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McCaul Patterson Giles etc Accidents Genealogy 1870s

McCaul Patterson Giles etc Accidents Genealogy 1870s
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
18 Dec 1879, Thu  •  Page 4
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 Dec 1879, Mon  •  Page 1

Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
18 Sep 1878, Wed  •  Page 4

The Sad Tale of Alexander Gillies and Peter Peden — READ

Peter Peden funeral card from my personal collection


  • Birthabt 1855 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada3 Sources1855(AGE)
  • Birth of Brother William Peden(1857–1878)abt 1857 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18572
  • Birth of Brother John Peden(1859–1875)abt 1859 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18594
  • Birth of Brother Archibald Peden(1860–)abt 1860 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18605
  • Birth of Brother Alex Peden(1861–)abt 1861 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada18616
  • Residence1861 • Lanark, Canada West, Canada1 Source18616
  • Birth of Brother James Carswell Peden(1866–1901)abt 1866 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada186611
  • Birth of Brother Joseph Peden(1866–)abt 1866 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada186611
  • Residence1871 • Ontario, Canada1 Source187116
  • Death of Brother John Peden(1859–1875)30 Jan 1875 • Carleton Place (Town/Ville), Lanark (south/sud), Ontario, Canada187520
  • Death of Brother William Peden(1857–1878)8 Sep 1878 • Lanark187823
  • ViewDeath17 Sep 1878 • LanarkDrowned1 Source187823
  • ResidenceOntario, Canada1 Source

Alexander Gillies

Alexander Munroe Gillies
BIRTH PLACE:Carleton Place, Ontario
DEATH DATE:17/09/1878 (17 Sep 1878)
DEATH PLACE:Lanark Ontario Canada
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
20 Dec 1875, Mon  •  Page 4
Duncan S McLaren
1856Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
30 Apr 1874 (aged 17–18)
Sinclair Pioneer Cemetery
Carleton Place, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

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William Patterson — Patterson’s Funeral Home

William Patterson — Patterson’s Funeral Home

Perth Courier, December 25, 1908, page 2

 Mr. William Patterson, of Carleton Place, died in Perth on the 18th Dec.,1908 at the age of 68 years. Deceased was born in Perth, son of the late Charles Patterson, in earlier days one of the best known residents of this town.

When a young man deceased started a furniture and undertaking business in Carleton Place, which he continued until his death, which was caused by blood poisoning following a broken ankle from a fall on the icy pavement.

He leaves a wife, four sons and two daughters. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity and was an out-and-out Liberal. He was a nephew of the late Mr. James Patterson of this town and cousin of Mr. George Patterson, deputy attorney general of Manitoba.

The Pattersons were descended on the father’s side from one of Wellington’s Peninsular and Waterloo veterans, Private Patterson, a Scotch soldier in the 37th Regiment.

Spouse:Mary Ann Pattie
Father:Charles Patterson
Mother:Jane Lockhead
Birth:09/10/1840 Carleton Place Lanark Ontario Canada
Death:18/12/1908 Carleton Place Lanark Ontario Canada
Residence:abt 1881 Lanark Ontario Canada
Mary Ann Pattie

Born in Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario, Canada on 8 March 1845 to David Pattie and Mary Cashon. Mary Ann Pattie married William Patterson and had 7 children. She passed away on 29 May 1934 in Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario, Canada.

William Patterson – of Carleton Place, Ontario – born 1840 – Married Mary Ann Pattie. Children:

a. William Albert – born 1868 and  died Oct. 15, 1926

b. Minnie – born 1870 and married William Simpson

c. Charles – born 1872 , married Ellen Jane McGee and died June 11, 1932

d. Jennie – born 1874 and married Richard Woolley

e. David Pattie –  born 1876,  married Annie Darou and died March 11, 1921

f. Joseph W. – born 1878 and married Ella Flegg

Archives Ontario

Patterson and Sons
176 Bridge Street in Downtown Carleton Place
William Patterson ran his furniture and undertaking business here beginning in the mid-1890s and the building remained in the family until 1976. Also, in 1976 Alan Barker purchased the business and goodwill of the Patterson Funeral Home of Carleton Place, from 3rd generation owner, Gordon Patterson.

