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Stayin’ Alive During Partridge Season 1958

Stayin’ Alive During Partridge Season 1958

The partridge and duck hunting season opens on Saturday, Sept. 27 and if the present weather prevails there will be a large exodus to the woods and lakes. Up Sudbury way, the first hunting casualty is reported. A man engaged in the innocent passtime of picking mushrooms was shot and killed a few hours after the season opened. The killer ran away.

Commenting on this tragedy the Sudbury Star advises hunters to stay out of the woods in masse this year and make Queen’s Park tighten up on the regulations about firearms. At the present time anyone can buy a license, be he a maniac or an idiot if he has $1.

The local issuer of licenses, Mr. Russell Dodds, has sold 100 to date. He says there is a new form this year, much like a driver’s licence which must be filled in with name, address, age, etc. This is a step in the right direction! but is scarcely enough in the larger centres where the applicant is unknown to the issuer.

“Stay Home and Stay Alive” says the Pembroke Observer where 11 were killed in a few days in 1957. It reminds one of the old rhyme “Drinking water is as risky as the so-called deadly whiskey. Some say it’s a mistake to breathe the air.” It is especially, alarming about the poor mushroom man as we don’t want our friends Baldy, Cliff, Bob and Oral to have their heads bopped off and our supply o f mushrooms too. Sept 1958

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