold.


In February of 2014, Angelo died of colon cancer, and when December of the same year  rolled around Perry decided to keep up his Father’s tradition at his own home off the 9th line in Beckwith. They called it Sophia’s Animated Christmas Light Show named after their 3 year-old daughter Sophia who was born 6 months after Angelo died.


I guess I never understood why my family seemed to own half of the Carleton Place Canadian Tire and Home Depot Christmas light section when Angelo was alive, but when I saw that Perry used over 33,000 Christmas LED lights in his display this year I stopped getting “my tinsel in a tangle” and wished Perry’s Father could see how far our youngest son has progressed in becoming a Christmas Lighting Wizard. So, when you see the light display this year just off the 9th line, now you know the rest of the story– that it just isn’t another Christmas light show– it is a son’s love for his father reflected in each Christmas light.

Sophia’s Animated Christmas Light Show –267 Stonewood Drive, Carleton Place every night from 6-9pm (off the Beckwith 9th line)– It’s off Country Lane estates drive,,. there is no light so drive slowly and go right to the end of the road. You can’t miss it

33,000 Lights– The moment we’ve all been waiting for. . . . Sophia’s Animated Christmas Light Show will debut tonight ( Saturday December 9th ) at 6pm. The light show will be on EVERY night from 6-9. This year we have over 33,000 yes that’s right thirty three thousand LED bulbs. Don’t forget to tune into 88.3 Griswold FM.  Don’t be shy to stick around and listen to the roughly 15 holiday songs that are synchronized to the light show!! 


In Memory of The Man Who Loved Christmas

Race the Runway! Keep Calm and Race on!




Unless you’re a big car racing fan, the whole thing about going up and down, or all around a track might seem somewhat pointless to you. Professional racing has become a group of big-name, big-money brands racing around for no other reason than entertainment and bragging rights. Imagine if your son was a non-professional driver involved in one of these races like Race the Runway at the Russ Beach Airport.


It began innocently enough when both my sons drove around the yard in their toy cars when they were young. Then it progressed to Dad, pass me the superglue, she needs welding!”  Both also played video car racing games for practice – did you know Mario Kart is one of the most realistic teachers out there for race car driving? However, in real life, throwing turtle shells at your opponents and letting a monkey drive a car will get you disqualified from most car races.


I knew when my sons got passionately involved with cars I would never have to worry about them looking for money for illicit things because they spent it all on  car engines and accessories. Then the periods of the youngest wailing down residential streets, tires squealing around corners soon disappeared. He finally found places to get those urges out of his system as race tracks will let people like him on the track — in his own car, no less to drive like the proverbial bat out of Hell.


As parents we hoped that they both understood that Vin Diesel was actually not doing any of that amazing stuff you saw in the film The Fast & Furious, but sometimes you just didn’t want to break their hearts. Of course the primary goal of the Fast & Furious movies is simply to look cool, but pretty much everything you saw those drivers do would be a really big mistake in real life. 


Now adults, the oldest Schuyleur owns a car dealership, and the youngest Perry, pulled up to his first Race the Runway in a Honda Civic instead of an Italian sports car a few years ago and placed 7th.  Perry knew that newbies beginning high-performance driving in a Ferrari is like trying to learn calculus before you’ve mastered arithmetic– if miscalculating a derivative could send you to a fiery death.


He was clever in understanding that showing up in let’s say, a shamefully under-rated ride like a Honda would teach him far more than scrimping and saving to buy a Porsche. Last year Perry ended up winning Race the Runway and I knew if his father was still alive he would have been beaming.


Even though their Mother gets another load of grey hair each time she sees them both in fast cars she knows that her sons believe that if you have everything under control, you are not moving fast enough. After all driving a car is boring unless you are going 242kph on the Smiths Falls Russ Beach Airport Runway upside down. Like they say,“Drive it like you  stole it!”

See you at Race the Runway August 13th Canada’s Fastest, Most Extreme Car Event –August 13, 2016. 8:30AM to 4PM – Russ Beach Smiths Falls Airport

Rain date-Sunday


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