1915 Patterson Funeral Home Account

The furniture and undertaking business of William Patterson and Son was started in Carleton Place in the 1860s. William Patterson (1840-1908) born in Lanark County at Perth son of Charles. William came to Carleton Place at age 22 where he learned the trade of cabinet making under David Hogg.

Before the end of the 1860s, William had established his own furniture making business. He served the Carleton Place militia company on the St. Lawrence from under its Carleton Place officers James C. Poole and John Brown during the Fenian Raid periods of 1866 and 1870. In Carleton
Place he was the first captain of this community’s first fire brigade.

Patterson and Son Funeral Service and Furniture Dealers - Carleton Place,  Ontario - Humorous Combination Businesses on Waymarking.com

The Patterson furniture and undertaking businesses in the Riverside Store building were continued by William’s son Joseph and by Joseph’s son Gordon. At the end of this firm’s business life of over a century, it had occupied for over eighty years the site of this town’s original post office and original general retail business establishment. In 1976 Gordon Patterson sold the store to a newspaper and in 1978 they sold it to Robbie Probert a candle maker from Nova Scotia for $42,500.

The sign was repainted in 2010.

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What You Didn’t Know About the House on High Street

What You Didn’t Know About the House on High Street


The house on High Street that is called one of the Findlay homes today was originally built by James Patterson who resided there. Before Mayor Patterson built the house James McDiarmid married Jane Morphy, daughter of William Morphy who was a son of the original Edmund. Their home was on High Street on the same lot where James Patterson built his home. They had two daughters, Mrs. McGuiness and Mrs. George Willis- also three sons, William, Duncan(Shake) and Robert. Robert is the one that gave this information to Mrs. F. C. McDiarmid who recorded it.


Other High Street Homes


Last night I was watching Clara’s Deadly Secret on W and I thought I recognized landmarks in the beginning and then at the end I was sure– so I went to Youtube and clicked on the movie–and sure enough it was the Findlay homes in Carleton Place– then I googled it and found the Millstone article.. no mention of the Findlay homes– but there is no doubt and Pinehurst in Almonte was used for the interior shots. http://millstonenews.com/2013/05/what-is-claras-deadly-secret.html 

unnamed-11 (2).jpg

Jean Isabel Galbraith Findlay Home


Findlay Home on Joseph Street and High Street


A View Of The Residence Of A. Dulmage, Carleton Place . Where is this? This used to be the old Iveson–Peter Iveson home on Joseph and High Street–

Peter Iveson- My grandfather EH Ritchie bought it in 1920,my mother Agnes Iveson Inherited it in 1974,and we had to sell it after she died in 2003. You can see the barn behind,the front was a farm house built in 1875 which was gentrification at the turn of the 20th century,the back kitchen and outside kitchen with the maids room and bathroom and back stairs was added in 1910. It was called “the Willows” because of the willow trees which were removed as they conflicted with the town’s waterworks which were constructed during the Great War. The house sat on three lots and was surrounded by spacious grounds and flower gardens

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207 High street during the 2000’s by Sara Allen–




Submitted by the following descendants:

Janice D. Walcek

Alice McNair

Christine Spencer


Miss Lochead 1894 no other information

The original immigrant family of William Lochead and his wife came in April of 1821 from Greenock , Scotland on the ship George Canning through the Lanark Society Settlers. William’s wife is known by some descendants to be Janet, by others Agnes.  William and his wife were aged 30 and 28 and had the following children with them when they sailed:  one male aged 3 and four females ages 11,9,5 and 1.  William died before 1834 and his wife remarried.  According to an 1834 report on the status of the settlers, it notes she remarried a man named Alex Trowe.  One descendant has notes that show the name as Frier or Frur.  Nothing further is known as to when or how she died or where she is buried.

