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Did Charlotte Whitton Live in Carleton Place?

Did Charlotte Whitton Live in Carleton Place?

 - The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
24 Mar 1936, Tue  •  Page 5


In 1952 there was one lone Hackberry tree left in Ottawa near Brewer Park and the George Dunbar bridge. It had a white picket fence around it, and a sign that said “Do Not Destroy”.  The late mayor of Ottawa, Charlotte Whitton, whose family lived in Carleton Place, insisted these trees be protected. Just like our Hackberry trees in Carleton Place.

For many years some citizens of Carleton Place have claimed that on March 8th, 1896 Charlotte was born in Carleton Place or lived here. Charlotte was actually born in Renfrew, Ontario but did spend some time visiting her grandmother here in Carleton Place as her father moved here with his mother as a young man.





Publicly, she was described as a “relentless and devoted war horse,” a “human dynamo,” “explosive” and a “little package of dynamite.” Privately, there were likely many who would have had far less kind things to say.. Read the rest here CLICK



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