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Words About Not Smelling Like Teen Spirit….Linda Knight Seccaspina

Words About Not Smelling Like Teen Spirit….Linda Knight Seccaspina

Words About Not Smelling Like Teen Spirit….Linda Knight Seccaspina

Just about every home in the world had a bottle of “Evening in Paris” somewhere in someone’s bedroom. Once upon a time even the perfume machines in women’s restrooms had them. If you put in a coin and pushed the buttons a big squirt of perfume would come out.  My Grandmother would always get a bottle for a gift when I was a kid and I never heard her say she didn’t like it. 

My Grandfather would take one of us girls to Varins drug store on South Street on Christmas Eve to buy a gift for her. We would come home reeking of many perfumes he had tried on me, but he always bought Evening In Paris as a special gift to win Grammy’s heart with its enticing scent. 

How wonderful I felt when Grammy dabbed the fragrance from that cobalt blue bottle on my wrists and behind my ears before sending me off to school. I also remember when the vial shattered and spilled inside her coat pocket —-you could smell her long before she approached you in the preceding months. 

One of my favourite flowers, Lily of the Valley, grew everywhere and after my Mother died they sent home her belongings in a blue Samsonite suitcase. When I opened it a bottle of her favourite perfume Coty’s Lily of the Valley had broken inside. For years, each time I opened that suitcase, I relived the rare hours spent with my Mother, in the many hospitals she lived in during my childhood before she died. Fragrances made me feel loved. Nothing is more memorable than a smell, sometimes it’s the key to our memories. 

This is exactly where I should pump the brakes in my written journey about scents you remember. Last week I told my 7 year-old granddaughter that when I passed she and her cousin could share my collection of jewellery and hats. She was ecstatic, and then she turned to her mother and said,

“Mum, are they going to smell like Gammy?”

I was shocked and wondered if I had begun to smell musty or bad.

They say when a person approaches old age, they are more likely to start suffering from a distinctive whiff which is often described as a greasy or grassy odour, or ‘old people smell’. I remember going into my grandfather’s bedroom and it always had a certain scent to it. Concerned, I looked it up and they report it’s called– wait for it–Skin Gas. Apparently it’s  2-Nonenal gas, emitted by skin, which is a byproduct of the normal ageing process. Of all the things I thought I’d be thinking of in the new year, this wasn’t one of them. But, last week’s conversation with my granddaughter really made me think about what she was going to remember what Gammy smelled like. Getting to the bottom of it– she just didn’t  care for my perfume. 

Evening in Paris contained “bergamot top notes and middle notes of jasmine, Turkish rose, violet, iris, ylang-ylang, and a hint of peach and woody cedar that gave way to a sensual, powdery base of soft vanilla”. My Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet on the other hand, was supposed to be a  “peony-rose sprinkled with some juicy apricot, an airy floral scent with clean white musk” wrapping it up. The first word that comes to my mind when I wear it is “celestial”– to her I smelled the opposite. 

Trying to evoke my scented nostalgia for her memories would never be possible. Every once in a while a gal gets a yearning for a little powder, roses, and violets.  Now, all I think about is that older people’s skin and smell will contribute to greenhouse gasses.

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Naughty Alice — There’s No Laughter When You’re Extinct


Naughty Alice — There’s No Laughter When You’re Extinct


by Linda Seccaspina 2013


Does life have an expiration date Alice asked herself? One must be careful when trying to deal with a broken person; you might cut yourself on their shattered pieces. Life can be like an arrow penetrating your heart. Hard and painful to pull it out, yet it hurts more to leave it in.


Alice knew where the magic was and carefully removed the cap of the most wondrous scent in the world. It was the bottle design and the dainty blue heart charm gold bracelet that had first caught her eye. Moreover, the sensual scent lingered in the air before garlands of roses came through and filled her nostrils.

As she breathed it all in like a drug she suddenly found herself back in Paris where she used to live a lifetime ago. Dust covered every inch of her former apartment, yet it still looked like she had just left yesterday.

But where had she gone?


Why had she not come back?


Had her heart been broken?


Where does one sit if there is a painting on every chair?


The place was in shambles because she had once gone through it like a hurricane, trying to find her most important things. Photos, family history records, anything that had once caught her eye. Some souls refused to return to their former lives less they find something that they did not want to remember. It was of great importance to her.


All around her were murmurs of neglected dreams. The vase of pink sedge grass disintegrated when she inched near it, simply from the motion of the air. She had fled, quickly, scared, and vowed never to return.Too much pain, too many memories that crushed the remains of her heart. One could speculate all day about why she really never went back.
There is absolutely only one way to quit, and that is to lose everything, and when you think there is nothing left to lose you will realize that there are more things. She looked at the bottle and refused to remove the charm to wear on her tiny wrist. The sensual yet elegant glass bottle would lose its magical charm and Naughty Alice might just become plain and forgotten once again.  Was her life now preserved by neglect or was it simply now — preservation by terror?


Inspired by the scent of “Naughty Alice” by Vivienne Westwood.



Madame de Florian was a French socialite and actress who fled to the south of France during World War II. She kept her apartment in Paris on the Right Bank near the Opéra Garnier, though, in case she wanted to return. However, she never went back to it after the war. Since 1942, the apartment has been sitting untouched, until recently when an auctioneer entered her apartment. What he found was a time capsule, full of treasures. The apartment was covered in dust, perfectly preserved. 


Ladies Who Lunch Get Passionate June 6th




The Ladies Who Lunch event will be held June 6th at the Carleton Place Town Hall at noon

What do Ladies Who Lunch Love Best?

Perfume… Sue Barkley from our local IDA in Carleton Place has donated samples of Michel Germain’s Very Sexual for each lady of our event June 6th in her goodie bag.

Very Sexual is an oriental – fruity fragrance, announced as sparkling, inviting and irresistible. It opens with sparkling mandarin, orange blossom and juicy raspberry. These notes are intertwined with the heart of heady gardenia, ginger lily and passionate patchouli. Warm amber, black pepper and creamy vanilla give the final signature to the fragrance.

Available as 75 and 125 ml Eau de Parfum. Very Sexual was launched in 2014.

Thank You Sue!

IDA- Carleton Place Drug Mart

47 Lansdowne Ave, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2T8
(613) 257-1414


As you know Brenda from Shoppers Drugmart in Carleton Place has also donated some L’Oreal samples and very special door prizes and more on that next week.

Fiddling With Perfume at Ladies Who Lunch June 6th



A Woman’s Perfume Tells More About Her Than Her Handwriting

I love quoting Christian Dior –and thanks to Brenda and Myron Li from our local Carleton Place Shoppers Drugmart they have donated a door prize and an item for the goodie bag for our Ladies Who Lunch event. See you there June 6th!

Thank you!

Don’t forget our table to table fashion show serenaded by local Lanark County iconic fiddler Wade Foster