One descendant has family history information that William’s wife was Janet, the daughter or granddaughter of Hugh McLeod, who came to the Carolinas before the American Revolution from the Isle of Skye and fought for the British, was captured and paroled to a family in Winchester , Virginia and then married that family’s daughter, Martha Crockwell.  They went to Nova Scotia and later returned to Scotland .

Another descendant has information that is somewhat similar to the above, from a book belonging to Agnes Lochead and written about 1930 who references William’s wife as “Jane” and has her as the daughter of a “Col. McLeod”:  Copied from a book belonging to Olive Pearl Harris, nee Currie. As written by her mother, Agnes Currie, nee Lochead about 1930.

“From the Isle of Sky came William Lochead of the Clan Lochead. He settled at Playfair ( Ontario , Canada ) and married Jane McLeod, daughter of Colonel McLeod who was with Wolfe at the taking of Quebec . William Lochead was also a soldier.”

The children of William Lochead and his wife Janet-or Agnes as known, are:

I.          Robert—nothing is known about him, according to one descendant he was a minister.

II.          Agnes Lochead, married Jacob Boulton March 12, 1832 .

III.         Janet Lochead, who married Charles Patterson on August 1, 1837 .  Their children:

A.        Richard Patterson—Served in the U.S. military in the Philippines , Washington , D.C. and later Florida .

B.        Robert Patterson-died in Calgary in 1895, per death certificate he died at the age of 40 of rheumatic fever, no mention in obituary of wife or children.

C.        George Ephraim Patterson—lived in St. Catharines and later New York and California , buried in St. Catharines .  Helped to invent the electric street car.  Married Alice Ann Harris and later Isabel Carnochan.  The children of George and Alice:

                       1.         Alfred James-Pasadena , California

                       2.         Gertrude Ida-St. Catharines

                       3.         Edward George-Peterborough

                       4.         Maud Patterson Wismer-Albany, Wisconsin , later moved to New York

                       5.         Mary Patterson

                       6.         John Charles-died Feb. 4, 1887 in St. Catharines

7.         William Edgeworth, died Jan. 1, 1887 , St. Catharines , twin of John.

8.         Mildred Ritchscer-Pasadena , California

            D.        William Patterson, Carleton Place , Ontario .  Married Mary Ann Pattie.  Children:

                       1.         William Albert, died Oct. 15, 1926

                       2.         Minnie, married William Simpson

                       3.         Charles, died June 11, 1932

                       4.         Joseph W. married, Ella Flegg

                       5.         David Pattie, died March 11, 1921 .

                       6.         Jennie, married Richard Woolley

E.        Albert Patterson, Cleveland , Ohio .  Married Phoebe Cunningham.  Children:

                       1.         Harry, born 1873, died young.

                       2.         Albert, died young.

                       3.         Roscoe C.

                       4.         Charles A., born 1875

F.         Liza Patterson, married George Francis, Albany , Wisconsin . Children:

1.         John Francis, married Addie Carver, then Nora Nelson-Sarasota, Florida .

2.         Charles Francis, married Wilma Jenny, moved to California

3.         Jennie, married Morris Murray, moved to California .

4.         Emma (born 8-22-1865 , died 2-5-1951 ), married John Tilley ( 8-23-1855 to 1947), lived in Albany , Wisconsin .

a.         Bird Tilley married Adolph Meinert

i.          Harry Meinert (born Albany , Wisconsin ),married Elaine Osmundson

ii.         Christine Meinert married Robert Spencer

5.         Arthur, married, Alpha Graves , moved to Janesville , Wisconsin .

6.         Jessie, married Arthur Partridge, moved to Cleveland , Ohio

7.         Wilford Francis

8.         Bird Francis, married Gene Griffin, Albany , Wisconsin

9.         Nora Francis, married, Harry Atherton, Albany , Wisconsin

            G.        Martha Patterson, married William Wilson, then Robert Cavanagh, Balderson’s Corners, Lanark                             County , Ontario .   Children:

