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Halloween Town Comes to Carleton Place –Day 6–Lock Shock and Barrel Decorations


Every day we will put up some Halloween tidbits until Hallow’s Eve.


Tupperware!! Tupperware for the Holidays!

Wednesday October 28,2015 from 3pm-8pm

Location: 390 Flora Street Carleton Place(Old Bingo Hall)
Now is your chance to get some Tupperware to store all those Halloween treats- and for Christmas


 Fundraiser in Carleton Place for People First!

Funded by Tupperware, Provided by Denise Legroux

With proceeds of the Tupperware fundraiser book

40% of sales will be donated to the organization from the Fundraising Book

30% Denise will personally donate

For more information please call Denise at 613 899-4352

Wednesday October 28,2015 from 3pm-8pm

Hope to see you all there!


Easy Halloween Costumes!




Easy Halloween Treats –Timbit Bats




Fiona’s Finds at CP Party Halloween Store– All at 50% off!!!!!!!! original price sticker SUPPORT LOCAL!

23 Bridge Street
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 257-4763





Barrel is five years old, and considered the stupidest of the three troublemakers (Lock Shock and Barrel from Nightmare before Christmas), despite his protests to the contrary. He is the butt of many jokes made by his cohorts but usually gets even through his own tricks at which he always gets away with. Barrel wears a skeleton costume and has deformed feet, but otherwise resembles a small human boy, albeit one with white skin, sunken eyes, and perfectly combed green hair. His face is round and has a perpetual grin, except when he is angry. Barrel is usually the pilot of the walking bathtub the trio use as transport. He also likes to eat lollipops.




Props props- so you can have a thrilling Halloween.

SHOPPING ALERT!!!! They will be open on Sunday’s at the store on Bridge street from now until Halloween…… for your shopping convenience! Stop by and check out the costumes, accessories, and yes – we have a few contacts left – All at 50% off!!!!!!!!

23 Bridge Street
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 257-4763



George Street in Carleton Place– Decorated for Halloween





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