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The White Wedding Burial- Local Folklore




The following is a story that has been going around for years. Tomorrow a true story that happened when I was a child. 

In 1846, a beautiful, young, and bright Euphemia O’Brien married and expected her life to go the usual wife and motherhood route. Euphemia was to marry a salesman from Ottawa, but alas, she was dying of consumption. Undeterred, he proposed and she accepted, and plans were made for a speedy union. But the poor bride-to-be died before the date they had set. There was no kiss for the bride, no honeymoon, and especially no happily ever after.

Why the love struck man ended up marrying his now dead beloved is unknown,and now comes what has been termed the most unpleasant and discreditable part of the story. The groom had promised young Euphemia  he would not let her go to her grave unmarried. So on the day of the wedding her coffin was taken into the church with the bridesmaids brushing shoulders with the pallbearers. When the good reverend pronounced them man and wife– her husband had to smile just to stop the tears from falling. 

The End