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Jumpin’ Around in Carleton Place — Local Urban Acrobats


Before there was parkour there was just plain tomfoolery. Some of it was going on the roofs of the local mills. I found one picture on the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Facebook page and yesterday found out more information.


Horace Brown took this photo of his friend on top of his family’s flour mill on Mill Street in 1913. It’s the former Boulton Brown mill, on Mill Street, that is now converted into condominiums.┬áNote that he is hanging onto that ladder for dear life – and the next time you drive down Mill street, note just how high that ladder really is! That is the Bates and Innes (MacArthur) Mill in the distance.

The boys used to climb the iron ladder on the Brown’s Flour Mill, get on the roof, and have a grand birds eye view of the town of Carleton Place. Jerry Armstrong, who did not know what fear was,almost caused heart failure in a few of his friends when he walked all around the edge of the roof and wound up looking like he was going to swan dive into the river. The aforementioned friends had a hard time getting back down to terra firma after that.