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Ontario History — What Was Beaver Hay and a Stripper Cow? Lanark Era Classified Ads

Ontario History — What Was Beaver Hay and a Stripper Cow? Lanark Era Classified Ads
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
06 Dec 1899, Wed  •  Page 1

A “Stripper Cow” is an old cow well past her prime. A cow that has nearly stopped giving milk, so that it can be obtained from her only by stripping.

A castrated, male bovine.

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
18 Aug 1915, Wed  •  Page 1

Beaver Hay is the rank grass that grows in beaver meadows.

Speaker: Yeah, some places they made them. Interviewer: Yeah. Speaker: Just all round. Interviewer: Quite different. Um- Speaker: Brought them to a peak. Generally went and got a- a load of wild hay from the beaver meadow or somewhere. Interviewer: Yeah. Speaker: To put on the top because beaver hay turned the water much better than the other. Interviewer: Oh that’s interesting. I wonder why that was. Speaker: I don’t know. At that time, you-know, they, ah- they used to have these big beaver meadows that they had to cut with, ah, the scythe. You’ve seen them?

Speaker: Arnold Milford, Gender: Male, Age at interview: 93, Interview: 1977, Lanark County

Speaker: The loft was above and you put up a hand, you-know? Interviewer: Mm-hm. Speaker: You’d fork it up to the loft and somebody would stack it back and spread it back in the mow. Interviewer: Yes. This was wild hay. Speaker: Wild hay, yeah. Interviewer: Yes. Speaker: Beaver w– what they call beaver hay. Interviewer: Yes

Speaker: Alfred Starz, Gender: Male, Age at interview: 72, Interview: 1978, Lanark County

Broiler Chicken
A meat chicken raised to the weight of 2.65 kg or under.

Male goat.

Mature, male deer.

A young, male goat (teenager).

Meat that comes from adult goats.

The term for a baby chicken (male or female) until it is about three weeks of age

A young male chicken.

The first milk that any animal (including humans) produce after they give birth. This milk helps to pass along the mother’s immunity to disease to her offspring.

Roaster Chicken
A larger meat chicken raised to the weight of over 2.65 kg.

An adult female pig that has given birth.

The reddish-pink flesh-like covering on the throat and neck of a turkey. It helps to release extra body heat.

This term is used to describe the stage when animals are taken off their mother’s milk and fed solid foods, like grasses.

A neutered male sheep.

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