                       1.         Dr. W. Wilson, Edmonton as of 1922

                       2.         Mrs. J. A. Goth, Regina

                       3.         Miss Evelyn Wilson, Stamford , Connecticut



Miss Lochead 1895 no other information



IV.        Martha Lochead, married David Rowat Dec. 15, 1837 , lived in Arnprior, buried in Perth .  Known children:

           A.        Agnes, born June 12, 1844

           B.        William, born Oct. 10, 1846

V.        William Lochead, born in Playfair, Lanark County , Ontario in 1826.  Married, in 1847 in Lanark Township , Lanark County , Ontario , Jane Stewart or Stuart.  It was stated in his obituary in 1908 that he and Jane had 13 children, and two boys and a girl died young.  Known children:

            A.        Jane, born in 1849, who married T. R. Bulloch of Hopetown.  She died in maturity before her father.

                       1.         Robert Bulloch

                       2.         William Bulloch

                       3.         Jane Bulloch

                       4.         Thomas Allan Bulloch

                       5.         John Bulloch

                       6.         Janet Bulloch

                       7.         George Bulloch

                       8.         Charles Bulloch

                       9.         Agnes Bulloch

                       10.       Bella Bulloch

                       11.       James Bulloch

B.        Martha Matilda, 1851 to 1913.  She married James Penman, 1848 to 1927.  She was living in Kingsley , Manitoba as of her father’s death in 1908.

1.         Jean Stewart Penman, born in 1883.

2.         Sarah Ann (Saidee) Penman, born 1884.

3.         Emma Ruth Penman, 1885-1916

4.         Agnes McIlraith Penman, born 1885.

5.         William Lochead Penman, born 1888

6.         Marion Mathilda Penman, 1891-1960.  She married Nathaniel Campbell McNair, 1886-1985.

a.         Ina Marion McNair, born 1921, married Charles Albert Lloyd, 1919-1972.

           i.          Laurie James Nathaniel Lloyd.

           ii.         Lois June Lloyd

           iii.        Ronald Owen Spencer Lloyd

b.         Almer Nathaniel McNair, born 1923, married Norah Muriel Paine, born 1927.

i.          Norah Lee Campbell Alice McNair, married Phillippe Jacques Alexandre Beauchemin.

a.         Alexi Norah McNair Beauchemin.

ii.         Roderick John Campbell McNair

iii.        David George Campbell McNair

                                   c.         Bernice June McNair, born 1924, married Thomas Rees Passey.

           i.          Gordon Rees Passey

7.         John Stuart Penman, born 1895.

8.         Charles Penman

C.        John Lochead, born in 1856, living at Vancouver , B.C. as of his father’s death in 1908

D.        George Lochead, born 1858, living at Yelm , Washington as of his father’s death in 1908.

E.        William Lochead, born 1860, and died in maturity in the Philippines , before his father.

F.         Robert, born in 1863, who died in maturity at Ashland , before his father.  Descendants are uncertain where Ashland is, it may have been Montana .

G.        Agnes, born 31 Aug. 1865, (per one record) or 1867 (per 1881 census) who married  Stewart Currie on 23 Sept., 1885 at Brightside, Lanark County, Ontario,  and was living in Saskatoon as of her father’s death in 1908.  Agnes died 16 May, 1941 in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  Stewart was born 27 May, 1860 in Lamermoore, Lanark County , Ontario and died 5 Aug., 1939 in W. Vancouver , B.C. Canada

1.         William Daniel Currie, born 14 March, 1886 , Brightside, Lanark County , Ontario and died 28 Feb., 1951 in North Vancouver , B.C.  He married Effie King in 1908.

           a.         Ruth Currie

           b.         Ethel Currie

           c.         Mary Currie, married Toby Bulloch

           d.         James Currie

2.         Annie Jane Currie, born 27 May, 1887 , Mud Lake , Lanark County , Ontario .  She died 9 Oct., 1976 at Penticton , B.C.  She married William James Forsyth on 2 July, 1907 .

