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Out of the Old Photo Album — From the Pen of Noreen Tyers

Out of the Old Photo Album — From the Pen of Noreen Tyers


For the past little while I have been concentrating on Summers at the Stone House in Snow Road.   I have done a couple of stories about memories of events, and there are some pictures to go along with it.  Well here we are with a Winning Photo, not a Snow Road picture but I thought I should share.

As a child I was somewhat of a Tom Boy and definitely had an attitude of who cares, as long as we had fun, did it matter what we looked like.  From the look of this picture I would say not. Now my Grandfather did not care if I looked a wee bit tumbled or shoes on the wrong feet, he always had a greeting and I did enjoy his attention and comments.

If there was a tree to climb or some kind of an insect to check out, this would fill my time outside.  I did not require a companion I could amuse myself with no difficulty. I have to say I did enjoy myself, be it climbing a tree, hanging upside down, now that was a very interesting way to look at things.

Dolls and toys did not attract my attention for very long, maybe at Christmas when I received a new doll and my Mother and Grandmother had taken the time to make clothes and dress. The Doll was soon put aside to sit on the bed and look pretty, I did have adventures to seek.

We lived not too far from the Railway Track and it was fun watching the train go by. I could have been sitting on a limb of a tree or just sitting on the grass on the side of the track.  It was nice to see the Train Engineer wave as he went by, and he did blow the whistle. All of my younger years I thought, was that not nice he tooted the whistle to greet me. Little did I know that he was blowing the whistle to warn he was approaching a intersection.  Oh well it was nice to think I was important to him as a child, nice man.

You can tell my clothes were not important, just to many other things to discover and I didn’t need a mirror to look in I was just fine, to me.  Now there were times when my Mother did not have patience with me. She would go to great pains, washing clothes, bathing us, washing hair and brushing it til it shone, this was important.  I can remember at night before bed she would brush the hair and tell me to count. If I lost my place start over, how boring START AGAIN. There were times when I thought is the part of homework to make me smart in arithmetic ?  Who knows, I didn’t really care.

Now my sister used to call me “Miss Goodie Two Shoes”, as she had a tendency to talk back, I did not, but I did what I wanted.  Oh life was good no stress, no troubles, just no worries. I never felt that it was my place to argue, but when the talk was over, I just would do as I like, no pressure there.  (Prissy)

Looking at the picture,  I now know why my mother would look at me the way she did, I often received this little quote “can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.  I can’t say I understood what she meant but that was fine. I do have to admit she would be nice to have here now, as my attitude is still somewhat the same.

Before leaving to go to school, once again she would brush my hair, tell me if my shoes were on the wrong feet and straighten what had to be straightened. “Oh for goodness sake, pull up those stockings”.  The last question was did you brush your teeth. I would give her the answer she wanted and rub my teeth of with my finger, going out the door.

School I enjoyed and the walk to and from, with friends was delightful.  My marks were fine in all subjects but S P E L L I N G I do have to admit spell I could not, and still can’t.  This is fine, I have spell check on the Computer and sometimes my sister get’s the honour of reading the lines first.

I do hope you enjoy these words of wisdom and the picture is just so me!

From the Pen
of Noreen

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte

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It’s So Hot That….




Please play while reading…


It’s so hot that I went to Beckers and the Mr. Freeze became Mr. Damp in seconds.  I also bought some Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and they turned quickly into Reece’s Peanut Butter shooters. We were supposed to get some rain today, but the weather man told us the clouds went to the hospital for dehydration.

Many years ago I used to hang out at a grocery store that was across the street from where I lived on Bronson Ave in Ottawa. They not only had the best fresh feta cheese, but it was the coolest place to be when the temperature rose to hot and steamy. Usually there were no disagreements in their grocery store over the regular issues, but when the temperature rose, so did people’s personalities and their behaviour.



Photo by Linda Seccaspina- Brick Street Carleton Place-2013


Regulars would come in after work and buy steaks, baking potatoes, fresh bread and cheese. Or, there were some that would look at the fruit on sale and their heated minds would ask if there was more elsewhere, and my friend would dryly say,

“No, actually we keep all the good stuff  all in the back” and roll her eyes.

The store fans would whir constantly as the regulars would drop in seeking relief from the outside temperatures. One man who came in every single day would suddenly refuse to buy anything with bar codes on it during heatwaves as he said the government would know where he was. A small timid bespectacled man who was a regular lotto player said he was playing extra numbers during the heatwave because Jesus told him he was going to win.
Sometimes I wondered why people did not wear extra deodorant on steamy days, and I wanted to tell the old Italian lady next door that the Chanel perfume she seemed to pour on herself did not come in the  garlic scent she appeared to be wearing.

There was also the woman who constantly wore tube tops and daisy dukes and fancied herself a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. She said she kept cool by storing her underwear like Monroe did, in the freezer next to her frozen french-fries. Her waiting beau would always sit in his truck outside, which had a small fan whirring above his rear-view mirror, and I used to joke that his name was either Jim-Bob or Skeeter.

I hate heat, and heat hates me–and as Steven Wright once asked,


“If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?






How to Deal With a Garter Belt Emergency! – Actual 1940’s War Bride Letter – Zoomers



How to Deal With a Garter Belt Emergency! – Actual 1940’s War Bride Letter – Zoomers.




First of all did I tell you that Mrs. Benelics is expecting another baby? Gosh, that woman sure has ambition! I just happened to think of a most embarrassing moment while I was in San Francisco the other night. Just across from the library I heard something snap, and felt something slip. It seems that my garter belt had ‘given” and was just about ready to fall off.