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Convictions: Moonshine in Darling, Party in Appleton and Firetrucks 1948

Convictions: Moonshine in Darling, Party in Appleton and Firetrucks 1948

December 1948 Almonte Gazette

Lloyd James who lives in Darling near Calabogie was convicted of keeping liquor for sale illegally in the District Magistrate’s court, here, this Thursday morning, and was sentenced to serve 60 days in the county jail.

Constable Legate of the Provincial Police laid the charge. James was defended by C. A. Mulvihill, K.C. of Arnprior. While there , was no evidence that money had changed hands the officer was able to prove that there was a great volume of traffic passing in to James’ home and that drinking was going on there.

The Magistrate decided that the rush of business was too great to be on a friendship basis and registered a conviction accordingly, A charge of supplying liquor to minors against a man who resided in Appleton was dismissed. This chap was accused of keeping the house where the long week-end party was held at which two Almonte girls and two Arnprior men working here temporarily, were “belles and beaux” of the ball.

The accused was able to show to the satisfaction of the court that he was not in charge of the house at the time of the lengthy festivities. C. J. Newton, Almonte lawyer, appeared for the accused. This was another provincial case.

M. A. McNairn, Almonte chief of police, had a couple of youths in court for traffic offences. One 16-year-old lad was fined $2 and $3 costs for hanging onto the back of the fire truck while it was returning from a fire. Another paid a like amount for riding two on a bicycle through heavy traffic returning from the fire. Another traffic case was adjourned.

Name:Lloyd James
Residence Date:1957
Residence Place:Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Street Address:R. R. 1, Flower Station
Electoral District:Lanark

Rick Roberts12 minutes

Lloyd James was my grandmother’s cousin who owned the farm next door to hers on highway 511 in Darling Township. Though there was never a firm rule, I wasn’t encouraged to spend time at Lloyd’s place but did anyway. Until reading this excerpt I didn’t know about Lloyd’s ‘sideline’ nor his time as a guest in the county jail. This was never discusssed in front of me though I’m sure my grandmother must have known about it.. she was a tea-totaller and had very strong negative opinions about alcohol.

As a kid, hanging out at Lloyd’s was a lot of fun. A brook ran through his yard where we fished for speckled trout. He tried to teach me to play the fiddle, but my aptitude for that instrument was wanting as was my enthusiasm. One summer he needed to remove some huge rocks that were exposed up into his lane. We had great fun digging down and planting dynamite then seeking cover during the explosions. My parents would have grounded me for life if they had known.

That said, reading Lloyd James name, regardless of context, makes me smile

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An “Absolutely Fabulous” White Wedding Day — May 19th!

An “Absolutely Fabulous” White Wedding Day — May 19th!

I spent 13 hours on Saturday celebrating The Royal Wedding. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I have loved Queen Elizabeth II for over six decades, and she’s made some pretty bad ass moves during that time. She has spearheaded a history-making trip to Ghana, ordered divorces, and even critiqued episodes of Downton Abbey for historical accuracy. But, I figured at my age this was the last time I was going to see a Royal Wedding, so I was going to enjoy each minute of the day. I was in full countdown mode.

Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous: ‘Full countdown mode? ?! I’ll be the judge of that.’

When I took all my necklaces off at the end of the day it looked like small mice had crawled over my neck LOL- red marks everywhere. The hat that I made was thanks to Martha Stewart Christmas ornaments trim from a Games of Thrones hat and a lot of work. Looks like I lost a rhinestone somewhere LOL



Welcome to the world Elia (eleeia) Angelo Seccaspina– Friday am May 18th around 1 am


Four a.m came quickly Saturday morning after celebrating the new arrival of my grandson Elia May 18th. You know what they say–‘life comes in bunches!‘ But, I had chosen my clothes the night before and got dressed while cranking up the volume of the TV to hear mundane tidbits about the upcoming wedding at the crack of dawn.

I walked around in my complete outfit except for my billowing tulle long skirt. I have been taught all my life to make you sure you potty before you go anywhere and did not want to deal with a skirt hanging in the toilet, so this seemed like it was a good idea.

Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous: ‘Darling, if you want to talk bollocks and discover the meaning of life, you’re better off downing a bottle of whiskey. At least that way, you’re unconscious by the time you start to take yourself seriously.’ 

First stop- The Hub’s Royal Wedding Event held at the Civitan Hall in Almonte.


It was an event well done, and the homemade wedding cakes and photo booth in front of “Buckingham Palace” was genius. Rico Falsetto from Carleton Place was there and working his magic. Who but CBC drops the feed just as Meghan the bride gets out of the  car? LOL The Hub

They created magic and I was so impressed. Well done ladies!








