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Norman Levine– Selected Photos– Lower Town- Simpson Book Collection

Norman Levine– Selected Photos– Lower Town- Simpson Book Collection

–From the Simpson Book Collection-Ed and Shirley’s Simpson –Historic Books — the List

Author Norman Levine (1923-2008) is just one of the many talented people who grew up in this neighbourhood.  This is an opportunity to share some knowledge of the vibrant history of the area. 

Norman Levine left Lowertown in the 1940s but returned often in his writing. Levine’s experiences of growing up as part of Ottawa’s working class Jewish community form the basis for the walk. Building on his books and short stories, the tour will highlight some of the people and places on the streets east of King Edward Avenue where many Jewish families got their start in Ottawa.click here

Levine, Norman, 1923-2005.Contributors: McDuff, Johanne.1977, Book , [64] pages : Toronto Public Library – There is one on Biblio here

Lower town horse market- 1914
York Street Market 1911
Lower town market 1918


Hay Market with the Royal Exchange and Commerical hotel in the background 1918

Jaan Kolk
Just now  · 

Here’s my favourite market photo: LAC 3192913, from Dec. 23, 1926:

Lowertown and Vanier

Streetscape Memory Bank: Levine’s long lost Lowertown remembered

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