           a.         Agnes Forsyth

           b.         Ada Forsyth

           c.         Benjamin Robert Forsyth

                       Married Kay Conboy

                       i.          Audrey Forsyth

                       ii.         Robert George Forsyth

                       iii.        Sharon Forsyth

           d.         Alex Forsyth

           e.         Stewart Clifford Forsyth

           f.          George Elwood Forsyth

                       married Dorene Lucas

                       i.          Anne Forsyth

                       ii.         Brian Elwood Forsyth

                       iii.        Leslie James Forsyth

                       iv.        Arnold David Forsyth

           g.         Anna Forsyth

                       married, Edgar E. Elliott

                       i.          Sharon L. Elliott

                       ii.         Carolyn Ann Elliott

                       iii.        Waldo Ernest Elliott

                       iv.        Edgar Melford Elliott

                       v.         Nancy Jane Elliott

                       vi.        Harold Stewart Elliott

           h.         Leslie Forsyth

           i.          Jack Forsyth

3          George Currie, born 25 Nov., 1888/89 , Mud Lake , Lanark County , Ontario and died in 1968 in W. Vancouver , B.C.  He married Jessie Thompson on 31 Dec. 1914 in Arelee , Saskatchewan .

           a.         Margaret Currie

           b.         Marian Currie

           c.         Lucille Currie

           d.         Stewart Currie

           e.         Jean Currie

           f.          Jean Currie

           g.         Robert Currie

4.         John Lochead Currie, born 25 Sept., 1891

           Delorine , Manitoba , died 7 May, 1914 .

5.         Edna Ethel Currie, born 5 July, 1893 , Mud Lake , Lanark County , Ontario , died in Oct., 1950 Beaverlodge , Alberta

           Married Vince Meraw 17 May, 1917 .

           a.         Maurice Meraw

           b.         Joyce Meraw

           c.         Howard Meraw

           d.         Harry Meraw

           e.         Betty Meraw

           f.          Patsy Meraw

           g.         Diane Meraw

6.         Matthew Ross Currie, born 23 Sept., 1895/96 Lamermoore, Lanark County , Ontario

           Married Eva Jane Woods 11 Feb., 1920 , Ottawa , Ontario

           a.         Thomas Roderick Charles Currie

           b.         Rita Muriel Currie

           c.         William Alfred Currie

           d.         Ethel May Currie

           e.         Hazel Eileen Currie

           f.          John Stewart Currie

           g.         Kenneth Matthew Currie

           h.         Eva Joyce Currie     

7.         Olive Pearl Currie, born 28 Jan., 1897 in Lanark , Ontario and died 12 June, 1961 in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  She married Alexander Harris, born 9 July, 1891 in Earlville, LaSalle County , Illinois and died 3 April, 1947 in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  Their marriage date was 25 Jan., 1917 .

           a.         Aleta Hazel Harris, born Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .

           b.         Mildred Joyce Harris, born Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .

           c.         John Alexander Harris, born Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .

                       Married Darlene Ellen Lindberg

                       i.          John Alexander Harris

                       ii.         Mary Ellen Harris

                       iii.        Thomas Arthur Harris

                       iv.        Nancy Darlene Harris

                       v.         Robert David Harris

                       vi.        Elisabeth Ann Harris

                       vii.       Lynda Jane Harris    

                                   d.         Olive Jean Harris, born in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  She married Everett Gerald                                                 Wood, M.D.,  born in Biggar , Saskatchewan .

i.          Janice Dawne Wood, born in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  She married Emil Joseph Walcek, Jr., who was born in South Bend , Indiana . They were married in North Hollywood , California

a.         Erin Jean Walcek, born in Atlanta , Georgia

b.         Sean Joseph Walcek, born in Atlanta , Georgia

c.         Heather Leigh Walcek, born in Atlanta , Georgia

ii.         Jo Ann Wood, born in Saskatoon , married John Robert Russell in North Hollywood , California

           a.         John Alexander Russell

           b.         James Gerald Russell

           c.         Joel Jordan Russell

iii.        Susan Leigh Wood, born Vancouver , B.C., married Steven Alan Marek in Sunland , California

           a.         Wendy Leigh Marek

           b.         Scott Alan Marek

iv.        Darcy Jean Wood, born Vancouver , B.C.  Married Michael Albert Moore in Chicago , Illinois .