What a gal!!


Me and Steve at their wonderful event.

Meanwhile back in Carleton Place


Sylvia Giles was practising being a bridesmaid while watching The Royal Wedding with a few of the women from St. James Anglican Church.

Second Stop–Under Pressure Cafe in the Carleton Place Mews


(not their cake but it looked like this)

They were serving Victoria Sponge, Fruit Trifle & New Royal Chocolate Biscuit Cake in honour of the Royal Wedding so I picked up a couple of slices of the Victoria Sponge for Jennifer and Steve. Everything is awesome at the Under Pressure Coffee House!

Third Stop– Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.


Third Stop– Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. Saturday was their opening day of the the “Paddles UP!” exhibit, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Carleton Place Canoe Club.



The famous Baldy Welsh

The Carleton Place Canoe Club is the oldest continually operating club in the country and is the only surviving charter member of the Canadian Canoe Association. The club has consistently produced athletes who qualify for the highest levels of competition at the provincial, national and international level. These range from Ontario team members to Canada Summer Games team members, Junior World Championship competitors to Senior National Team members, Pan Am Games to the Olympic Games.

Fourth stop– Lanark & District Museum–Lanark Village


 They were showing local wedding dresses in honour of the Royal Wedding. If you have not been to the Lanark & District Museum or the Middleville Museum–run don’t walk. A pure joy!! Put it on your summer visiting list! Come on in an see great historical mementos and sit down for a spell and have a chat.

33026168_10155773444516886_6531609817910345728_n (1).jpg


Fifth Stop– Crossroads Tearoom Royal Wedding Tea 


Driving really isn’t my friend these days after the heart attacks last year and parking is a nightmare for me. I couldn’t figure out from the sign if I could park in the locale as “only guests and visitors” could park there. #Confusion!

Does that mean I can’t if I am going to a tea there? I took a chance and left a note with a Union Jack flag on top of it. By this time I was getting tired so I threw caution to the wind.



William (Billy) Blais- who plays at Crossroads Tearoom also.

It was a lovely affair — as it always is if you have ever been to Crossroads Tearoom in Perth. If you haven’t– put that on your visit list this summer– you won’t regret it! I had great conversation with complete strangers and learned you can’t call the British flag a Union Jack anymore across the pond. In fact they get downright upset.

Sometime around 1674 the British flag became formally known as the ‘Union Jack’ when mounted on a warship and the ship was not in harbour. At the same time the British flag was referred to as the ‘Union flag’ on land. Brits insist it should called the Union Flag now.  It was the lovely British gals from Merrickville that set me straight– so: mark that one down!

Eddy  from Absolutely Fabulous on the liberal elite: “When somebody deliberately over-educates themselves out of the possibility of useful employment, I take issue.”


Exhausted and pouring rain outside I walk back to the parking lot to see my car is indeed still there  but– someone has parked right next to it like second skin so I cannot get into the driver’s side of the car. That’s right, with a huge billowing skirt, accessories galore, and that big hat I have to slide into the passenger seat and roll across the transmission to get to the driver’s seat. Please note there are no photos of this “Absolutely Fabulous” moment!


Friends since the 70s William (Billy) Blais and me at the Crossroads event


So, to those wee “plucky” granddaughters of mine who want to be a princess. My advice to you now? It seems as though you have to be a stunning gal on a hit TV show, and the next day you are a princess. Maybe I am wrong, but this is how this event happened and I would just stick with Disney for now. Gammy insists my sweet loves!

The Royal Wedding was fun, but now all I want to see is the Burger King marry the Dairy Queen– the definition to eternity.

Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous on her kind of day out: “I thought a little mosey down Bond Street, a little sniff around Gucci, sidle up to Ralph Lauren, pass through Browns and on to Quags for a light lunch.”

Thanks so much to Crossroads tearoom for the lovely prize for my hat. It will be consumed with delight.

It was a nice day for a white wedding and a nice day to start again!”

Image result for the end gif

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte

Party Ideas from Clayton 1906

Party Ideas from Clayton 1906


February 6 1902 Clayton, Ontario– Photo- Courtesy Tom Edwards

Author’s Note- I wanted to call this the neck tie party but I couldn’t- If you Google neck tie party– you will see that is what they used to call a lynching party. Since none of that went on in Clayton and I have many US readers I thought it best be not to upset anyone.


February 6 1902 Clayton, Ontario– Photo- Courtesy Tom Edwards




Photo from Tom Edwards–I’m not sure but I think this is the Clayton Store when my great uncle Johnny Erskine and Aunt Essie owned it. Clayton Historian Rose Mary Sarsfield has verified it

Rose Mary Sarsfield—- who is working on a book about Clayton and runs Clayton Ontario History on Facebook “I know about this! This is wonderful! I did an interview with Morris Turner from Union Hall back in the early 80s and he rhymed this off to me! I was just listening to the interview a couple of weeks ago.”




Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing

Again we are looking for help with identification on this group of ladies outside Guthrie United Church in Clayton. They are Mrs. Cochrane, Mrs. Penman, Mrs. Wm. Dunlop, Mrs. John McIntosh, ?, ?, Mrs. Bob Paul, Mrs. Charlie McNeil, Mrs. Rintoul. Thanks to Allan Bellamy and Stuart McIntosh for the photo.– Photo–Clayton Ontario History





Eleanor this looks like dads handwriting. Would that be Ray and Fred on the wheel?


The last week of each month my mother used to hold the neighbourhood Canasta party at the bottom of Albert Street in Cowansville, Quebec. Her friends would come en masse to our home carrying their sweet pot-luck treats in their Tupperware dressed to the nines. One Tuesday when I came home from school I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted my mother and her canasta club having a Joan Crawford makeover day.

Sitting like glamour queens, I am sure each one of them thought they all looked like MGM starlets. There they were munching on these pineapple squares with bright red lips, short bangs and evil eyebrows. It was the scariest thing you ever saw, and I swear I didn’t sleep for days after that gut wrenching experience. Because of this childhood memory these squares will be part of who I am until I die. Read more here..

Albert Street Canasta Club Chilled Pineapple Dessert



Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)


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Can You Keep a Secret? Come on Down!!






Can you keep a secret?

We’re about to surprise Carleton Place with the party of a lifetime!

On July 16th its  finally here. (8:30-12:30)

Let’s toast the Carleton Place Farmers Market’s 25th year journey,
With healthy beverages from the Ginger Cafe and good cheer!


An amazing party is in store,
For our Carleton Place Farmers Market is young no more.
No gifts to bring – it’s not our style,
Just bring yourself to make us smile! (8:30-12:30)

Dip in for some fun and get one of the first 50 silly loot bags –so don’t be tardy

Balloons from Fiona at CP Party will be gone quickly along with the vegetables that are fresh and hearty.

Happy pictures, randomly snapped after face painting with Ariessa Black (10:30-12:30)

Meet the BIA–The party is starting–and their hands you must shake .(10:30)

They might jump up surprised, but are eager to meet– and conversation you must make.


Count correctly what’s in a jar,

And suddenly YOU will be the rock star,

As its shopping downtown you will go,

With those BIA bucks- so don’t be slow,

What could be better than friends and cake? (Cake cutting 10:30)

With cake by Shannon Michie-mcdonald and those beautiful cakes she doth make.


Begin dancing with the Jimmy Tri-Tone Trio with their tunes.(10:30-12:30)

Because mango lassi’s from Raj’s are poured and the table is set

For a birthday party you won’t soon forget.

It’s our birthday party- so please reserve the date. (July 16th 8:30-12:30)

To have a guest like you would be a wonderful delight,

So please join us on July 16 to celebrate 25 years!

Good day and good night!







Dip in for some fun and get one of the first 50 silly loot bags –so don’t be tardy

Balloons from Fiona at CP Party will be gone quickly along with the vegetables that are fresh and hearty.




Happy pictures, randomly snapping after facepainting with Ariessa Black (10:30-12:30)


Meet the BIA



The Carleton Place Business Improvement Association began in 1979. The business community requested that the downtown be designated as an improvement area through municipal bylaws and provincial legislation and the BIA was formed.
The Carleton Place BIA promotes the downtown as a business and shopping area, not just a group of individual shops, restaurants and offices. Our mandate is twofold; beautification and promotion. Our ongoing floral beautification, seasonal banner program, and decorative lighting, add to the vibrant streetscape. We use promotional activities and special events to keep downtown Carleton Place foremost in the public’s mind as an attractive, pleasant place to shop, to be entertained, to work and to live.



Count correctly what’s in a jar and win BIA bucks! What are BIA BUCKS?

A BIA Buck is our standard dollar used on a regular basis by the consumers in our community. BIA Bucks are an economic booster to our BIA members and enable consumers to contribute to BIA retailers. So that means shop till you drop on the BIA!!

All participating businesses within the BIA district can accept the BIA currency and will be provided full reimbursement by the BIA office.



What could be better than friends and cake?

With cake by our Shannon our Carleton Place Cake Queen

Shannon Michie-mcdonald







Begin dancing with the Jimmy Tri-Tone Trio with their tunes.(10:30-12:30)






Got Celiac? A Classical Gas Holiday Party Tale!




