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Do You have a Hidden Room in Your Home?


This week I read an account of city building inspector Harry Cox discovering a huge stone room under the basement of an 85 year-old Southside Pittsburgh home. The former owners had no idea it was there. In one corner of the basement the inspector found a hole abut two and a half feet in diameter. It led down to a room about 18 feet wide, 20 feet long and 10 to 12 feet high.


The walls were made of sandstone with stone in some places about 36 inches thick. It’s only contents were about 10 inches of mud and water. Somebody took a lot of trouble to put stone in and none of the former owners when contacted, knew about it either.


After the fire in 1995 our whole basement had to be gutted and we noticed that there was a two inch open gap at the ceiling level on the far side of the wall and open space behind it. Ange and his father removed the stone wall, and low and behold there was a small room. The walls were also 3 ft thick and we figure it was once a root cellar. The dead space now joined part of the house as an official room. It became a wine cellar – but it has not been used in a decade.  As Jennifer Fenwick Irwin and I discussed- there must be a lot more hidden spaces in Carleton Place.

Update: We have pretty well figured out it was a cistern room as other people had them in this area etc etc.. More on that tonight.


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The Mystery Homes of Lanark County


I am a huge fan of the Lanark County Genealogy Facebook page. There is always something interesting to be read, and recently I found this posting. If anyone knows about the house please do comment on their page.


I have admired this old house on Drummond Concession 2 since I first laid eyes upon it. The house sits vacant now. I would like to write its biography before it is demolished, or falls into disrepair. If anyone knows the history of the house, or knows of its future please leave a message on on their Facebook page.

We have so many homes here in this area that have such history, but we don’t know much about them. The house below is one of my favourite homes in Lanark County. When my kids were small we went there at least once a week to the ghost town of Heron’s Mills.


Herron’s Mills, originally known as Gillies Mills, is a ghost town in the municipality of Lanark Highlands, Lanark County in Eastern Ontario, Canada,near the community of Lanark. It is located on highway 511 between Perth and Calabogie, Ontario.

Businessman John Gillies established a sawmill on the Clyde River in the community in 1842 to supply lumber for construction in the area. The mill continued to operate until 1950. It was later purchased by the Herron Brothers, hence the name. Wikipedia


So this is another from the old 70’s files from The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum belonging to The Carleton Place Canadian photo group. Where is it, and is it still standing?

shaneShane Wm. Edwards found it! Thanks Shane!! Good Work- click here to read about Richards Castle.

Here are more pictures about our local castle just a step over Lanark County.

And More!