           a.         Olivia Jean Moore

           b.         Justine Ann Moore

           c.         Emmett Michael Moore

v.         David Scott Wood, married Joan Kenegos in Sunland , California .

           a.         Alex Joseph Wood

           b.         Emma Marie Wood

vi.        Michael John Wood, married Tina Louise LePage in Sunland , California

           a.         Lauren Amanda Wood

                                   e.         Nola Dawn Harris, born in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  She married Joseph John                                                     Harrington.

           i.          Leah Dawn Harrington

           ii.         Kelly Alexander Harrington

           iii.        Christopher Todd Harrington

f.          Mary Carol Harris, born Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  She married Donald John Paul.

           i.          Karen Dawn Paul

           ii.         Terri Ann Paul

           iii.        Donald Francis Paul

                       g.         Myrna Grace Harris, born Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .  She

                                   married William Niece

8.         Emma Gertrude Currie, born 10 August, 1899 at Lamermoore, Lanark County , Ontario . She married Donald MacDonald

a.         Beverly McDonald

b.         Bruce McDonald

c.          Neil McDonald

9.         Otto Stewart Currie, born 24 June, 1900 , Lamermoore, Lanark , Ontario .  He married Margaret McCarthy

            a.        Olive May Currie

                                    b.        Mary Ellen Currie

                                    c.        Shirley Agnes Currie

                                    d.        Margaret Jean Currie

                       10.       Arthur Thomas Currie, born 24 June, 1900 , Lamermoore, Lanark,       

                                   Ontario .  He married Ethel Rose Palmer

                                   a.         Douglas Malcolm Currie

                                   b.         Kathleen Currie

11.       Hazel Agnes Currie, born 24 Sept., 1901 , Lamermoore, Lanark , Ontario .  She married Terrance Michael Gannon

12.       Lorna Mary Currie, born 28 March, 1905 , Lamermoore, Lanark , Ontario .

H.        James, born in 1865, living at Baker, Washington as of his father’s death in 1908.

I.          Charles, born in 1869, living at Brightside , Ontario as of his father’s death in 1908.

J.         Emily Jane, born in 1870, who married  W. L. McDonald, and was living in Deloraine, Manitoba Canada as of her father’s death in 1908.

K.        Baby Boy

L.         Baby Boy

M.        Baby Girl

There are two other Lochead families in Lanark County on the 1881 census, living in Almonte, we are unsure if they are related to the above. William Lochead is 80 years old, a retired minister born in Scotland in 1801. His wife, Anna, is 79, born in Scotland in 1802. They are both Presbyterian. D.C. Lochead, who I suppose is William and Anna’s son, is 45, a merchant born in 1836 in the United States . He is also Presbyterian. His wife, Mary, is 32, born in 1849 in Ontario . Her ethnic origin in English. William, their son, is 10, born in 1871 in Ontario ; their daughter Eva is 5, born in 1876 in Ontario ; and their son Daniel is 3, born in 1878 in Ontario.

Bullochs in Hopetown Cemetery Click here..


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The Story of Grace Patterson

The Story of Grace Patterson


Almonte Gazette– November 1 1901



Among the settlers who came to Lanark County in 1821 was a little girl named Grace Patterson, daughter of James and Jane Patterson, who with their family had left their home in Kilbride, Scotland, and had come to Lanark County to hew out for themselves a home in the primeval forest.

The family consisted of five boys and two girls, the last surviving one of whom the subject of this sketch was laid, to rest in the cemetery on Saturday last having attained a ripe old age of 85 years.

Born in Kilbride in 1816, she was only a lass of 5 years when the party arrived at Lanark Village, at that time the port of entry for the northern’ townships of the county, and she had a distinct recollection of the women and children being billeted in tents and wigwams in Lanark, while their fathers were absent locating their lands and preparing places of shelter for their loved, ones.

Her parents settled on a farm in the 2nd concession of the township of Ramsay, occupied by John Robertson.  In 1837 she married William Affleck and removed to the township of Lanark where she lived until her demise on the 24th.

