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When You Fall Over in a Parade Float

When You Fall Over in a Parade Float




It’s not easy being inside a rotund penguin costume balancing yourself on a float. Downright impossible I would say. But,  apparently the penguin is noted for its balance-in fact, they say we should walk like a penguin in the winter to avoid icy mishaps.


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Well no one had their phones handy when the penguin on the Mount Pakenham float in the Carleton Place Santa Claus tumbled over. Laying on his back with his writhing feet and arms in the air, that fall was pretty precarious, but he never missed a beat. Thankfully his ‘handler’ came quickly to his aid and he got a rousing deserved applause. Well done Mr. Pakenham Penguin!


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This isn’t the first time mishaps have happened.

The glamorous Miss Piggy was singing a duet of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” with the living legend Tony Bennett at the Macy’s Day Parade in 2016. When the float moved forward into the parade, it caused the 90-year-old to briefly loose his balance and stumble — but Miss Piggy came to the rescue and grabbed onto Bennett, preventing his fall. She was called a life-saver just like the Mount Pakenham float aid.



Then there was Dopey, one of Snow White’s dwarfs, falling over at Disney World but Goofy  broke his fall.


Saturday, I had never see someone like that penguin use his arms so quickly while floundering on the float. As Thomas Jefferson once said: “No free man or penguin will ever be debarred the use of arms!”


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