This is a partial loaf of gluten-free bread Gwen makes that you can buy at our Carleton Place Farmer’s Market– beginning May 14th along with pies, cookies and lots of other stuff from Gwen’s Gluten Free. Why is sitting on my mousepad?  Because Linda continually live in denial in her gluten-free world and eats things she shouldn’t like a piece of rye bread and then gets sick. So Gwen gave me this loaf of her fresh bread today, and Linda is extremely grateful until she forgets again.

Gwen’s Gluten Free Facebook Page



Written in 2012

For years, I ate like a human being or I tried. Two years ago I got really sick with continuous urinary tract infections and I suddenly could not keep any food inside me. In fact, I spent most of my time in the bathroom in a lot of pain after I ate. Being older, I was told things would start happening to me, and maybe body parts would start falling off if I did not take care of myself.

After a few weeks, I was losing weight like no tomorrow and beginning to call this the ‘Miracle Diet’. I was getting into pants I had not worn in years, and I really liked that, but did not care for the pain. One day, after slipping into another even smaller pant size, I decided enough was enough.

Did I find out I had some e-coli disease or a third world country plague? No, I found out I had celiac disease. Celiac disease is supposedly an inherited disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats. I will put it to you in layman’s terms. No flour, no gluten, no fun!

Living with celiac disease is not easy if you do not read labels carefully. Sometimes I think the grain companies are playing a bad joke on us as more and more people are being diagnosed with it.

So last night I attended an annual Christmas party that I enjoy immensely but eating out is like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes you get out scott free, sometimes you don’t. If it looks delicious, that’s generally a warning sign that you cannot eat it. Slowly choosing a few munchies, I was sure I was going to be fine. But of course the only place left to sit was right beside the table piled high with cupcakes.

I don’t know about you, but cupcakes are my number one food group, and if I could, I would live on them for the rest of my life. I try to ignore the cupcakes calling out my name and the smell of chocolate icing and sprinkles. I need to really walk away from this table and be strong. A tiny cute two year old girl approaches me and points to the cupcakes. I watch her eat that cupcake bite by bite and am slowly dying inside as my tongue by this point is frothing at this point like a crack head needing her fix.

I’d like to end it here, but I was about to endure a journey from hell. I started to get a horrible hard pain in my stomach and it went lower and lower until it met its final resting spot. You can feel a celiac incident coming like freight train cruising down the tracks. Yes, the train was coming full tilt down the old intestinal tract and it was taking no prisoners.

I tried to smile at the lovely Japanese woman who was talking to me about her father. Words like Japanese internment camps and Smithsonian were not keeping up with my eyes that were darting back and forth at the line forming in front of the only bathroom door. The bathroom was so close, but if I get in there and everything lets loose, will most of the party move away from this room after the door opens? Is it possible that all their eyes will bear down on me and their fingers point and finally the unruly mob will all yell, “She did it!”

Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, and all of a sudden the bathroom door is open and I am free to walk in there and slowly die. I excuse myself, run like the wind, and slam the door shut. In 3 minutes flat my deed is done and I get up with a smile on my face. I flush the toilet and it does not go down all the way; in fact the water is rising. My heart starts beating wildly as I search for a plunger.

There is no plunger anywhere. Who has a bathroom without a plunger? Is it against the environmental laws of a green city not to have plungers anymore? Did I miss some important reading materials about composting? The water starts to go down very slowly. I wait and flush again and then I keep flushing and flushing until the evidence is gone. Well, almost all the evidence; what to do about the air quality?

This is a “green” home and I do not see any aerosols but I do see a vintage perfume display. So I grab one and spray an expired Yardley scent throughout the air. It immediately smells like decayed rotting flowers, but it does the trick.

I listen at the door and hear nothing. I open it an inch and see no one. Everyone is outside listening to music in the cold night air. I walk out, mingle with a small crowd and I try to blend in.

I succeed. I score. I am okay! The Hostess comes around with a tray of goodies and I smile and say, “No sorry, I can’t have any thank you; I have celiac disease.” And in my mind I am really saying, “I am so sorry about spraying perfume from your vintage perfume display and you really need a plunger in there!” I smile again and walk away, pain free and think about how convenient and nice a portable pocket size plunger would be for all of us celiacs. Note to self: Email Amazon about it tomorrow and tell them to get on it!

Buy Linda Secaspina’s Books— Flashbacks of Little Miss Flash Cadilac– Tilting the Kilt-Vintage Whispers of Carleton Place and 4 others on Amazon or Amazon Canada or Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street in Carleton Place

Mansion Party — House Party — Animal House — If You Tweet it They Will Come. – Zoomer



Mansion Party — House Party — Animal House — If You Tweet it They Will Come. – Zoomer.