Fifty-six years s.go her husband was thrown from horseback and killed, and she was left alone to battle with the hardships of pioneer life and to rear her  family of five little children. Her family consisted of Robt. P., of Pilot Hound, Man., (deceased) ; William, of Washington Territory: Jane, wife of A. B. Yuill, of Hopetown, and James and Maggie on the homestead.
Her grandchildren numbered 22 and her grandchildren 19. She was devoted and a consistent member of the Congregational church and the funeral services were conducted by Rev. D. McCallum assisted by Rev. W. S. Smith. The large concourse of friends and acquaintances who showed their tribute of respect to the memory of the departed.


The Patterson Family of Lanark County , Ontario

Submitted by Linda Jordan

George Patterson came to Canada with his regiment, the 37th Regiment of Foot, during the War of 1812. He was born in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland May 15, 1782 and was baptized on September 19, 1782. He married Ann Marigold, who was from Worcestershire, England. George Patterson received a grant of land in Bathurst on Lot 14, Concession 5. He later moved into Perth, where he worked as a shoemaker. The children of George and Ann are shown below briefly.  CLICK HERE



Samuel Patterson and Elizabeth Upton

The Patterson Hotel Renovations

Annie Patterson — Descendant of John Gemmill

Patterson’s Restaurant Perth


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Samuel Patterson and Elizabeth Upton

Samuel Patterson and Elizabeth Upton


Kemptville Advance November 1897

A lad who first saw the light of day in County Antrim, Ireland, in August, 1800, ventured across the raging Atlantic when only 17 years of age, unaccompanied by a parent or any near relative. When he put foot on Canadian soil he was a total stranger to all. Listen while we tell you w hat has been the outcome of this Irish lad.

His first abode was in Montreal where he worked for three years. Then he came into Upper Canada, passing through a place which he affirmed had but two houses, and which is now the capital of the Dominion. Through the latter place he proceeded on to the township of Beckwith where he remained for several years.

Later a young woman arrived from County Wexford in his own native land, and at the village of Richmond they were united in holy wedlock. The ups and downs of a wilderness life was their portion, but being well equipped with health and strength, perseverance and honesty, they were equal to all the trying emergencies and made a success of life.

Samuel Patterson and Elizabeth Upton were the happy young couple, and in 1842 they moved to Oxford township to spend the remainder of their days. To them were born ten children, five of whom are still living, whose names, ages, number of children and grandchildren we give below :

John Patterson, Kemptville, aged 69, 9 children, all living ; 16 grandchildren.

James Patterson, Oxford, aged 67; 12 children, 2 of whom are dead ; 9 grandchildren.

Benjamin Patterson, Burritt’s Rapids, aged 60; 14 children, 1 of whom is dead.

Samuel Patterson, Kemptville, aged 55; 11 children, 7 of whom are now dead.

Mrs, Robert Wiggins, Marlboro, aged 58; 4 children; 4 grandchildren. Those who were married but have since died are: Mary, wife of Robt. Conn, afterwards Mrs. Wm. Sanders, of Sarnia, 10 children. Robert, 2 children. Ann, wife of James Donnelly, Marlboro, 7 children, 13 grandchildren.

It will thus be seen that the descendants of this one Irish lad were 10 children, 69 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren, or a total of 121 people. When the Sickle of Time cut off their existence the grand sires were well advanced in years. Mrs. Patterson departed this life on Dec. 22, 1883, at the age of 82 years, and Mr. Patterson on Sept. 18, 1887, aged 87 years.—




Pattersons-Kemptville Public Cemetery
Leeds & Grenville Co./Reg./Dist., Ontario CLICK HERE

4385-01 John PATTERSON, 30, cheese maker, Sarnia, Manotick, s/o Benjamin PATTERSON & Sarah Ann KIDD, married Tena McCORKELL, 20, Osgoode, same, d/o James McCORKELL & Bella FINDLEY, witn: William PATTERSON of Burritts Rapids & Nellie DAVIDSON of Manotick, 12 June 1901 at Brays Crossing



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