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Dreams Behind Closed Doors?

Dreams Behind Closed Doors?

If you could live your life all over again would you change anything? What would you say to the people you loved and lost?

Last night in what seemed an endless dream; I spent time with an older couple who I just could not seem to place. I remembered the scent of my surroundings and the older couple and I talked about life, families, and how they missed everyone. They knew everything about me, yet I was frustrated that I could not remember who they were.  Were they people I had met at a garage sale and snapped pictures of? I could not remember, yet everything facing me at that point and time should have been clear as day.

14695582_10154354490546886_726492710649984014_n-2 (1).jpg


Photo of the F. J. Knight Co on South Street- Cowansville Quebec

The couple sat on a blue couch covered with a a thin plastic cover and the Life magazines on the coffee table stared back at me. They asked me how I was feeling, and I told them that I was fine. Both of them told me that they had shed many tears watching me go through life and felt helpless. I looked into the woman’s eyes and suddenly I remembered. I was talking to my grandmother – but how could that be? She had died almost forty years ago, and how was she able to speak to me now?

My grandparents told me that I had made many wrong turns in life but I was now on the right road. Grammy beckoned me to approach the couch where she hugged me and we broke into tears. She told me to dry my eyes, go upstairs, and rest before supper.


This is the same door that was on the F. J. Knight building in Cowansville that is now in my home.

I climbed up the familiar orange painted wooden stairs and opened the upper floor door. Cold air slapped me in the face like it used to when I was a child. They never turned the heat on the second floor and only used small space heaters at night. I went into my grandparent’s rooms and sat on one of the twin beds. I could smell her Evening in Paris perfume in the air and the sun shone through the closed pink curtains. Sitting on the worn yellow chenille bedspread, I looked at the ceiling and remembered the day my grandfather died just outside this room.

My grandmother had helped him from the very bed I was laying on to the bathroom one September day and he lost his footing. I heard her scream and I tried to drag one of the oxygen tanks up the stairs, but it was way too heavy. Grammy frantically hovered over his now lifeless body and begged him not to die.

As the antique travel clock clicked loudly on the sideboard I attempted to give my grandfather mouth to mouth resuscitation. After a few minutes I felt his last gasp on my face and knew he was gone. Mental doors shut for me that day he died and it took years for me to understand that once a door closes, another one opens. But, as in my case, I was so stubborn looking what seemed forever at that closed door that I just didn’t see the one that opened for years.


The mail slot and door bell ringer

There didn’t seem to be any closure to the dream after I awoke, and many hours later I looked at the calendar on the fridge. It was September the 27th, which was thirty five years ago to the day they had torn my grandparents home down to replace it with a more modern building. My father had salvaged the front green door that day that was to become a family reminder of what once was, and years later I brought the door back to my home where it still stands guarding the basement.

Last night in a dream my grandparents shared their love with me once again. Mistakes are meant to be made so you can learn from them, and I would not change a thing about how I handled my life. Love is to be spread far and wide, not contained, and their memories will live through me for the remaining days I have left, along with what went on daily behind closed doors. So each day always remember to always open a door, as it may lead you to somewhere unexpected, and every single day is the perfect day to open a new door.



My Grandmother Mary Louise Deller Knight- Cowansville, Quebec who raised me.  I only had one picture of her and thanks goes out to Denis Ducharme for the pictures.


Last thing I ever  want to do is glorify my family, but I am putting this here so my Grandchildren will see their ancestry down the line.


Former alderman and deputy mayor of Cowansville and campaign committee member for former Quebec Member of the Legislative Assembly Jean Jacques Bertrand for the District of Missisquoi from 1948 until his death in 1973 who was also the 21st Quebec Premier.-Ville de Cowansville




The Streets of COWANSVILLE Quebec

KNIGHT Street : Arthur Knight fut échevin de 1958 à 1967. La famille avait un commerce d’électricien.–Ville de Cowansville

ai8 (1).jpg

Grandfather Frederick J. Knight (centre)- President of the Cowansville Branch of the Canadian Legion (Branch No. 99)

1945–Organized only last March 14 (1944), the Cowansville Branch of the Canadian Legion (Branch No. 99) has become one of the most active of the Province’s Legion branches. Originally formed with 20 veterans, the organization has grown to 65 in a short period of less than a year, and is now engaged in mapping plans for the re-establishment of veterans of World War II. Legion Colors were dedicated on October 8, 1944 at an impressive ceremony in the front of the Heroes’ Memorial High School. 

Plans for the erection of a Legion Memorial Hall after the war are presently under consideration, and will include a cenotaph built in a section of the hall, for various veteran and community affairs. This structure will be built as a living memorial to the Cowansville boys and girls now serving on Active Service. The Heroes’ Memorial High School was erected as a memorial of those who fell during the last Great War. Legion officers elected for 1945 include: President, F. J. Knight; First Vice-President, A. G. Scott; 2nd Vice-President, R. Brault; Sergeant-at-Arms, H. Pugh.–Ville de Cowansville



July-August 1952

Cowansville Soft Ball League

Barker: row from left to right: Eugène Lacoste, Carl Cotton, Paul Matton, Waldo Cleary, manager, Arthur Knight. Bottom Row, same order: André Gingras, Roch Pépin, Mr. Laliberté, mascot, Edmond Talbot, Charles Veillette and Maurice Chabot.–Ville de Cowansville


Seven 1953-Soft Ball League

4-Barker: row from top to right: Arthur Knight, Eugène Lacoste, Waldo Cleary, Romeo Matton, Paul Matton, René Lebrun, manager. Bottom Row, same order: Jean Jodoin, Herman Dubuc, Donald King, mascot, Robert Thibodeau and Blair bowling.–Ville de Cowansville

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Be ready for a few surprises along the way….
This walk takes place in the dark on uneven ground. Please wear proper footwear and bring a small flashlight if you like.
Tickets available at the Museum, 267 Edmund Street. Two dates!!!

OCT 28th
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Here we go Carleton Place– Mark Your Calendars–

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