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Odd Ironic Wedding Stories –Or it was Almost Lonely Valley

Odd Ironic Wedding Stories –Or it was Almost Lonely Valley


Story 1

A ceremony very unusual, at least in these modern days, took place in the Roman Catholic church in Perth on Sunday last. It was the public apology and penance of a young couple who, in defiance of the laws of the church, became wedded before a Protestant minister in the latter part of the season of Lent.

The Rev. Father most severely denounced them and their marriage some time previously, so had forbidden them entrance into the church and all communication with their fellow-Catholics, until they had undergone the trying ordeal of an open and public penance.

The young couple, as was natural, felt keenly their position before the large congregation present, but unflinchingly performed their imposed penance to the letter. After it was over they received the congratulations of their pastor and of their host of friends present
to witness the recantation.

The bride, the groom, the best-man and the bridesmaid,  and all members of the Catholic church, were all made to undergo the same punishment, and to renew the marriage ceremony in accordance with the tides of their Church.

Story 2
A contract marriage took place at Fresno, CaL, recently, the bride being
under age and unable to obtain the consent of her parents. John Hoffman
the man, is 26 years of age and Florence Rice, the girl, 15 years and 6
months. They agreed to take each other as man and wife, entering upon
that relation at once. If she so desires,the woman’s contract may be voided
when she attains majority.

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Some Dating Rules

“Instead of that attention and consolation which her forlorn situation demands, the finger of scorn is…ever ready to be pointed at the antiquated virgin.”

“By preserving a dignified reserve in conduct, a forbearing silence on the subject of her wrongs…fulfilling as usual the daily routine of Christian and domestic duties, calm and unruffled — she will, at all events, strengthen her own virtues and elevate her own character. By such conduct she will also secure the respect and esteem of all around her, and possibly in time regain the heart of her husband.”

“A sensible woman, to preserve the peace and secure the affections of her husband, will often sacrifice her own inclinations to his.”

“Any unnatural performance of this act is apt to impair the health of the female, and many women have been seriously injured and rendered miserable for life by the beastliness of their husbands in this respect.”

As O’neill says, it was considered “in a man’s nature to go searching for a new version of the girl you used to be before you bore him seven children and made the comforts of his home the envy of the neighbourhood.”

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